Back from Hungary

Back from Hungary

August 11, 2012 | Blog, News, travel, Uncategorized | No Comments

Ah, traveling… it leaves you with so many questions. Like… how come spiders can be the size of a car key (if you don’t take the legs into account)? And while I do realize that some grow to the size of a human hand, we do not have those in northern Europe and the bigger a spider, the more it freaks me out. We encountered our first Hungarian spider during the first evening in Tihany, a historical town at the Balaton lake. It walked over the road in the street light and I mistook it for a giant cricket. It had it’s own frigging shadow! Back in the apartment, we discovered another huge arachnid and, to my horror, a praying mantis, which was the length of my palm! These bugs always reminded me of mutant people and they freak me out like nothing else. We quickly learned that the twilight marked the beginning of the hour of the spider, which meant that it was better to avoid standing too close to thatched buildings.

Before the horrors, me, Kat and our three friends spent two days in Budapest, which turned out to be an interesting city with an old town that curiously reminds me of Lord of the Ring’s Minas Tirith, but there are many examples of interesting architecture within the city center.


The Balaton lake is located three hours by train from Budapest. Its warm, celadon waters are inviting, though the lack of sandy beaches put our group off a bit. On our side of the lake, most beaches were  for some reason covered with concrete. The local people though, seem to love this idea so much that even in places that had grass at the shore,  they chose to get their tans on the concrete. I am convinced there must be some dark secret behind it. One thing though, that was constantly comforting was the EPIC HUNGARIAN FOOD ;D


I will be spending over a month with Kat at her place, but with the regular Internet access, we should get back on track with updates:)

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