Special Needs – book two

Special Needs – book two

July 25, 2013 | Blog, News | 5 Comments

Behold, the cover for the final book of Special Needs is ready! ;D Artwork is by the brilliant Kkohaku, cover design by Book Cover Masterclass. I love how Ryan turned out. And yes, there are pirate cats and bananas on this cover ;D The book will be available sometime this fall.

— Caretaking. Like a boss. —

So, Ryan isn’t disabled. Okay, he is, but he’s only got a foot missing, that’s hardly a reason to pretend he’s paraplegic and ride around in a wheelchair! Now Liam has to deal with being lied to since the moment they met, and he is not a happy camper. He doesn’t understand why sweet, innocent Ryan would do such a thing. What if there are other things his boyfriend lied about? Or ex-boyfriend for that matter.

Ryan is in a state of complete panic at the sole thought of losing Liam, his first proper boyfriend ever. But the show must go on and after the fire in his hotel, Ryan can’t only focus on his love life. He’s a serious businessman after all. Marketing, networking and promoting will be his new love life. Who needs a boyfriend anyway, when in the end, every guy is either a devotee, or freaks out about his transability? Yet… maybe if Liam stayed around the hotel, they could at least make up and become friends.

There is one more option to consider – walking. If Ryan started walking, would Liam want to be with him again? But how far can he bend to Liam’s wishes before he breaks?


“Special Needs” is book two out of a two part series.


Genre: contemporary erotic m/m romance, dramedy

Erotic content: explicit m/m sexual scenes (including fetishism and role play)

Length:  ~90,000 words

Themes (highlight for possible SPOILERS): disability, deception, alternative lifestyles, fetishism, tattoos, self-image issues, financial trouble, boss/employee, abduction, transability, communication issues, self-harm, BIID

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  1. Reply


    July 25, 2013

    awwwwwwwwwwwwww parfait 😀 <3 nipples! 😀 hihi

    • Reply

      Kat Merikan

      July 25, 2013

      They are cute, I admit 😉 But then again, it’s Ryan, he’s all cuteness.

  2. Reply


    August 6, 2013

    That cover is awsome! Kkohaku has done a grate job! I can’t wait to read II part :))h

  3. Reply


    August 26, 2013

    Hello Agnes & Kat,
    I loved your story of Ryan & Liam–very unique niche of the paraplegic fetish. How well has the book been received by readers? How have your sales been?

    • Reply

      Kat Merikan

      August 26, 2013

      Hi Bridget! I’m happy you liked the book 🙂 I won’t lie, it’s not selling hundreds of copies, but it’s getting some attention and slowly growing. It’s niche, but you know, sometimes a story is just dying to be told and we have to write it, no matter how obscure it seems. The book will surely be of interest to people interested in BIID and paraplegics, but what I really hope for is that the ‘regular’ erotic romance crowd will see beneath the ‘weird’ factor and see the extremely romantic love story, that lays between those boys, beyond all the kink. I have noticed some people said to me that they found the topic weird, but couldn’t put the book down when they actually decided to read it, because the characters were engaging and funny.
      And as to sales, interestingly enough, it sold a lot on Amazon Germany in comparison to all our other books :))

      And if you want to see some more reviews, the good and bad, you can see some here, at Goodreads 🙂 – http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17256863-special-needs

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