New releases!

New releases!

June 10, 2014 | Blog, News | No Comments


Mr. Jaguar, the free novella written as part of the Love’s Landscapes event is now downloadable. The PDF version is available HERE, but for other formats, go to Allromance eBooks, Amazon, or Smashwords.


We have also republished The Carnivorous Vegan with a new cover 🙂

Aiden is not only a vegan, but also into freeganism. Late at night, he often goes off to scavenge the bins of a local supermarket. Unfortunately, this is not his lucky night, and he falls prey to the worst predator of all–the store security guard. His crystal skull didn’t warn him about this! But was that a glimmer of attraction he saw in the guard’s eyes?

Available on Smashwords, Amazon, and Allromance eBooks.


Coming soon as single releases are erotic horror Matt Powers Lives! and novelette The Summer When It Snowed.


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