Newsletter August 2016

Newsletter August 2016

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It’s been a while since our last newsletter. Things have been busy, but not productive enough. Now that we’re done with travelling for a while, we’ve sat down and powered through editing Guns n’ Boys: Chokehold, and we have lots of little things connected to this book to do. More details below.

I guess we used to think that thanks to working from home, we would be able to do everything as usual and travel on top of that, so it was a hard pill to swallow when we came to the conclusion that we can maybe do 50% of the work we need to while being on the road. The packing, unpacking, hours in the car, all eat into the time we’d usually spend working. We need to start planning our trips more like vacations, therefore have less of them ha ha. At the moment we’ll be lucky if we have a day off.

Oh well, it’s a labor of love :))

In the Newsletter:

  • Guns n’ Boys: Chokehold – release details
  • More news on Guns n’ Boys
  • The Black Sheep and The Rotten Apple – progress report and cover reveal!
  • Guns n’ Boys: He Is Poison (Book 1) FREE 19-21st August!
  • New books in Italian
-Kat &Agnes Merikan

P.S. From our July visit to Cornwall <3

Guns n’ Boys: Chokehold

Coming AUGUST 27th!

— The ugliest truths blossom into the prettiest lies. —

A year into the relationship with Domenico, Seth still wants him as desperately as ever. Nothing is better than being intoxicated with lust for his deadly man and feeling his steady hands all over.
No matter the misunderstandings, the fights… The crash. The burn.

Crossing the Mexican border has been a goal for Seth and Domenico for a few months, but the trip couldn’t have ended in more of a disaster. While Domenico is stuck at home, for Seth each passing day becomes more difficult. Desperate to keep his family afloat, he accepts a job offer from Los Sepultureros. The Gravediggers.

When Domenico’s need for control starts eroding their trust, Seth is sure their love can conquer all. But when Domenico rips open the wound left after the violence at the beginning of their relationship, it gushes blood all over their cozy lies and this time, there may be no way to seal it.


Themes: mafia, cartel, assassin, organized crime, trust issues, religion, love

Genre: Dark, twisted romance / crime thriller

Erotic content: Explicit scenes

Length: ~110,000 words

WARNING: Adult content. If you are easily offended, this book is not for you.
‘Guns n’ Boys’ is a gritty story of extreme violence, offensive language, abuse, and morally ambiguous protagonists. Behind the morbid facade, there is a splash of inappropriate dark humor, and a love story that will crawl under your skin.


More Guns n’ Boys!

In book 1 of GNB, we wrote a flashback scene at the end, from Dino’s point of view. Lately, we have decided to write little ‘post-credits’ scenes for each of the books. They will give you a rare insight into characters who don’t usually get their own PoVs! We will add them to the old versions of the books, so that your e-books can update, and we will add them to new cover re-releases of paperbacks.

So here we go! Post-credits scenes (because they’re not really epilogues, they lead into the next book) for:

Book 1 – He Is Poison – Dino PoV (flashback)
Book 2 – He Is Mine – Vincenzo PoV
Book 3 – Homicidal Instinct – Federico PoV
Book 4 – Swamp Blood – Miguel PoV

And you won’t get to see the post-credits scene for book 5 until it comes out, but I can tease that it will be from Dana’s PoV.

You might have also noticed a few other things. Like, who is Miguel? Well, he is a character who appears in Chokehold(book 5), so the post-credits scene in Swamp Blood teases that.

Last but not least, advised by out Italian translator, we decided to change Vincente into Vincenzo and Fredericointo Federico. Bear with us! 🙂

The Black Sheep and The Rotten Apple


Ahhh… Isn’t it just glorious? 😀 Designed by the lovely Tiferet.

It will be a while until this book comes out. November maybe? Since we have a new Miss Merikan book, and ‘The Copper Horse: Love‘ to come before that.

Is it a historical? YES, very much so, but all of you who enjoy our brand of bad boy, and morally dubious hero will love this! These guys don’t hold back! There’s violence, dub-con galore, drama, and an intense, all-encompassing love affair. There’s a reason one of these guys is a ‘black sheep’, and the other a ‘rotten apple’.

We’re slowly getting around to editing this baby, because it required, and still does, a lot of research on 18th Century Cornwall. So we’ve been off to Cornwall for another two weeks in July. We’ve got some books at all sorts of museums, and we were so incredibly happy to find something as obscure as ‘Eighteenth Century Life in West Cornwall’. Nothing like that on Amazon, it was published locally and we couldn’t get out greedy hands off it ha ha.

We got books on smugglers, legends, visited a few stately homes, and even a smuggling museum! It’s inspired so many ideas it’s hard to hold them in!

And last but not least, we made a trip to Lansallos cove, that features in the book, and in a dramatic scene at that! It was fantastic to see the place for our own eyes and pick up on little details that will help us describe it better. It almost felt like we could think to ourselves, ‘Hey, Evan and Julian were here once upon a time!’.



Guns n’ Boys: He Is Poison (Book 1)will be free from the 19th to the 21st of August, so if you haven’t read it yet, now’s the chance to give it a shot! 🙂
Grab a copy, and tell your friends.

K.A Merikan in Italian! 🙂

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