The second part of “Guns n’ Boys” book 1 is out!

The second part of “Guns n’ Boys” book 1 is out!

October 10, 2014 | News | 4 Comments

The conclusion of book 1 is now available:


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To celebrate that, we are reducing the price of the first part to 2.99$ until the 16th of October 

Seth is an acomplished home cook, but Domenico also has some tricks up his sleeve. We are proud to present a recipe from the book:



three cups of impatience

a pinch of frustration

a teaspoon of need for shopping

a piece of artisan bread

a slice of ham

a cherry tomato





1) Make a mental list of all the things you want to buy in your favorite store.

2) In the morning, take a shower, get dressed and look at the watch while your partner oversleeps.

3) Once frustration and impatience start overflowing, wake them up.

4) Your partner’s going to ask you for something to eat. Go to the kitchen and show them how much you enjoyed the wait.

5) Put a plate on the table.

6) Take the first knife you find and cut a slice of bread.

7) Put the bread on the plate with the more uneven side facing up.

8) Drop the ham on the bread and leave it as it falls. Put your feelings into the food you’re preparing.

9) Put the cherry tomato in the middle of the sandwich.

10) Put on your coat, sit by the table and watch the door, trying to match your facial expression to what you want to evoke through the sandwich to create a comprehensive experience.

11) If everything goes according to plan, your partner won’t like it, and you’ll get to leave sooner, tempting them with a promise of fresh food on the go.


Now that Domenico Acerbi himself walked you through all the necessary steps to achieve a perfect result, let’s give ourselves a moment to appreciate the glory of consuming this work of culinary art:


And this is how Seth enjoyed his sandwich:

He wanted to see what Dom made for him. The smell of espresso was unmistakable, and while Dom generally considered cooking a chore not suitable for someone like him, he was the master of coffee in their house.

When Seth entered the kitchen, Domenico smiled at him and gestured to a piece of toast covered by a layer of ham, with a splash of color in the form of a lone cherry tomato.

Seth lifted the ham and noticed there was no butter under it either. “Impressive,” he said, and when he picked up the toast, the cherry tomato rolled off to the floor. The bread wasn’t even toasted.

“It’s so late.” Domenico sighed, making his intentions clear. “We could eat something else on the way if you don’t like it.”

“Yeah. I suppose you gave it your best.”

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  1. Reply


    January 10, 2015

    Uff, I just read two parts of book 1. I wanted to read it just after it came out, but I was so scared that I would go with it all at once and I won’t do any shit for work and university… So I waiteeed. But apparently in grown up world you never have a free time and couple of months later it happened anyway. Godfather on TV last night triggered me. Today’s morning bought both parts from iBooks and I’ve been reading till now. Day out of life. Just before exams. Perfect, haha. But honestly, even if I know I’m kind of in trouble now and monday will be dreadful… I REGRET NOTHING 😀

    I loved, loved, loved Polish version and it was sooo good to come back to this story. I really would like to say which version I liked more, but it’s seriously so hard. Especially that it’s so fresh in my mind now. I think english one is definitely better put together. Composition, relevant details, finished subplots, all this technical stuff is way better than original. Also loved expanded mafia story. It just makes more sense now. Before it was little bit like just a romance and italian mafia was just an excuse for some intense love making. Now it actually feels like a crime book. Another thing that I think is great about english version is humoristic part of it. Especially on the beggining -narration was fucking hilarious, yet subtle. I didn’t get that in Polish one. Characters was also a little bit more cohesive. With one exception… I’m talking about scene with Silvio. It kind of didn’t fit with the rest of the story in my opinion. I don’t know why. Maybe because I knew future Domenico and how he normally reacts to man touching Seth. And for me it was a little bit out of the character. But then again I might just known too much ;P

    The new scene that I did loved the most is actually this one with drunk Seth who want to jump on a train. God, this was brilliant. I loved how my favorite clueless pussy acted and I loved his interaction with Dom. The last scene from chapter six also stood out for me. It was just so good. Their realationship developed slower than in original, but I think in a way more convincing manner. Appreciate the talk Dom had with Angelo and his relationship with Luigi. This stuff just made the story richer. In original sometimes they felt a little bit closed in they own world with no one disturbing them until some drama happened. Now there was a constant present of other people and again – way more convincing. I actually kind of liked Luigi. he seemed genuinely care about Domenico. Too bad he had to die.

    As for disappointments I can only think of three things now. One is the scene form Polish version, when Seth is at the dinner in Domenico house. I just really loved this chapter and I was comming back to it a lot. Domenico in this gooddie goodie, mommy’s boy style is just a bliss for me 😀 I liked that Seth was in his room and they were doing naughty things in it… And it’s just a pity english story didn’t have that. Also scene when Seth said ‘I love you’ seemed so much bigger in original story. And I really liked it like that. It was romantic and emotional. In the new version it kind of blended together with the rest. ..
    Another scene is the first time when Domenico was bottoming for Seth. Which is not even exactly dissapointment. Just again – I love when time to time Domenico is intimidated. And the way he behaved in original version while they were doing it was soooo good for me. He was such a weirdo then. And I loved it. BUT. I loved new version as well actually. It was way more epic. Good, romantic sex combined with Dom’s thoughts about killing Seth was just so emotional and just… epic. I consider myself very lucky. I could and still can enjoy this story both ways 😀 Poor only-english readers.

    Sorry for very long post and probably bad english, I just vomited my very fresh thoughts about it. Conclusion – great job! Your writting matured so much. Objectively I think english version is much better, but… I can’t stop feeling attached to original. I think I started reading it in the first grade of highschool. It was ages ago, but good times. Hard to fight with sentiment. I still don’t know to which version I will be coming back more often. I guess time will tell. Can’t wait for the book 2 😀

    • Reply

      Kat Merikan

      January 11, 2015

      So happy to hear all your thoughts, Kamelia! ;D Especially since you had a chance to read the Polish version.
      The mafia aspect being random and not as well planned was our biggest headache and regret with the old version, so we were extremely happy to be able to expand on the plot. Dom got to say his goodbyes to Angelo ;( and Seth got to actually kill him. Luigi isn’t a paper cut out anymore, there is a lot more to him. You will be shocked at a plot twist with him in book 2 :>
      I know about the scene at Dom’s mom’s place, but there just wasn’t room for it, so it had to get cut.
      But for Dom bottoming, what happened in the new version seemed so much more impactful to us, as you said, epic 😀
      Book 2 is coming in February, and it’s… well, it’s completely new and fresh. You’ll recognize bits, but the story has been taken to a whole new level when it comes to the mafia aspect. More secrets uncovered, etc. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it! 🙂


      • Reply


        January 11, 2015

        Plot twist with Luigi? You just got me sooo courius. I didn’t read season 2 on your Polish blog as many times as I read season 1, so I don’t remeber it so well. It was little bit frustraiting for me at the begining, because Mimmo was so different. I’m wondering if it would be the same in english ;D And If the most memorable scene will be there – escape with use of chicken! 😛

        Looking forward to more secrets uncovered and all the new things!

        • Reply

          Kat Merikan

          January 13, 2015

          Kamelia, YES~! The chicken has to stay 😀 But the scene is slightly different. And there’s generally tons more action. And what is ‘season 2’ in polish, will be three seperate books in English 🙂

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