Coming soon – “Off with Their Heads!

Coming soon – “Off with Their Heads!

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We are very excited about the approaching release of  “Off with Their Heads!”, a novella set in the Gentlemen’s Tales of Love, Lust and the Undead universe. Cover art by the talented Kkohaku.

The book has been added to Goodreads.


It’s 1907, twenty years after the outbreak of a zombie Plague. For a young  medicine student like Clint, the undead bodies provide an opportunity to study human physiology in the working. He is a good young man: tidy, well-mannered and hard working. Focused on his goal to become an excellent surgeon, Clint has a bright future ahead of him. If it weren’t for a shameful secret he’s forced to keep, his life would have been perfect.

Xavier, a peculiar foreigner he finds in the morgue late at night, claims to be an assistant to one of Clint’s professors, but doesn’t know the first thing about the proper way to behead zombies. Xavier’s story has many loose ends, but something about him unlocks all the emotions Clint always kept bottled up inside. When he learns the truth about Xavier, Clint finds himself involved in a conspiracy that could destroy everything he’s worked so hard for. Frightened by the possible consequences, yet strangely fascinated by the eccentric, tattooed stranger, Clint follows him to places he would never dare explore on his own.


A dim orange light appeared inside, but Clint still couldn’t see much of the room through the tiny door. He felt a bit like Alice at the gates of Wonderland and wasn’t sure if he wanted to jump down the rabbit hole.

“May I invite you in, mister Hunter?” Xavier raised his eyebrows and held out his hand.


“Off with their Heads!” is set in the universe of “Gentlemen’s Tales of Love, Lust and the Undead”.

Themes: zombies, turn of the century London, rebellion, avant-garde art, police brutality, self-discovery, poverty, class differences, alternative history, tattoos

Erotic content: explicit m/m sexual scenes

Length:  ~17,500 words

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