Newsletter March 2017

Newsletter March 2017

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And a welcome to all our new subscribers!
It’s been a big month already for me (Kat) as I hit one of those big birthdays, my 30th. It brought on a small existential crisis that was then quickly averted by three days of celebrations with friends and family. I’d like to thank YOU all for making my birthday so fantastic, because it is thanks to you readers that I can live my dream job, creating stories and sharing them with you. Your constant support and encouragement always makes my day and I love to wake up to all the notes on Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail.
Don’t mind me getting all sappy over here, and let’s get down to business!

In the Newsletter:

  • Blurb reveal for “Laurent and the Beast” + more exciting news about it
  • “Heart Ripper – Coffin Nails MC” – Freebie!
  • Summing up our last month’s charity effort
  • “Beau and the Beast” by Kay Simone
All the best,
-Kat &Agnes MerikanP.S. If you were ever wondering who the Bad Cop is between Agnes and me, it’s Agnes, the one with the baby face

“Laurent and the Beast (Kings of Hell MC, book 1)”

— Nothing can stop true love. Not time. Not even the devil himself. —

1805. Laurent. Indentured servant. Desperate to escape a life that is falling apart.
2017. Beast. Kings of Hell Motorcycle Club vice president. His fists do the talking.

Beast has been disfigured in a fire, but he’s covered his skin with tattoos to make sure no one mistakes his scars for weakness. The accident not only hurt his body, but damaged his soul and self-esteem, so he’s wrapped himself in a tight cocoon of violence and mayhem where no one can reach him.

Until one night, when he finds a young man covered in blood in their clubhouse. Sweet, innocent, and as beautiful as an angel fallen from heaven, Laurent pulls on all of Beast’s heartstrings. Laurent is so lost in the world around him, and is such an unravelled mystery, that Beast can’t help but let the man claw his way into the stone that is Beast’s heart.

In 1805, Laurent has no family, no means, and his eyesight is failing. To escape a life of poverty, he uses his beauty, but that only backfires and leads him to a catastrophe that changes his life forever. He takes one step into the abyss and is transported to the future, ready to fight for a life worth living.

What he doesn’t expect in his way is a brutal, gruff wall of tattooed muscle with a tender side that only Laurent is allowed to touch. And yet, if Laurent ever wants to earn his freedom, he might have to tear out the heart of the very man who took care of him when it mattered most.

Themes: time travel, servitude, serial killer, cruelty, motorcycle club, alternative lifestyles, disability, demons, tattoos, impossible choices, deception, crime, self-discovery, healing, virginity, black magic, gothic

Genre: Dark, paranormal romance
Erotic content: Scorching hot, emotional, explicit scenes

Length: ~130,000 words (Book 1 in the series, can be read as a standalone)

WARNING: This story contains scenes of violence, offensive language, and morally ambiguous characters.

So you might be wondering by now:
“Wait! What do you mean, ‘book 1’?”
As we were writing “Laurent and the Beast”, the whole world of the story grew and expanded, the background characters clamored to get their voices heard, and we just had to give in. All books will be about different couples, and we’re very excited, because we will be writing one after another and publishing them consequently for the next months.
The titles are:
“My Dark Knight”
“On Your Knees, Prospect”
“Gray’s Shadow”

They will all be books set within the Kings of Hell MC, and each will also have a paranormal element connected to the first book. We’re working on the covers, and I can tell you already that they will be delicious!
If you generally don’t read paranormal books, but love our MC series, I would still encourage you to give these upcoming books a shot, because as always, they will be HOT, very character driven, and full of bikers ;).
We’ve also just finished a course on gothic novels, and it was a huge inspiration, so expect lots of mystery, darkness and suspense!

“Heart Ripper – Coffin Nails MC

It’s FREE until the 18th of March, so if you were ever on the fence about trying this book, or this series, this might be the time to grab a freebie and see how you like it 🙂

Leo’s Beach Wheels!

Last month, we told you about our friend, Leo. She’s doing various physical challenges to raise money to buy a special wheelchair for the residents of a care home she works at. At the time, we declared we were going to donate all proceeds from the sale of “Special Needs” in February to her cause. We are very happy to announce that it amounted to the total of 282.37 GBP. Many thanks to those of you who decided to purchase the books in February! If you wish to read more about the fundraiser and donate to Leo’s cause, follow the link :))

A new book by our friend Kay Simone“Beau and the Beast”
With “Laurent and the Beast” coming soon, this book instantly caught our eye. Check out this more classic take on the fairytale with a twist! 🙂

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