The Devil’s Ride

— You don’t fuck with the club president’s son. —


Tooth. Vice President of the Coffin Nails Motorcycle Club. On a neverending quest for vengeance. The last thing he needs is becoming a permanent babysitter for a male hooker.

Lucifer. Fallen. Lost. Alone.

 After a childhood filled with neglect and abuse, followed by his mother’s suicide, Lucifer set out into the world alone. There was nothing for him out there other than taking it one day at a time. As the bastard son of the Coffin Nails club president, Lucifer never got much fatherly love. So when the Nails show up at the strip joint Lucifer works in, the last thing he expects is to be put in the custody of Tooth, the Vice President famous for his gruesome interrogation techniques. The man proves to be the sexiest beast Lucifer has ever met. He’s also older, straight, and an itch Luci can’t ever scratch.

 Tooth’s life came to a halt twelve years ago. His lover got brutally murdered, police never found the perpetrators, and all leads were dead ends. To find peace and his own justice, Tooth joined the Coffin Nails, but years on, he’s gotten nowhere with the case, yet still lives on with the burning fire for revenge.

Babysitting a deeply scarred teenager with a talent for disappearing is the last thing on his bucket list. He promised himself to never get attached to someone like him again. To make sure the openly gay boy is safe in the clubhouse, Tooth is stuck keeping an eye on him. The big, blue, attention seeking gaze is drawing Tooth in, but fucking the president’s son is a complete no-go, even when both their feelings go beyond lust.

 What Tooth doesn’t know is that Lucifer might hold the key to the closure Tooth so desperately needs.

WARNING Contains adult content: a gritty storyline, sex, explicit language, violence and abuse. Inappropriate use of dental tools and milk.

Themes: Prostitution, Outlaw Motorcycle Club, organized crime, homophobia, family issues, coming out, discipline/punishment, organ snatching, hurt-comfort, age gap

 Genre: contemporary homoerotic dark romance

Chapter 1


Lucifer was in the storage room at the back of the bar when the music in the strip club died. The urge to peek out and check what happened dispersed when he heard screaming and shouting followed by sounds of broken glass. They made him back away into the dark end of the room.

A gunshot made Luci yelp, and when a stray can found its way under his combat boot, he fell on the stack of bottles. His heart stilled, but he hoped that with the racket outside, no one would notice the noise.

“All you bitches get back here!” a male voice roared, silencing the room just a wall away. “All we wanna do is ask a few questions. No one has to get hurt.”

“Shit, shit, shit,” Luci whispered to himself and desperately searched his mind for a different way out of this trap. The last thing he wanted was a meeting with a bunch of gun-carrying thugs. That never ended well. Last time he got into an argument with the owner of the Vanilla Lounge, he got smacked in the jaw so hard he carried a bruise for two weeks. Fortunately, Rick had been there and intervened, but this time, it wasn’t just the boss. Luci doubted Rick or any of the other bouncers could stand up to whoever was out there, shouting questions at the girls. Throwing ill-behaved johns out of the premises was a completely different thing.

The rumbly voice went on, “Where is Suzy Sapphire? I don’t like when people lie to me. Answer my questions, and you can go back to doing your job.”

Luci curled up in the corner behind a shelf full of jingling bottles of beer, dust filling his nostrils. What did Suzy get herself into? This was bad. Super-fucking-bad. He knew she was dealing, it was always a bit of nice money on the side, but she did buy those new crystal-studded heels lately and a bag to go with them. Did she bite off more than she could chew? A female scream pulled him out of the nerve-wracking thought process.

“I don’t know, I’m sorry, last time I saw her, she was with Luci,” Linda cried.

Luci knew that cry, the girl was a motherfucking fountain, weeping all over the place. All it took was a daddy-type client for her to start regurgitating her life into their lap. Luci had a shit life too, but at least he cried in private. He just gave the guys the blow jobs they came in for in the first place and moved on. Men who came into the Vanilla Lounge rarely wanted anything else than that from him. They wanted the thrill of the unusual. Young face—check, long blond hair—check. He had a few regulars whom he did lapdances for, but even when one of them pushed things too far, there was always Rick he could call. A fucking bouncer, Linda, not like in the street, so why are you fucking crying? Luci groaned to himself, hearing her weep that she last saw Luci by the bar.

