Clown’d – Coming Soon!

Clown’d – Coming Soon!

March 17, 2013 | Blog, books, News, shorts | No Comments

We’re releasing another erotic short quite soon (yep, we’ve been writing and not releasing for too long). Had lots of fun working on this one, it’s quite porny ;D

Cover art by Kkohaku, title and cover design by Book Cover Master Class.

And here’s the blurb:

— It’s clowns. It’s a gangbang. It’s helium balloons. —

Some nights just don’t go as planned. It’s Halloween and Kyle’s rushing home to see his boyfriend after a late evening shift at work. As usual, he takes a shortcut through the local park, but a poster informing about a killer clown in the area makes him apprehensive about being alone in the dark. It’s only when he discovers there is a man in a clown costume following him that he panics. Soon, it turns out his cackling shadow isn’t the only circus freak hiding in the dark, but what does a bunch of crazy clowns do when they catch you?

POSSIBLE SPOILERS (highlight to read):

Themes: clowns, kidnapping, Halloween

Genre: erotica, contemporary

Erotic content: sizzling hot graphic language, gangbang, humiliation, role play, bondage, toys

Length: ~10,000 words

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