Scavengers: September – cover and blurb

Scavengers: September – cover and blurb

March 9, 2013 | Scavengers | No Comments

Finally! Long overdue, “Scavengers: September” is all wrapped up, including the cover.

On this occasion, “Scavengers: July” is now 0.99$! 😀 – Amazon

The story itself will be out in the upcoming days! 🙂

(On Goodreads: )

— Keeping his wife happy was hard enough without a gay lover and the zombie Plague. —

In July of 1893, James Hurst, a perfect English gentleman, had retrieved a treasure that would secure the financial future of his family, got scarred by a zombie and lost his virginity to Ira Russell, the mercenary he hired. After a rocky start, their mutual fascination makes James happier than ever.

Despite initial worries, Ira has no trouble blending in with the aristocratic household. Even James’ young son comes to adore the new teacher of survival tactics and his maritime stories. His wife on the other hand takes a different sort of interest in Ira. Her infatuation with him is the living proof of James’ failure as a husband, but is it too late to pick up the pieces? With a political opponent watching his every move and the threat of a terrorist attack on London, James is walking a tightrope. Can he keep his family safe without giving up on his newfound happiness (and Ira’s skills in tying him up)?

“Scavengers: September” is the third and last book in a three part series and is set in the universe of “Gentlemen’s Tales of Love, Lust and the Undead”.

WARNING: Contains graphic m/m sex scenes, gore, zombies, violence, angst, BDSM, lots of deliciously dirty talk  and a confident, tattooed ex-sailor.

Highlight to read – POSSIBLE SPOILERS!:
Themes: (zombies, living in a white marriage, blackmail, turn of the century London, class differences, alternative history, tattoos, terrorism)
Erotic content: explicit M/M sex scenes (including BDSM elements, dirty talk, spanking, shibari – rope play)

Length:  ~34,400 words

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