Hair bristled on his nape, and he looked around, seeking a corner he could squeeze into. There were gas bottles stored on the bottom shelf of the metal unit, and he jumped at the opportunity, pushing his slim body between them and the wall. In the semidark room, there was the slightest chance he wouldn’t be noticed so he curled into a ball, trying to be as small as possible. The moment he hid his face between his bent knees, the door opened, letting in a ray of white light crawling across the floor, all-too-close to where he was hiding. His heart was beating so fast it made his brain boil with excess blood.

The door smashed into the wall, making him flinch, but the bang was followed by something much more sinister. Slow, calculated footsteps were accompanied by the clang of metal, a chain perhaps, and Luci’s mind exploded with visions of the cold, thick links tightening around his throat. It was when the sounds stopped all-too-close to Luci’s hideout that he started sweating. He felt as if all the water in his body were being pushed outside to let him shrink even further. But he had been spotted. He knew that much before the thug even spoke.

“Go on, girl. Come out of there,” came a low, masculine rumble.

Luci finally dared to unglue his forehead from his knees and looked up, giving the guy the most tearful, sad blue-eyed plead he could muster. “Please don’t hurt me,” he whispered in a high pitch not to give away his gender.

From the crouching position, with the light above creating an otherworldly glow, the guy seemed massive. Tall, bulky, with strong shoulders and thick arms. Luci couldn’t see his face well, but it seemed to be hidden anyway, by a bushy beard and long hair that floated stiffly like a black halo around his head. “If you do as I say.”

“I will,” Luci uttered and the moment he did, he grabbed a bottle from the shelf and slammed it into the guy’s shin. It must have done some kind of damage, even through the thick leather boot, as the thug lowered his upper body with a growl of pain. Using the second of distraction, Luci made a slide for it between the monster’s legs to reach the door. Shiny leggings were the last thing he wanted to wear when making his escape, but he had to deal with what lemons life threw at him.

The moment he managed to sneak past the giant, his hair tightened around his skull, and in one breathless moment, he got yanked back and sent flying at the wall. Pain exploded at the back of his head as he fell to the floor, confused by the sudden change in gravity, but the man was right over him, grabbing onto Luci’s hair again. His blond pride and joy was a huge disadvantage in this situation.

“What the fuck did I say… boy?” muttered the man, pausing for a second before the last word. He didn’t seem all that fazed by his captive’s gender.

Luci arched up, still dizzy from the hit.

“The fuck’s going on there, Tooth? You got the bitch?” someone yelled from outside.

“Let me go, motherfucker!” Luci grabbed the freakishly thick wrist to keep the man from pulling on his hair. His fingers met metal and leather over skin, and then he was carelessly pulled up by the hair and hauled toward the door like a caveman’s wife.

“Shut up.”

Luci had no choice but to follow, bent over, with hair obscuring all of his vision. This had to be the shittiest situation he’d been in since he had to pull a knife on a guy trying to drag him into an abandoned building. Ah, the joys of living on the streets of Detroit.

Luci pulled up the leggings that kept sliding down his ass. As expected, none of the girls made a peep. Every woman for herself, he supposed. “You’re wasting your time, you overgrown bear! I don’t know where Suzy is,” he rasped.

“Where’s Lucy?” growled the caveman, shaking Luci’s head in a way that made tears well up in his eyes.

He knew there was no hope when one of the treacherous bitches, Linda, who else, went all “That’s him! That’s him you’re looking for. He’s been with her last.”

Tooth’s grip lessened slightly when Luci stopped writhing so he straightened up for comfort. Dignity wasn’t easy to keep when one wore only a pair of black sequined leggings with no pants underneath. Luci pushed some hair off his face and looked up at the brute holding him.

He was a pirate. Not one from a Hollywood blockbuster, no, this man’s green eyes were so wild Luci could picture him tying his beard into bundles and setting them on fire. Like Blackbeard. Or just plain old torturing people, walking them down the plank and laughing like a cartoon villain as they were ripped into shreds of flesh, blood, and bone. That kind of pirate. Even with the thick dark beard and long hair softening the lines of the man’s face, it was immediately clear to Luci that he had a killer bone structure, with high cheekbones, a strong brow and roman nose. The guy would have been easy on the eyes if it weren’t for the fact he was a thug who was clearly ready to eviscerate Luci for information.

