Progress Report

Progress Report

We’ve been writing a lot of non-English stuff last week, mostly “The Lion and the Unicorn”. The story is amusing, easy to write and provided a much needed distraction from all the serious work that had to be done recently.

We’ve created a Work in Progress page, which will be updated on a regular basis. “Scavengers: August” is now safely in the hands of our editor, which means it’s going to be out real soon.

The last part of “Scavengers” is now approaching 18k which constitutes approximately 60% of the planned storyline.

Also mentioned in the WIP page is “The Copper Horse”, another instalment of the Gentlemen’s Tales of Love, Lust and the Undead series. It’s going to reveal more about the world of “Scavengers”, but with new characters. We might drop in some hints at what happened to Ira and James though. And there will be pony play. Lots of it. We were actually quite surprised at the small availability of books involving this kink. We only found erotic shorts, which aren’t nearly as satisfying as longer forms, which allow the author to work on character development. After all, even the best sex feels kinda dry if the reader hadn’t had the opportunity to bond with the characters (And no one likes dry sex :P). “The Copper Horse” is going to be a full novel, complete with plot, so I hope the readers will be as excited about it as I am ;D

This blog will be updated daily (unless something comes up), with the following schedule (to which there might be exceptions) :

Monday – writing progress

Tuesday – translations of short excerpts from our non-English work

Wednesday – WIPs

Thursday – writing inspiration

Friday – hunky photography

Saturday – gay art

Sunday – sex trivia


by Agnes Merikan

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