Day off in Poznan

Day off in Poznan

December 6, 2014 | Blog | No Comments


Today was our weekly day off so we drove to Poznan, which is the biggest city in Greater Poland, only about an hour away from Gniezno where we currently reside. It’s a lively city with a huge student population and many interesting small businesses. Some use unconventional advertising methods, as illustrated by Agnes appreciating a car promoting a seafood restaurant. There was also a lovely handcrafted candy store, which had a Santa sprinkling the whole street with soap bubbles.


There’s an arts & crafts festival at the Poznan International Fair this weekend so we popped in to look at some unique  jewelry, decorations, and amazing traditional food. As appetizing as the samples were, one can’t try everything so we  tried grilled oscypek – a kind of smoked cheese made out of sheep’s milk . Amazing stuff 😀

But the highlight of our stay at the Fair was a horse show with  dressage and jumping. Before it began, we had a chance to have a look at the animals. It was really inspiring, as we are now editing the second volume of The Copper Horse. Erik would appreciate all we’ve seen today ;D


Tired and hungry, we decided to treat ourselves to a nice meal at an Italian restaurant Kat found online. It was a small and cozy place, but it looked great, and the food was amazing. Way to celebrate our newest release, The Devil’s Ride. 🙂



The entree was so amazing we shoveled it down right away, but we managed to restrain ourselves before dessert 😉


We also visited Stary Browar (Old Brewery), which is an actual former brewery made into a shopping center. The building maintained its industrial character, and it also houses several modern artworks, including three sculptures by Igor Mitoraj.


Christmas decorations in an artisan ice cream parlor.



*cough* Now, back to work 🙂

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