“It’s Lucifer to you,” he said and spat straight into the man’s face to the soundtrack of men laughing and hissing.

“This boy has a death wish,” one man said and snorted.

“Maybe he has some milk teeth to pull,” added another, accompanied by a wave of laughter. Luci gave the men a quick once-over, and it hit him that they had to be a biker gang. All wore those vests he remembered from childhood, most were in leather, and their general style was very much what he would associate with that culture. What did Suzy get herself into? Were these the people she got her drugs from?

The stern face above him tensed only slightly when spit hit the man’s cheek. The biker slowly brushed it off with the side of his hand, his nostrils flaring as if to accentuate the odd calm in those green eyes. Luci had no idea what to expect from this man, and just as he thought that, he was pushed against a wet table that smelled of the cheap whiskey sold at Vanilla. He barely managed to catch a breath before the biker snorted over him.

Drive in? Really?” he read out the tattoo on the small of Luci’s back. It was stylized to look like a retro neon sign, and even had a 50s car next to it.

Luci frowned, all too aware that he was the main entertainment here. Only way to fight it was not to give the brute the satisfaction. “Why you so interested in my ass, huh?” His poor hair was now getting soaked with alcohol. He prayed they wouldn’t set him on fire or some shit.

The man rumbled with laughter, pushing Luci harder against the table. Luci could still see all the grinning faces, and the terrified eyes of the girls. “It’s hard not to notice a tramp stamp when your pants are halfway down your ass.”

Luci groaned and pulled the leggings back up again. He finally noticed Rick on the side. The man was sickly pale, which was understandable with a gun pointed at his neck, yet he still gently shook his head at Luci and mouthed ‘no’.

Luci heard more boots stomping somewhere behind him.

“She’s not anywhere at the back or the motel either,” a man said, anger simmering in his voice. “What the fuck is this shit?”

Blackbeard sighed. “This little shit here knows something, or so they all say.”

“Pull him up. He’ll talk.”

Like hell he would! He couldn’t get Suzy into even more trouble than she was in now. She was one of the nicest people in this place, even shared joints with him.

There was the dreaded pull on the hair again, and Luci found himself molded against the hard body of the big biker, his naked skin touching the man’s shirt and leather belt, with a metal buckle that made Luci shiver when it touched the small of his back.

All thought of the strong muscle against him evaporated the moment he looked into the face in front of him. He’d never forgotten those bright, inquisitive eyes and the bushy Jack Nicholson eyebrows.

“D-Dad?” he uttered, frozen in space and time. This couldn’t be happening. The silence that ensued was so complete Luci would swear he could hear the beard behind him grow.

His father opened his eyes wider as he looked Luci up and down with his mouth hanging open. “Lucifer?” he eventually uttered, glancing to the sides at his men, his shoulders curling slightly.

Luci swallowed. As horrendously embarrassing as this was, having his father here could save him from getting any bones broken and potentially give him a bit of extra time for a quick escape. On the positive side, at least no one laughed anymore. “Hi…” Luci smiled with his teeth slightly clattering. There would be no sweet greetings. Father’s eyebrows gathered into a frown, creating a deep valley in the middle of his forehead.

“What the fuck are you wearing?”

“It’s…” Luci cleared his throat. “Work clothes.”

Father sneered and looked over Luci’s shoulder, at the bearded menace behind him. “Tooth, get him the fuck out of here, I don’t have time to deal with this shit. Get him something to wear and take him back to the club. Whatever he knows, he can tell us there.”

The brush of hair over Luci’s shoulder had to mean Tooth nodded, and it was confirmed the moment he was pushed forward, straight for the door. The bikers parted for them to come through, their faces frozen in confusion. Despite the leggings, Luci felt completely naked.

“And watch him, Tooth. He has a thing for running away,” Father growled as they walked out into the chilly spring evening.

“I noticed as much,” answered Tooth, carelessly leading Luci toward a whole swarm of badass bikes, all shining in the remaining moonlight and the faded lights of the strip club.

Luci put his hands over his hardening nipples and looked at Tooth with a pout. This was such bullshit.

“What are you doing?” mumbled Tooth, never letting go of Luci’s hair. He really was like a modern caveman.

