The Summer When It Snowed & Matt Power Lives!

The Summer When It Snowed & Matt Power Lives!

June 15, 2014 | Blog, News | 1 Comment

Two new releases! 😀 An erotic ghost story set in an abandoned asylum and a fairy tale/fantasy novelette 🙂


The year winter came back in the summer, Kirkor, the young son of a chieftain meets Alin, a man with eyes so blue they seem to melt the snow around him. That same night, Kirkor loses Alin to another man’s ruthless greed, but he is only a child, and no one believes his testimony. Years later, Kirkor is unjustly accused of plotting against the chieftain and banished from his home. Roaming through the forest, he finds shelter under a lone weeping willow. There is nothing extraordinary about the tree, but if so, why does its whisper seem so familiar?

Themes: Slavic, supernatural, pagan, dark ages, ancient, god, magic, witchcraft, myth, fairy, folklore, warrior, betrayal, shape-shifting

Genre: historical fantasy, fairytale

Erotic Content: m/m erotic scene

Length: ~14.000 words

Available on Allromance eBooks, Amazon, and Smashwords.


—  Matt Powers lives to tell his story —

Matthew dreams of becoming a porn star. All he lacks is a proper porn name, but it becomes the least of his problems when his first professional shoot  gets interrupted by a series of freak accidents. With the crew desperate to get away, no one notices Matt’s absence, and he is left behind in an abandoned asylum in the woods, at the mercy of a spirit that has been bound to its cool walls for too long.

Genre: erotic horror

Themes:  mental hospital, ghosts, supernatural, conversion therapy, straitjacket, porn shoot, abandoned building

Erotic content: explicit m/m sexual scenes

Length:  ~8,100 words

Available on SmashwordsAllRomance eBooks, and Amazon.

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1 Comment

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    Jamie Lake

    June 17, 2014

    Both of these books sound very intriguing, Agnes. Thank you for sharing! What was your inspiration for these novels?

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