Merry Christmas from the Merikans!

Merry Christmas from the Merikans!

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Kat (left) and Agnes (right) - the K and A of K.A. Merikan

Hi guys! It’s been a wild year for us, with lots of changes. Agnes moved to another country, we moved in together, there were new projects and plans, we wrote around 600,000 words and published 15 books.

Plans for 2014 include:

The Copper Horse: Fear will be released in March. You can pre-order it HERE, saving 20%.

– More adventures of the kinky couple, Kyle and Dan.

We are currently working on/planning:

– a gritty mafia-themed romance with real bloodshed, betrayal and gray morals,

– a novel-length sequel to Playing with Food. Expect fun in the water, unusual genitals and alternative orifices ;),

– a London- set romantic comedy about two men, who at first glance seem very different, but it will soon turn out they have quite a lot in common. As soon as they agree on whether to have sex in a room full of dolls or not that is,

– set in the world of Zombie Gentlemen, a twisted story of hurt/comfort, and of a man who dares to strive to become a god on Earth.


We hope that you all enjoy the holiday season, no matter what and whether you celebrate. After all, there aren’t many opportunities for guiltless binge-eating and doing nothing 😉 Have a great time and a happy new year!

Kat with Copper, our pet horse.

Agnes' gingerbread loaf. Turned out yum!

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