“Don’t want you ogling my pretty nipples.” Luci showed Tooth the middle finger. At least he had some power now. The guy couldn’t just kill him when he’d gotten an order from Dad.

There was that rumbly laugh again. It sounded almost as if it came from a barrel of rum. “Kid, I’ll give you my jacket.”

Luci frowned and did a double take. His head still hurt where it had had that encounter with the wall, and his hair stunk of whiskey. “I’ve got my own clothes at the motel.” He pointed to the building nearby. “I do actually wear underpants on a daily basis.” Getting a warm jacket sounded like a nice prospect, but he didn’t want to give Tooth the upper hand. He didn’t want to be grateful for anything.

Tooth looked toward the low building of the motel. “Which room are you in?”

“Six.” Luci raised his eyebrows expectantly. “You can let go of my hair.”

His mouth went dry when Tooth picked up a cell phone and chose a number. He wouldn’t get to put on his own clothes. He would be stuck with that big, warm, man-smelling jacket. And the leggings that made him look like Ke$ha’s slutty twin brother.

He looked around the parking lot, but with that fist firmly in his hair, he wasn’t going anywhere. “Asshole.”

Tooth ignored him and quickly gave someone instructions to pack up Luci’s clothes. It sounded like a series of commands rather than a request, and his eyes were drawn to the front of Tooth’s cut. It all became clear when he noticed the ‘Vice President’ patch. Tooth didn’t give him more time to think. He picked up a jacket thrown over a bigass bike and handed it to Luci. The garment was far too big for him but made out of soft leather and probably just large enough to cover up Tooth’s big frame.

“Put that on.”

Luci groaned his dissatisfaction, but put on the jacket and zipped it up for warmth. At least it hung slightly below his ass. “You always this chivalrous?”

Tooth looked at him with that permanent frown that was far sexier than it should be. Luci wanted to kick himself in the knee. Instead, he looked at the beast of a bike—huge, all black and chrome, with ghostly gray flames drawn on the sides, carrying something that looked like a stylized tooth.

“No,” said Tooth in the end and slowly let go of Luci’s hair. “And if you try to run, I will not try to save your face from dragging over the asphalt, so better be a good boy now.”

Luci couldn’t help his eyes going slightly wider at the threat. From how the man acted, he assumed it wasn’t an empty one. “I’m nineteen. I’m not a ‘boy’.” What was going to happen to him now? Was there any fatherly love left in his dad’s heart, or would he just get questioned and thrown out or worse? After all, his dad was a Satanist, Luci’s mom told him so. That was why he named him Lucifer in the first place. Oh, God, maybe Dad wanted closure? Wanted to sacrifice him and finish off the family he’d left behind?

Tooth’s brows shot up, and he let out a laugh, staring at Luci with one hand on the seat of the bike. “Good one, boy,” he said and mounted the bike with one precise swing of his muscled leg.

Luci glared at him, and hid his fists in the sleeves of the jacket. “Are you so old? Should I call you ‘daddy’?” Truth be told Tooth didn’t look all that old. He was one scary motherfucker, but he probably wasn’t much older than thirty.

“No, you should get on and hold on tight.” Tooth gave Luci a half smile and looked back at the bitch seat. Luci had to do a double take. The guy had two gold teeth just behind his fang.

There was no help coming from the empty parking lot, so after a few moments of fumbling about, tying his shoelaces, and pulling up his leggings, Luci gave in and sat behind the guy with his face less than an inch from the club logo.

Coffin Nails MC. Demon hands reaching out from inside a coffin lid and sealing it on itself with its claws. Despite the scary image, Luci slid closer so his crotch touched the guy’s ass. If he was to travel this way, at least he could mess with Tooth a little. But the biker didn’t seem even a bit fazed. Fucker had to be very confident in his sexuality.

“Hold on,” said Tooth as the motor roared.

Luci slid his arms around the bulky chest and settled his cheek against the patches on the back of the cut. Whatever was going to happen, he had no say in it, so he might as well enjoy the ride. He closed his eyes and inhaled Tooth’s scent. He’d definitely give this guy a lapdance. With a discount.

Tooth didn’t say anything, and seconds later, the bike carried them out of the parking lot in front of the strip club and into the empty road. Luci started feeling grateful for the jacket all too quickly. Despite it being spring, the air blowing past him and making his hair float in the wind was slowly becoming cold. He almost felt sorry for Tooth when he looked at his uncovered arms. Almost.

