Cover art WIP

Cover art WIP

May 26, 2012 | Blog, Illustrations, News | No Comments

Launched our Facebook page yesterday! Also, Kat is working on the cover art for “Scavengers: July” and I just love how it is coming out!

Kat is a clasically trained illustrator and we both think that her style is a perfect medium to visually represent our books, even though photomanipulations seem to be a standard for most M/M publications nowadays. There are several reasons behind this decission. Firstly, none of us is too fond of digital art.

Secondly, we do love looking at well-built male models, but in most cases, covers  featuring stock photos  of handsome men seem very generic. They do not tell me anything about the content, except that there will be gay sex/romance (if there is more than one person on the cover, most of the time awkwardly “glued” together with help of some photomanipulation tool). And isn’t it confusing to see the very same picture used on several covers? Happened to me plenty of times when browsing M/M on Amazon.

Finally, we want Kat’s art to become a sort of trademark for our work, making books by K.A. Merikan recognizable as such just by looking at the cover.

And to illustrate my point, here’s the WIP for “Scavengers: July” cover:


Post by Agnes Merikan


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