Newsletter July 2017

Newsletter July 2017

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We’re now happily settled in Bristol and working hard on the upcoming books. “My Dark Knight” ended up at a whooping 145k words, which is even longer than “Laurent and the Beast” but it is what it needs to be. There’s an enemies to lovers storyline there, and those always take that bit longer for the guys to unravel their issues with each other. I love writing that trope!

We did manage to sneak in a little holiday after the move, and we went to visit the Brontë Parsonage museum in Haworth where they have an exhibition on with the costumes from the movie – “To Walk Invisible”.

In the Newsletter:

  • “My Dark Knight – Kings of Hell MC #2” Release date + teaser
  • “Laurent and The Beast” – $0.99!
  • “Manic Pixie Dream Boy” – New book in the works
  • More books you might like
All the best,
-Kat &Agnes MerikanPS. We hang out a lot in our FACEBOOK GROUP! – K.A. Merikan Playroom! 🙂

“My Dark Knight
– Kings of Hell MC #2”

Coming 10th of August!

Still no blurb! ;( I know! Useless. BUT we do have some teasers from the book for you.

Don’t we just love first meetings?


Beast opened his mouth but didn’t get to say anything when a frantic knocking ruined the peace of the gatherings room.

“What?” shot Beast in anger.

The knocking stopped, and as the door slowly opened, Jake’s handsome tan face was revealed. “Sorry to distract you all during church, but there’s an intruder on the grounds.”

The stunned silence that followed ended with Beast standing up so fast his chair barely kept its upright position. “What? Where?”

Jake cleared his throat. “I’d have gotten rid of him, but he looks weird. And he’s lurking by that grave by the giant boulder, where the bodies were found.”

Knight shot up, rushing to the window, which faced the area mentioned by Jake. A brass spyglass–a fancy gift from Mr. Magpie himself–was kept on one of the shelves nearby, and he grabbed it on the way, pushing the window open.

As soon as he spotted the movement and the figure, he froze, unable to believe his own eyes. The white powdered face with artificially reddened cheeks and lips, a pale wig with elaborate curls pinned to the sides, the shiny blue and silver costume, the cane, and finally, the selfie-stick with an Iphone, told him exactly who this was.

Hovering around the exhumation area was no one else than The Count–the most despicable man on the Internet. A pathological liar who spread nasty rumors about the Mercier family. Knight’s virtual nemesis.

Now he’s invaded Knight’s territory in real life, and he would not get away with a dislike under the video.

And to keep in line with the last newsletter, a little excerpt from the misadventures of Laurent and Beast! “My Dark Knight” will have a little special from Beast’s point of view at the end, and you will not want to miss it 🙂

“Hi. Did I forget something important?” Beast asked cautiously, only now noticing that the table was set with the ridiculously expensive porcelain Laurent had wanted for his birthday. Beast had offered to buy him pretty much anything at the mall, and Laurent decided on dinnerware. That ended up with Beast having to purchase a display cabinet for it as well. The set of modern china, white with a drip-design done with golden paint, never left its pristine spot–which Laurent illuminated whenever they had guests at the apartment–until tonight.

Beast swallowed. This couldn’t possibly be an anniversary, because Laurent had only crashed into his life back in April. What was it then? Why the ceremony? It couldn’t be anything bad, because Laurent was all smiles, but it was still unnerving.

Beast sat down and looked at the cheap yet delicious takeout lying in the middle of the elegant plate. On the day they’d bought the set, Laurent kept asking the saleswoman what patterns were considered fashionable and seemed very confused when she claimed that there was variety to suit everyone’s taste. In the end, he’d put across that he wanted something representative and modern, only to then grill her about the provenance of the maker and which important people owned sets from the same brand. Throughout the process, Beast kept his face still, not wanting to discourage Laurent’s idea, but later that day he did ask Knight why a man would be so adamant about getting pretty plates. Apparently, it used to be a status thing. So now he had plates they never used, because they were there to show off they had taste and cash.

Until tonight.

He was getting stomach cramps.

To celebrate finishing “My Dark Knight”, we’ve made “Laurent and The Beast” $0.99 for three days, so if you haven’t read it yet, grab it while it’s hot!

Tell your friends, tell your mom, tell your dad! 😉

“Manic Pixie Dream Boy – The Underdogs”

We only have a Pinterest for it so far. What will this book be? Why are we writing it instead of the next “Guns n’ Boys”!? 😉
The Underdogs are a rock band, and so, we’re writing a three-book series about rockstars (though the ‘stars’ bit might be a bit overrated ha ha). The books are planned to be on the shorter side. I think “Manic Pixie Dream Boy”, the first book in the series is around 60k. Between “Guns n’ Boys” and the “Kings of Hell” series, our brains needed some downtime from the seriousness of those books, so we had a fast and furious break a few months ago and wrote this book.

Now, it’s almost edited, and will most likely come out in September. It’s the story of Dusk, vocalist and band leader, meeting his Manic Pixie Dream Boy, falling in love as if struck by lightning and then having to deal with the fallout. But is his dream boy all he seems to be at first glance? 😉


And if you’re starving and in need of a read, two of our friends have books you could pick up. One is a new one by Karen Mercury – Two Good Men

And the other is now FREE!

“A captured vampire. A sexy incubus general. Epic battles. Steamy scenes. These beautiful monsters will keep you up all night.”

Where to Buy?


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