M/M Romance Group 2013 Member Choice Awards

M/M Romance Group 2013 Member Choice Awards

December 12, 2013 | Uncategorized | No Comments

We are thrilled for our books to be nominated in the M/M Romance Group 2013 Member Choice Awards! 🙂

You can go HERE to vote in the poll.

I was so surprised to see the nominations. I didn’t expect so much attention for out obscure clown porn ;D

Clown’d got nominated in TWO categories.

The next unexpected nomination is our free, super-weird short story, Playing with Food. Something universally appealing about mermen genitalia and cannibalism?

But about the last one, to be honest, I’m not surprised, because I am SO freaking proud of the cover for Stung.

So all I have left is to ask that if you enjoyed those stories or love the cover for Stung as much as I do, please vote 🙂

– Kat Merikan

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