“Scavengers” update

“Scavengers” update

June 3, 2012 | Blog, News, Uncategorized | No Comments

It’s been a few days since the release of “Scavengers: July” on Amazon and we are thrilled to see the first reviews in the store, as well as on Goodreads!
This novella can be read as a stand alone with a “happy for now” ending, but the story of James and Ira will be closed in three  instalments. Those curious of what happens next should be happy to know that the second part, “Scavengers: August” is mostly finished. We are now doing some minor edits, but if everything goes as planned, the full text should be available on Amazon sometime in July.
In “August”, the characters will face the reality of what happened between them in Kent. Now, that it isn’t just the two of them in the heat of the moment, decisions about the future must be made.

We have also started to write the final part of “Scavengers”, which already has reached 6500 words:) We hope that at least some of those who read “July” will be as excited with the remaining instalments as we are!

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