Newsletter November 2016

Newsletter November 2016

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I can hardly believe 2016 is almost over! In February we were finishing our housesitting in France, living from housesit to housesit, and now we’re all set up in Wales finding a much missed routine for ourselves. Having a place to call home has really helped our productivity and we have SO many new books lined up to be published, and plot bunnies are running wild in our minds.

In the Newsletter:

  • Flashfic puppy-play story and a giveaway of The Copper Horse – box set
  • “Break My Shell” – publishing and blurb
  • “I Love You More Than Pierogi” – cover reveal!
  • New book coming soon – “Hipster Brothel”
  • K.A. Merikan in German
-Kat &Agnes MerikanP.S. Bengal kitty at our latest housesitting trip 🙂

Puppy-play Flashfic

A bit of fun with the unicorns of Boy Meets Boy Reviews

We’ve written a little flashfic with puppy-play, but there’s also a Givaway of The Copper Horse Box Set there, so don’t miss out! 🙂



— He was supposed to never leave prison.
And then he was in my bedroom. —

Dayton is always on time to work, always organized, always ready to do overtime. The perfect receptionist-waiter-cleaner. Employee of the month. But Dayton has a secret side to him. A kinky, filthy side full of dark and dangerous fantasies, which should never see the light of day.

He explores his taste for submission in one way only. For three years, he’s been writing letters about it toMax. Convicted to life in prison for the murder of three men and unlikely to ever be free, Max is the safest outlet for Dayton’s frustrated fantasies.

Only that he does leave prison. He finds Dayton. And he won’t settle for anything less than what he was promised in the letters. Too bad Dayton is nowhere near ready to indulge Max. Or himself for that matter.



Themes: ex-con, sexual fantasy, role-play, bondage, dirty talk, bullying, hotel setting

Genre: M/M contemporary erotic romance

Length: ~62,000 words (standalone novel)

WARNING: Adult content that might be considered taboo. Explicit content, strong language. Reader discretion advised. 

Coming out December 7th! 🙂

“I Love You More Than Pierogi”


Marek and Adrian dated in high school, but a bitter breakup led them to choose different paths. Adrian is out and proud while Marek is in the closet. Adrian embraces his eccentricity while Marek clings to a conservative image. And while Marek worked hard to build a successful life and financial stability by climbing the corporate ladder, Adrian threw caution to the wind and has spent the last five years backpacking across the world.

Now Adrian is back in Warsaw, Poland, but where Marek thinks they will hook up and have a blast from the past, Adrian is just looking for a place to crash. Worse still, Adrian turns up at Marek’s advertising agency for help with his outrageous new business venture, and if Marek wants to get promoted, he might have to work with the guy who broke his heart.

Set in Poland, this book comes out January 4th 2017 from Dreamspinner Press. We are so excited to share a bit of our home country with you in this sweet, nostalgic, funny contemporary romance!


Work in progress –
“Hipster Brothel”

What’s this you might ask? 😉 It’s one of those crazy ideas that spiraled out of control. We’ll reveal more about it next month, but it will be… cute. Yes, cute.

A little quote from the WiP:

“If I just frame it right, get a sleek website, professional photos, I could sell this as ‘The Lumberjack Experience’.” Mr. B wiggled his eyebrows.

Jo grinned and sipped some more of the fruity booze. “I could do a test ride for you.”

Mr. B snorted so hard he spat out come crumbs. “That sounds so dirty. It’s an experience, not a hipster brothel!”

Jo grinned and pushed at Mr. B’s arm gently. “Hipster brothel? How would that work? As a pop-up at your local farmer’s market?”

Mr. B wouldn’t stop laughing, and he drank more of the sweet booze. “A pop-up brothel! I love that. I’ve got a tagline! ‘Bring Your Own Wood’.”

We do have a Pinterest for it.

K.A Merikan in German! 🙂

Teufelsritt - Coffin Nails MC (gay romance) (Sex & Mayhem DE 1) von [Merikan, K.A.]

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