Newsletter January 2017

Newsletter January 2017

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We are excited to have a newsletter full of great news and goodies. We’ve started 2017 on the right foot, working hard and finishing the next Guns n’ Boys book. Our schedule for the year is jam packed with new books to come, and yet we’ve started reworking and expanding an oldie but goodie – “An Onanist’s Journey to Reclaiming His Seed” which is a hoot of a regency M/M. The original is erotica with a romantic element, and we’re adding a few more scenes to make it romantic erotica. It will actually have a HEA, and it’s grown exponentially. The title will be “The Art of Mutual Pleasure” so watch out for that one in a month or so. It’s ridiculously dirty.

But since I still have your attention, please check out our newsletter to the end where we talk most about a fundraiser we’re helping next month.

In the Newsletter:

  • Cover reveal for “Guns n’ Boys: Bloodbath” + excerpt
  • “The Black Sheep and The Rotten Apple” – Teasers and Blog Tour Contest! + PREORDER
  • About our upcoming book – “Laurent and the Beast” + Cover reveal
  • CHARITY appeal – Leo’s Beach Wheels
All the best,
-Kat &Agnes Merikan

P.S. Greetings from Anne Hathaway’s cottage in Stratford-upon-Avon! 🙂

“Guns n’ Boys: Bloodbath (book 6)”


Should be coming out March 4th, 2017! 🙂 Are you ready for some Dom and Seth? :>

Here’s a bit from the Work in Progress:

Seth grabbed Dom’s other hand and led it to his own chest where an ugly bruise was blooming where Dom had hit him earlier. It only reminded Dom of the reason for their fight and brought him back to reality.

Mark. They had to deal with that lying brat.

He groaned and gently moved his fingers over the dark flesh, only to lean down and kiss it. “I’m sorry I hit you. Does it hurt?”

“Only when I breathe.”

Domenico chuckled and gave Seth a soft kiss. His body was cooling down, and being close like this now didn’t feel arousing but safe, familiar. As if they were an island on normalcy in the chaos of Toro’s household. “You clearly don’t need to.”

Seth leaned in and wrapped his arms around Dom’s neck. “I have to breathe, dumbass. If I stopped, you’d die.”

Domenico grinned. “We could have a casket for two made ahead.”
 “I was romantic, you’re being morbid.” Seth kissed Dom’s ear nevertheless.


“The Black Sheep and The Rotten Apple”

First of all, it’s now available for PRE-ORDER! 🙂

We’re doing a Grand Blog Tour for this book with loads of fun facts about highwaymen and some cool prizes 🙂
The main prize will be a signed paperback of “The Black Sheep and The Rotten Apple” and some Cornish treats like tea and biscuits (the British kind!). We fell in love with those in Cornwall and we’d love for some lucky winners to try them too.
+ 3 more prizes of “The Black Sheep…” or any backlist e-book + a smaller treat from Cornwall.

We will also have some more opportunities to win prizes on ourFacebook page, so check it out too! 🙂

Our blog tour will cover some interesting tales of highwaymen and crime.

And we want to leave you with these few treats from the book:

“Laurent and the Beast”

I mean… Just LOOK at this amazing cover by Natasha Snow!

Can you imagine we’ve been sitting on this book for almost two years?! It’s been first conceived as an m/f book, to be written under our MISS MERIKAN pen name, but things rarely go as planned. We’ve been mulling over it time and time again because something didn’t feel right. And then we decided to change the whole concept into an M/M book and everything clicked. We’ll be starting this baby right after we’re done with Guns n’ Boys edits, so if all goes well (fingers crossed!) it could be out as early as April/May.

Looking at the cover, what are your guesses about the plot? Of course there will be scorching-hot romance, but this book is the crowning of Kat’s passion and love for time travel stories! Keep your eyes peeled for more details next month.

You can add it to Goodreads, and check out the Pinterest for more hints on the plot <3

PS. Duh! + Super scary, thrilling outlaw bikers as well in this one!

Leo’s Beach Wheels!

Lately I often find myself overwhelmed by the all the bad things going on in the world, and even though I’m looking for ways to help, nothing feels like enough. So when I saw my friend Leonie’s initiative, my heart totally melted. Especially that it instantly made me think of our character from “Special Needs”, Ryan who runs a hotel by the beach, but can’t go onto the sand because of his wheelchair. Of course he’s just a book character, but Leo’s cause resonated with me. You can read much more about it all on her Just Giving page.

In her own words:
Hafan Y Waun is home to up to ninety older adults, many of whom live with dementia. Getting out and about is vital for our residents’ wellbeing; we live in a beautiful part of Wales, with award-winning beaches and stunning countryside close by. 

Unfortunately, accessing these places with a regular wheelchair can be difficult, if not impossible, as sand, pebbles and country paths are hard to navigate safely.
When I discovered all-terrain and beach wheelchairs, I realised there was a solution to the problem. (…)

I love spending time with our residents – many of them come from a rural background so being outdoors is something they value – and I know that increasing their opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors will have a positive impact on their lives, which is a great source of inspiration to me.

Leo will be doing physical challenges to raise the money for the wheelchair, and you can check those out on Facebook – Leo’s Beach Wheels.
Us on the other hand, we will donate all royalties from “Special Needs” (that includes “Special Needs” Book 12, and Complete Story edition) in February 2017 to the cause. This is not to say “BUY OUR BOOK!”, but that if you were considering reading it, February might be the best time to get it :). Other than that, we encourage you to donate a few bucks to Leo’s cause (even better!). In the UK, you can even donate via text – Text LBWC77 £3 To 70070 (You can customize the amount)

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