Copper’s day out!

Copper’s day out!

March 7, 2014 | Uncategorized | No Comments

With the first part of Copper’s biography, “The Copper Horse: Fear”, coming out today, Copper understood he is now a celebrity and decided to live the life he deserves.

First, he went for a stroll to the park, to breath in some fresh air and bask in the glory of being famous.

He left his shabby stable and booked into a luxury hotel.

As soon as he left all his tack in his new room, he went to the shopping centre nearby.

As he was strolling around jewelry stores, looking for gold pleated hooves, he decided to pop into Starbucks.

He posed with his Frappucino, so he could put the photos on Instagram.

But Starbucks wasn’t posh enough. He decided to get some sushi.

But as he sat in the minimalistic space, indulging in his expensive treat, he felt empty, something was missing. The truth was, at the bottom of his heart, Copper was a simple horse with working class needs. Hell! He didn’t even like the sushi! What he really wanted was…

…a burger, fries and the company of friends. Aww, Copper! Such a simple horse.

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