Luci kept his eyes closed, but it only made him more aware of the big body in front of him. He smiled, since Tooth wouldn’t be able to see that, and slowly ran his hands over the meaty pecs, exploring them through the fabric of the T-shirt. They flexed under his touch.

“Stop that,” was all he got as they rode down the street, past a row of prostitutes, who gathered close to a car that just pulled up to the sidewalk.

Luci couldn’t help a grin and pinched Tooth’s nipple. Maybe the guy would freak out in the end and leave him on the side of the road?

This time, Tooth didn’t say anything. He took a turn into a run-down street with garages on one side, and something that used to be a park on the other. He was slowing down.

Luci slid his hand down to Tooth’s crotch and took the opportunity (probably the last one he would have) to feel the guy’s package. Now that was what a cock should be. There was quite a bit of meat beneath the denim, and it had Luci smiling as his imagination kicked in. It had been a while since he’d had any kind of sex because he rarely left Vanilla without Rick. And at Vanilla, he’d been doing anything but the fucking or sucking itself since Rick took him under his wing. The guy seemed to treat Luci like a younger brother.

Tooth stirred in the seat, but the pleasure of fondling him wouldn’t last long. The bike stopped on the side of the road, and Tooth looked back at him with an unreadable expression. “We’re getting off.”

Luci couldn’t stop the silly grin blooming on his face. “Are we? You gonna blow me or is it gonna be a hand job?” He tried to push his hair into some order to look like his most seductive self. He was playing with fire, but he never knew how to bite his tongue. They weren’t even near the club compound, which meant Tooth had other plans before they’d get there.

His blood grew hotter when Tooth’s grin curved as he dismounted the bike. He stood all-too-close to Luci, letting him smell all that masculine musk. When they were up close like this, Luci was facing the man’s stomach.

Did Luci strike gold? A bi-curious biker ready to let him go for a BJ? Bingo. Or Tooth just liked blonds. It was so unusual to just do it in the street, even if it was empty. Luci looked up into the green eyes with a smile and unbuckled Tooth’s thick leather belt.

Tooth took a low breath, staring straight into Luci’s eyes from behind the beard that looked more attractive with every passing second. “Remove it altogether,” he said in a low rasp.

Luci licked his upper lip in a promise of a quality blow job and slowly pulled the belt out of the loops in the jeans. He was getting goose bumps and it wasn’t from the cold. “You can tell my dad you questioned me, and I didn’t have any useful info,” he suggested.

“Haggling, are we now?” asked Tooth, softly pulling the belt out of Luci’s grasp. He took one more step, and their chests were almost touching, which set a powerful fire in Luci’s stomach.

“Oh come on, he’ll be happy he has me out of his hair. Everyone saw how embarrassed he was. He’ll make a sigh of relief, light a black candle for me or some shit, and I’ll be off to another state.” He emphasized it by popping open the button of Tooth’s jeans.

Tooth snorted and pulled Luci up by the front of the jacket, only to suddenly spin him around and fold him over the seat. “What do you think you’re doing with your life, boy?” he growled, pushing on Luci’s back so he faced the grease-smelling side of the bike, shocked that his hair was almost touching the dirt.

This wasn’t what he wanted to get. He tried to slide out of Tooth’s grip but it was useless, those hands were as steady as slabs of metal. Used to holding a gun, his imagination suggested. Thanks, imagination. “Oh come on, I thought we were making a deal.” His breath hitched, unveiling his fear.

“I don’t make deals with little boys,” answered Tooth, and Luci could have sworn his tormentor moved behind him. Before he could think of a way to use this to his advantage, there was a swish in air, and he curled around the bike at the shock of pain that spread all over his buttocks.

Luci cried out with eyes wide open and bucked his hips in an attempt to squirm out of the grip. “Don’t!” He managed to lift himself enough to swat Tooth’s arm with his hand. The hit was so pathetic it made Luci growl in dissatisfaction, especially when the next lick of the belt was even harder. And it was the same belt Luci had handed to Tooth himself, delivering the instrument of his torment.

“Did I ask you to touch me?” asked Tooth coolly.

“Yes!” Luci hissed, barely holding back tears, his ass pulsing with heat after the hit. “You told me to hold on to you. I was just doing that!”

