“Scavengers: August” – work progress and blurb

“Scavengers: August” – work progress and blurb

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The full text is now ready and will soon be on its way to an editor. With Kat working on the cover art, the release date is approaching fast. For those interested in what happens next to James and Ira, the blurb is already available on the site. An excerpt will be added soon as well 🙂

Editing one’s own work is a process just as painstaking as it is enjoyable and satisfying. We let a finished text rest for at least a week (preferably more) to get a fresh perspective. I know some authors use this process to delete fragments that supposedly don’t add much to the story. Well,  we usually end up with an even larger word count. I guess the reason for that is the dynamics of writing with someone. Me and Kat do share a mind to some extent (no, really ;D),  but the writing process itself is focused on character dynamics. In our case, later edits add more depth to the world.

It is also a good moment to make sure there are no factual mistakes in the text. Obviously, research is essential, but sometimes, the author might be so convinced about something that they don’t double-check. We ran into this kind of situation a few times, most recently when writing a historical novelette. In Eastern Europe, where we come from, circumcision is very rare and would be something distinctive to the Jewish population, especially in the nineteenth century. We were so certain that it was universal to all of Europe that we didn’t initially check it  and used this motif in an erotic scene.  Thankfully, one of us decided to do some additional research  during the edits. Turns out ignorance isn’t always bliss ;D

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