Special Needs 2 – coming soon! :)

Special Needs 2 – coming soon! :)

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A little making-of for the Special Needs 2 cover 🙂 It’s hard for me to express just how much I love those colors, Ryan’s lovely hair and the surreal composition 🙂

We’re wrapping up the editing right now and the book will go through yet another proofread, but it’s coming. We wanted to have it out by the end of November, but bear with us if that ends up being longer – it is a massive book.

On this occasion, we’ll be discounting the first book to $3.99 on all our usual retailers 🙂 (AllRomance, Amazon, Smashwords) UNTIL 1ST OF DECEMBER 🙂

It will be hard for me to part with those characters, but everything needs to end at some point, I suppose. We have a plan for a special episode sometime in the future, but that’s a distant idea with all the other books we have planned.

I think what I loved about writing this crazy story most was that it’s like a roller coaster. One second, I was laughing at a goofy joke and the next second, the situation was extremely dramatic. The characters often took us into unexpected places and I hope that readers can see this book as a very tender love story, even though it has some fetish elements, and touches upon issues of physical and mental disability. As a reader, I hate being spoonfed or, even worse, preached at, so I hope any message we put across in Special Needs is a gentle one, running under the skin of the story, instead of screaming at the reader. At the end of the day, what I want most is for the story to provide the reader with entertainment and a thrill :).

So as a tiny teaser, a few quotes from the work in progress:

“Being in a wheelchair at a gay porn convention was a fantastic experience. He got to have his gaze at exactly the level he needed.”

“Once in a while, Ryan even spotted actors he knew, so he tried to think of things he could say to them and not sound like a creep. ‘Hey, I thought your cock looked really hot in that last porno’ just didn’t cut it. “

“Ryan wrapped his arms around Liam’s chest as if he were a giant plushie. It made Liam hope Ryan was into sex with plushies, ‘cause he could damn well use a hand when they got home.”

And one from a scene that didn’t end up in the book 😉

“You know what we should have in the backyard, by the beach? Half pipes and, you know, stuff, like a roller skating park.” Ryan’s gaze followed his every move, looking awake as ever, with bright eyes and a straight back.

Liam shook his head with a smile. “As long as we can afford the insurance in case someone gets hurt.”

“I would get a helmet and stuff. It would be amazing, Liam.” Ryan rolled back down the ramp again and turned behind him.

“I don’t think that helps if someone breaks their neck.”

“Insurance is for pussies.” Ryan snorted and Liam felt Ryan’s hand petting his nape from behind.

“Straight cock is for pussies. Insurance’s for everyone.” Liam shook his head.

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