“That wasn’t what you were doing,” said Tooth, and yet another blow had Luci squirm for breath. His ass felt stiff with the power of the hit.

Hot tears spilled down his cheeks, the salty drops quickly reaching his lips. It wasn’t as bad as getting hit on the head before, but the different kind of pain squeezed tears out of him as if Tooth’s belt were a human juicer. “I was just messing around! Stop it or I’ll tell my dad!” He tried to kick Tooth, but missed his target.

The next smack had him hugging the bike in a useless attempt to hide, and Tooth’s laugh only made it worse. “You really want to tell your father that I spanked you like a little kid?”

Luci’s lips trembled against his will. Of course he didn’t. The old man would probably just laugh at him like Tooth did. “No,” he uttered with a quiet sob. His whole body tensed in anticipation of the next swish. Even his mom had never disciplined him like this.

But the next hit didn’t come. “Have you learned your lesson? Don’t fuck with me,” said Tooth in the same level tone as before.

Luci sniffed and rubbed his face. He was not talking to this bastard. He was above it. On wobbly legs, he straightened up as soon as the hand was gone off his back. His ass felt like pulverized meat, pulsing with heat and pain. He slouched and put his hands into the pockets of the jacket. There was a lighter in there, but not much else.

“Apologize,” said Tooth, his face as expressive as a white wall.

“I was just saying ‘hello’ to your dick, that’s all.” Fucking eyes wouldn’t stop welling up. Luci took a step back, but in his heart he knew making a run for it wasn’t an option in a dead-end street like this.

Tooth wouldn’t budge and slowly raised the looped belt again. “Apologize. I will not ask a third time.”

Luci looked up at him, sure his teary eyes wouldn’t do a thing to make Tooth’s cold heart budge. “I’m sorry,” he muttered and pushed away some of his hair. He needed to wash it so bad.

“Apology accepted.” Tooth nodded and casually slipped the belt back into the loops of his jeans. He quickly closed the buckle and gestured to the bike. “Let’s go.”

Luci’s heart was still pounding when he sat on the bitch seat and grabbed on to the metal bar behind it. He needed to find a way out of this situation. Maybe he wasn’t one for long-term planning, but he didn’t like chaos either.

They sped through the streets, but with Tooth clearly trying to avoid the city’s major arteries, they didn’t get stuck anywhere, and soon Lucy realized they were heading to the compound close to his former house. Throughout the years away from home, he’d avoided that area at all cost, but there he was, shipped back like bounced mail. Tooth was a menacing presence right in front of him, and being alone together no longer seemed like an opportunity for negotiation. His ass could vouch for that.

It felt like ages until they got to the ugly looking building. Tooth rode past it and circled the compound to approach a back gate. A young guy ran out and put in a code on the other side to open it for Tooth. As they passed, Luci heard a whistle. There wouldn’t be much of that when he took off the jacket and revealed that in fact he didn’t have boobs. It felt like being a little fly, pulled right into the middle of the web by a spider.

Tooth parked his bike in front of the entrance and got off, briefly waving at the guy who let them in. “Come on,” he said to Luci, indicating the half-open doors. After the ride, his hair was even bushier than before.

Luci looked to the tall gate locking behind them. Would he even survive this? “What do you want from Suzy anyway?” He got off and put his hands in the pockets of the jacket.

“We won’t hurt her,” replied Tooth after a moment’s thought, “but she stopped responding to calls, and she owes us. The sooner we find her, the better for her, believe me.” He pushed Luci toward the door. In the lamplight, Luci could see two beat-up leather chairs and a bar.

He pushed back Tooth’s hand. “I’m going, jeez.” He looked around for possible ways out, but there were no windows. “If I tell you what I know, can I go?” he asked, but couldn’t help a smile when he saw a big, furry white cat sitting on the empty counter. The smile faded the moment Tooth declined.

“No. Your father wants to talk to you,” he said and pulled Luci across the lounge bar. It was a simple room, with reddish tiles on the floor and wood-covered walls. A banner with the club emblem took up a large portion of one of the walls, surrounded by framed photos of patched members of the Detroit chapter of Coffin Nails. The space was divided between a lounging area with a television and several chairs, and the bar with a collection of glasses and many bottles of liquor on the shelves behind it.

