Translation Tuesday – On the plane

Translation Tuesday – On the plane

This week’s translation comes from the first chapter of “Guns’n’Boys”.

Domenico smiled at him, apparently unmoved by the fact that he had killed a man and then left him in a bathroom stall.

Seth eyed him with apprehension. “Why did they send you of all people?”

“Still not sure?” laughed Domenico, showing a set of healthy, white teeth.

Seth remained silent and raised an eyebrow.

“I saved your ass just about ten minutes ago,” said the other man, giving him a sly smile. “Case you didn’t notice.”

“Huh?” Seth swallowed hard. He tried to fight it, but this new, older Domenico made him nervous. On the other hand, at thirteen, Domenico attempted to stab him with a knife and he would have succeeded if there weren’t any adults around.

“I left that goner in the stall,” he whispered straight into Seth’s ear, his warm breath making him shiver. Seth opened his eyes wider, staring at him with a pounding heart. He was at loss of words.

Domenico stretched his arms and watched their plane slowly move towards the airstrip.

“You’ve changed,” murmured Seth, letting his body sink into the seat.

“Well, you haven’t,” was the curt reply from his bodyguard.

Seth gritted his teeth, feeling that his companion was starting to get on his nerves yet again. He shot him an irritated look. “What the fuck does that mean?!”

Domenico just smiled. “You better take a nap.”


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  1. Reply


    July 15, 2012

    Oh my God! I had an awful thought! I read “You better take a nap.” and now Ican’t stand the idea of GnB in english! What will happen with “No bo Dom no…”?!

  2. Reply

    Kat Merikan

    July 16, 2012

    He he, I’m afraid some things cannot be translated 😉 But there will be other puns and sayings in English 🙂

  3. Reply


    August 9, 2014

    Well damn, i love Domenico so much. Please write many books with them 🙂 I will buy them all!

    • Reply

      Kat Merikan

      August 11, 2014

      Hey Kirikos, 😀 The first episode of GNB in English is coming out in a month! So excited!

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