Crazy Kinky Dirty Skinhead

— The Strange Case of Dr. Proper and Mr. Slut —

Kyle promised himself that when he goes to college, things would change. He wouldn’t be the gay boy willing to hop into bed with any guy who wants to experiment. This was his life on the line after all. He would never find a proper boyfriend this way.

So Kyle did everything in his power to be angelic. He became the poster boy for acceptable gayness and the president of the LGBT club. But the side of him that wants to fulfill all those dirty, kinky fantasies is about to rear its ugly head when the LGBT club gets a new member.
Dan is the big, bad boyfriend-to-be Kyle always dreamed of, but will Dan still treat him seriously when he finds out about Kyle’s most secret fantasy? One that goes against everything Kyle stands for in real life.


Crazy Kinky Dirty Love # 1

[Previously published as Rainbow Bash’d]

Themes: college, insta-lust, repressed fantasies, fitting in, Pride, preppiness, self-acceptance, self-image issues

Genre: erotica, contemporary

Erotic content: sizzling hot graphic language, mock-homophobic humiliation, rape fantasy role play, bondage, toys, spanking, dirty talk, boot licking, skinhead

Length: ~16,000 words

Kyle bit his lip, unable to look away from the computer screen. It made him feel like an old lecher, even though he was just nineteen. His cheeks were burning, as he watched the video he bookmarked a few days ago. He had lube and tissues on hand by the computer, along with a generous helping of shame. What he was about to watch went against everything he always fought against, yet it had his cock hard in no time. Deep down, he knew people couldn’t choose their own turn-ons, but being the president of the LGBT club at his university didn’t go hand in hand with watching what he was about to see. It shouldn’t even go dick in hand.

He bit his lip when the models went right into action. He swallowed hard, already feeling his heartbeat quicken. He liked to massage himself dry first, so he slid his hand down his chest, straight to his cock. Glued to the screen, he was imagining himself in just the same situation. His toes were curling. His ears and lips were pulsing. His…

“Yo, Kyle! I forgot my freaking car keys, can you believe it?” A moan from outside was followed by loud banging on the door. It would be enough to kill anyone’s boner. Fucking Jeff! Why couldn’t he just freaking leave for once and let him get on with it?

Kyle got up so abruptly, he spilled lube all over the keyboard, and that wouldn’t be so bad, if it wasn’t for the movie that was still playing on screen. Kyle’s lungs emptied when he heard the rattle of the key against the lock. Jeff was opening the door. Time was running out. Kyle’s heart went up his throat and all he could think of was that turning off the computer had priority over pulling his pants up.

Jeff barged into the room as soon as Kyle pulled the plug, falling on his ass in the process. He stopped mid-way to his bed, giving the whole scene and Kyle a once over. Kyle was ready for a snarky comment, but all he got was a burst of laughter so loud, it must have been heard by the whole corridor. He rolled his eyes and pulled up his jeans, all the way up from his ankles. With that, he could deal, it could have been worse. Jeff could have actually seen the porn flick.

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31/08/2013 When a combat boot on your face means ‘I love you’ (the book was formerly titled Rainbow Bash’d)


” I really hope we get more of these guys! If you like heavy hitting BDSM between a couple that just totally get eachother, then you will love this one! Go. Buy the Book!”  

Barb, Live Your Life, Buy the Book


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