“Oh, yeah? He hasn’t bothered for nineteen years, and now all of a sudden he wants to talk?” Luci pouted.

“Who you got there, Tooth?” asked a female voice from a sofa in the far back, but they were going the other way and he didn’t get to see who it was.

Tooth’s hand tightened on Luci’s shoulder as he pushed him through to the corridor. “An informant.”

“Where are we going?” Luci moaned as Tooth led him down a corridor adorned with even more club photos. “Will I have to stay the night?”

Tooth glanced at him like someone very tired of his babbling. “As long as Priest wants you to,” he said as they started climbing up the stairs. The second floor looked plain but tidy with the dark carpeting on the floor and white walls.

“I’ve got business to attend to, you know. And my hair looks shit. I can’t go back there like this.” Not to mention the bruises that were most probably blooming on his skin. No one would want a lapdance from someone with bruises all over their ass.

“It’s gonna be a while till they’re back. You can wash your hair,” said Tooth, opening the door to the second room on the left. When the lights went on, Luci saw a large bedroom, all tidied up, and without much unnecessary clutter. The walls were gray, with band posters in neat frames, and the whole room projected a calm atmosphere. This was a place to relax, with a king-size bed, a flat-screen TV, and a collection of books and DVDs displayed in two simple shelving units.

“Not a holding cell?” Luci snooped around and unzipped the jacket. A neat white bathroom was visible through a half-open door to the side.

Tooth snorted, as if Luci just reminded him of some grim joke. With a man like that, Luci wouldn’t be surprised. “No, it’s my room.”

“Oh, you’re letting me into your love nest, I get it.” Luci casually dropped to the soft bedding. He didn’t want the guy to think he got to him with that thick belt of his. The mattress was on the harder side, but still didn’t hurt Luci’s beat-up ass too bad.

Tooth raised his eyebrows and closed the door. “Not really,” he said and toed off his boots.

Luci rolled over to his stomach and watched the big, bad biker. “So watcha gonna do if I don’t tell you anything?”

Tooth leaned against the wall and shook his head. “You know why they call me Tooth? It’s short for ‘Tooth Fairy’. I like taking people’s teeth,” he declared with a sinister calmness.

Luci swallowed the first joke that came to his mind. The atmosphere got dense, and it wasn’t that pleasant tingle like flirting with someone. “Oh. Like, for real?” he whispered in the end and sat on the side of the bed. His gaze trailed to the necklace dangling from Tooth’s neck, and all of a sudden, the fragrant leather jacket felt too hot and confining. The necklace was shaped like a skull, but he could clearly discern that it was somehow made out of teeth.

Tooth gave a slow nod.

It was enough to get Luci’s skin crawling. He took off the jacket and put it neatly on the side before proceeding to take off his boots. “I think I’ll wash my hair now,” he muttered.

“Good.” Tooth stepped closer and watched Luci’s every move. “Get undressed.”

Luci stilled, trying to comprehend the wave of excitement those last two words sent down his body. But with all the threats, the last thing he wanted was to get a boner in front of the guy. He pushed off his boots and socks, all the while fighting the heat rising in his chest. So maybe Tooth had that pirate thing going on, but with the unruly hair and the beard, the thick arms and the leather cut, he was more of a sexy Blackbeard than some hobo.

Luci swallowed as he took off the leggings, feeling as scrutinized as ever. He could sense that green gaze sliding all over his skin, but he didn’t want to try to cover himself up, give Tooth the satisfaction of making him uncomfortable.

“Use whatever you like. I’ll get you a clean towel,” said Tooth, looking into the bathroom. The selection of products was poor, and Luci already knew the washing would be extremely basic, as he didn’t even see a conditioner on the small shelf by the tub.

Luci laughed nervously and started braiding his hair as he slowly approached the door. “Gentleman.” He twisted his body to have a look at the bruises on his ass. They were already turning a pale shade of purple. “Color goes with my eyes.” He tried to joke to diffuse the tension, but Tooth’s eyes became even more sinister, darker. Then he asked a completely normal question.

“Were you the king of your prom?” Tooth looked at the tattoo on Luci’s hip, a simple image with a crown and ‘Prom King’ written underneath.

Luci entered the bathroom which turned out to be bigger than it seemed from outside. The bathtub could easily fit two people. Not that Tooth would be impressed by an invitation.

