Playing with Food

This short story was written as a birthday present for Melanie Tushmore and it’s about a red haired merman. It contains themes that might be considered disturbing, but we encourage you to take a leap into the deep water anyway ;)


Just days ago, Llawan was taken from his underwater dwellings by Ossentharian slavers. Left in a tank with other merpeople, he awaits his death on a spit roast, but the arrival of an unusual customer might change his fate. To win his freedom back, he must enter a pact with the stranger, but what if the price is too much to bear?





Themes: merman, slave, captivity, dehumanization of merpeople, dark magic

Genre: high fantasy

Erotic content: explicit, dubious consent

Length: ~5000 words

You can read it on-line on our website or go to Smashwords for other formats.

Once again: Happy Birthday Melanie!

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