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Ho! Ho! Ho!

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It’s that time of year again 😀 Whatever you celebrate in December/January (because there’s always SOMETHING to celebrate), we hope everyone has a great time. We’re Christmas people, though there will be no midnight mass for us 😉 In Poland the main celebrations (and presents!) happen on Christmas Eve so we’ll be off for the evening.  Be good without us ;D Happy Holidays!


December is a great opportunity to sum up the year. 2014 has been one of transition for us. We switched to writing full time and started two book series, which we are extremely excited about. Using this opportunity we’d like to thank all our readers, all people who support us – it’s because of you that all this is possible. 2014 is coming to an end and it has been an immensely exciting year for us. We have fullfilled our dream of almost ten years – writing full time. It’s amazing to look back and think of the sleepless nights, the New Year’s Eve spent writing, the frugal lifestyle in a minimum wage job just to have more writing time. As with any freelance job, we don’t know what exactly lies ahead, but we’re crossing our fingers that we’ll be able to write a lot and continue sharing the stories with you.


And since we’re in festive spirit, we’d like to reveal the cover for the second book of Guns n’ Boys.  Any ideas what’s this volume gonna be about ? 😀


Apart from Guns n’ Boys, we’re gonna write and release more Sex & Mayhem stories, including one focused on Ghost, the fair-haired doctor/MC hangaround who helps Tooth in the final scenes of The Devil’s Ride and the second volume of The Copper Horse, Pride. There’s other things we’re cooking up, but we can’t be sure about the exact schedule yet.

There are more changes coming in 2015. We’re starting a new pen name, Miss Merikan, for M/F romance. We’ve been writing all sorts of gay romance and erotica for years, but it was last year that we’ve started getting ideas for M/F. Because M/M can be so different in terms of readership, we decided to start a new pen name, so no one gets confused about the genre they’re getting when they buy a K.A. Merikan book. Some books from Miss Merikan will be standalones, but a lot will tie in with our M/M series, so it might be of interest even for that reason. I’ll elaborate a bit more about our writing plans for 2015, but for now I want to mention that for example Astaroth from The Devil’s Ride will be getting her book, as well as Lucrezia from Guns n’ Boys. Their stories were calling out to us 🙂


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