“Yep, Prom King,” Luci said and leaned over the tub to start running the water. He made sure to note the window on the side. It had matted glass and wasn’t big, but Luci imagined he could scramble up there if needed.

“Get in,” said Tooth, and all of a sudden Luci felt fabric brush against the side of his buttock.

It got goose bumps to pop up all over Luci’s arms, and he jumped slightly. “You don’t believe me?” He laughed and looked over his shoulder to find Tooth towering over him like the sexiest guy he’d ever blown. That man had some presence, Luci had to give him that.

“You don’t look like the type, that’s all.”

“It’s easy to win when it’s just you attending.” Luci put one foot over the side of the tub to check how hot it was. “It was a private prom. V.I.P. only, you see.” Or more like no prom when you quit high school at fifteen. So at least he got a tattoo to commemorate it.

Tooth snorted. “Do you mean you’ve blown the prom king in his car?”

Luci’s lips parted, but he quickly composed himself and held on to Tooth’s arm as he got in the bath. “I wish. I saw him in the locker rooms once. He had this thick, veiny cock. I’d have loved to suck it hard,” he said, hoping to embarrass Tooth at least a bit, but it didn’t seem to work.

Tooth’s lips crooked into a smile, which soon became less weird when he caught Luci’s hand and closed a handcuff around the wrist. The cold metal dawned on Luci, killing his fantasies of climbing out the window, especially since Tooth closed the other handcuff around the pipe.

Luci exhaled loudly and forced a fake smile in return. “Oh come on, would I ever run away from a guy like you?” He brushed his fingers along the front of Tooth’s belt and looked up at him with the most innocent eyes.

“Stop it,” said Tooth and slowly moved back to the door but kept his eyes firmly trained on Luci.

“You a watcher?” Luci pouted and flopped into the water. It didn’t even have any bubbles. At least the cuffs had a long chain so Luci could sort of manage to wash his hair.

A small smirk lit up Tooth’s eyes, and he walked out. Moments later, the other door opened and closed. Luci was alone.

He looked at the 2in1 shampoo on the side and sighed. His long blond hair needed a lot more care than that. If he were to stay here even a few days longer, he would demand proper treatment because this was totally out of order. Maybe if he got Tooth to take him shopping, he could disappear at the mall. Act like a good boy all day and then vanish when Tooth lowered his guard.

He also needed to let Rick know where he was, the guy had a good heart and was probably worried. Rick would always bring him good food and make sure he was healthy. Even got him meds when Luci couldn’t afford any on his own.

And then there was the issue of Suzy. Sure, she was a dealer, but it was completely out of character for her to try to pull a stunt like this. She would know better than to steal from the Coffin Nails. Maybe something actually happened to her? It wasn’t like she asked him to keep a secret or something. He and Suzy had gone to a party together, and while he came back to Vanilla for his shift, it seemed that she hadn’t returned. As Luci soaked his poor, bruised ass, he decided to tell Tooth and Dad what he knew about her if they promised to ask questions first when they found her. At the end of the day, if she was stupid enough to flat-out steal from the Nails, then there had to be some proper reason for it. Yet, even with all the trouble Luci got into, he hoped that his dad wouldn’t completely hate him.

Luci got the shampoo and managed to start washing his hair despite the cuff. He hated having it all dirty like that. His mind drifted to the memory of Tooth slamming him against that sticky table. He’d been so scared of what would happen, yet now, in the relative safety of a clean, white bathtub, his imagination drifted off into the dark, filthy corners where the big biker fucked him hard with everyone watching. He’d just pull down those shiny leggings, use spit for lube, and go at it, gripping Luci’s hair. Even the memory of that belt was blurring into something that could be pleasant in the right circumstances.

Luci slid lower into the water and enjoyed the fantasy.


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“If you don’t read any other books for the next 2 years! READ THIS ONE!! You won’t regret it.  5 ‘LUCKY’ Epic, break me off a piece of that hot Biker, stars.”   – S.K. Logsdon

“This book is longer than the first but just as amazing. The sex scenees are seriously hot, smoothly written and very realistic…my favorite kind! The passion, love, emotion and deep connection between Tooth and Luci is so strongly felt I never wanted to the story to end.”   – Amanda


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