Newsletter June 2017

Newsletter June 2017

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It’s been two months from our last newsletter, so this one will be packed! We’ve been hard at work on… a spontaneous move from Wales to Bristol. It’s been hectic, but we’ve managed to wrap it all up in a month, and in a few days from now, we will all moved! We still need to get ourselves beds, but that’s minor, right? 😉
This is how my room looks right now:


On the bright side? BRISTOL! Yay!

Even during the move though, we’ve managed to be very busy with writing, and we’re almost done with the next book in the Kings of Hell MC series. More about that below.

Plus, we have a FACEBOOK GROUP! Join us in the K.A. Merikan Playroom! 🙂

In the Newsletter:

  • “My Dark Knight – Kings of Hell MC #2” Cover reveal, teaser blurb, a sneak peek and more!
  • “Mrs. Ludlow’s Dilemma – FREEBIE!
  • Facebook Group!
  • Sort-of live video? 😉
  • Guns n’ Boys painting! <3
All the best,
-Kat &Agnes Merikan

“My Dark Knight
– Kings of Hell MC #2”

Coming soon!

We don’t have an actual blurb just yet, but here’s a little teaser 🙂

Newly single, Knight is done with relationships. All he’s interested in is bringing down the Count, William Fane’s biggest fan who is tarnishing the Mercier name with his insinuations against Laurent.

But things take a drastically new turn when the Count shows up at the clubhouse doorstep to investigate the bodies of Fane’s victims, and under all the make-up and theatrics hides a handsome young guy with a passion for history to equal Knight’s.

Too bad he’s also in love with a dead serial killer.

And on top of this, we’d like to leave you with a little teaser about Laurent’s continuing love story with PLASTIC!

Laurent was visibly agitated, shifting in his armchair as if Elliot was his kryptonite and Laurent couldn’t even stand being in the same room. “He also doesn’t wash yogurt cups after himself. He just throws them out. If we want the planet to thrive for future generations, if we want to have the pleasure of using beautiful plastic objects, we all need to recycle the plastic to be reused.”

Gray groaned. “Oh, no. Has someone told Laurent plastic is not as great as he thought it was?” With all the times Gray was away, he must have missed that traumatic day. Laurent had been sulking for a week before he picked himself up by reading up on recycling and proceeded to convince Beast to install recycling containers in the kitchen.

Laurent tensed up. “It is still ‘great’, it’s just a substance that should not be abused.”

Knight snorted. “Trouble in plastic paradise.”

“Mrs. Ludlow’s Dilemma” – Freebie!

This short story is part of the Kings of Hell MC series, but doesn’t need to be read in any particular order. It’s a tiny gothic horror story that stands on it’s own. It’s set in the Fane household in 1790.

Welcome to the K.A. Merikan PLAYROOM! 😀
Our new and exciting Facebook Group where you can find teasers, news, giveaways, as well as chat to other readers about the books. Unlike our regular FB page, in the playroom you can post yourself, ask questions and you will get many more notifications, unlike on the page where often FB won’t notify you about news.

In April, to celebrate the publishing of “Laurent and the Beast”, we attempted to do a live video as well, and failed spectacularly for technical reasons and ended up prerecording one with a bit of info about the book and series.
If you’d like to check it out and find out how our accents sound, it’s HERE.

And last but not least, here’s something really special! A bit of it you can see above, as we used it for the banner of our FB Group, but here it is in full. Dom and Seth from “Guns n’ Boys” painted by the super talented Alex Zappa, and commissioned for Kat’s birthday by Agnes (isn’t she the bestestest friend ever?)

See Dom’s hand reaching for a cupcake? Hahaha! Typical.

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