The second volume of ‘Blood. On the Rocks.’ is out!

The second volume of ‘Blood. On the Rocks.’ is out!

November 10, 2013 | Blood on the Rocks | 2 Comments

The second volume of our vampire-themed serial novel contains further eleven chapters of the book, as well as all the posts from Dylan’s blog released so far.  This part focuses on the blooming relationship between Tekke and Sergey, which turns out to be an eyesore for many people they know, including Tekke’s sister and Sergey’s ex-lover, who still plays a major role in his life. But deep in the north, something much more dangerous is waiting to disrupt the small-town routine of New Petersburg.

— The other man. —

With Sergey now established as Tekkeitsertok’s sort-of-boyfriend, the vampire goes back to Texas to sort out everything and everyone he left behind. His companion of over fifty years, John, is not happy about the news of a ‘Sun God’ and ‘Divine Man of the North’ taking up so much of Sergey’s attention. John isn’t willing to move and leave behind the heat and comfort of Texas, where he lives with a harem of beautiful boys. But Sergey doesn’t give up easily, and he might have found the perfect bait for his twink-loving friend.

Dating a vampire though isn’t as glamorous as soap operas suggest, and soon, Tekke finds himself the target of prejudice of his sister, the church and half the town. Whatever the cost might be, he’s determined not to go back into the closet. If dealing with bigots wasn’t bad enough, for his new relationship to work, he needs to show that he’s a better choice than John, Sergey’s rich, handsome, confident ex-lover who is just as charismatic as Tekke is self-conscious.

And in the midst of all the relationship troubles, something darker and more sinister than even John is blooming on Tekke’s doorstep. The local ravens are growing antlers and disfigured animal corpses are being found around New Petersburg. Danger a lot more real than a few vampohobes, might be lurking just around the corner.


Genre: homoerotic contemporary fantasy

Length:  ~64.000 words

Themes for the whole story (possible SPOILERS): vampires, shape-shifters, adult virgin, enemies to lovers, rebirth, Siberia, Alaska, hunting, mutation, inspired by Inuit mythology, mythical creatures, monsters, shamanism, kept lovers, violence, mutilation, murder, blood magic, Gods walking the Earth, military, deception, dreams, friendship, extrasensory perception, emotional trauma, homophobia, despair, abandonment

Erotic content : for the whole story: explicit m/m sexual scenes (possible SPOILERS: including: first time, ephebophilia, dubious consent, cheating)

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  1. Reply

    Monica T

    January 21, 2014

    I really like the series but am not fond of Sergey being so unfaithful. I hope there is dramatic moment and a revelation to make him stop.

    • Reply

      Kat Merikan

      January 21, 2014

      Monica, we’re getting back to this story in February, so you’ll have to see 🙂 At the moment he is a bit of a liar, I have to admit.

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