Translation Tuesday! – Young Remidoff

Translation Tuesday! – Young Remidoff

Launching a series of short fragments of our Polish works translated into English is an excerpt from “Born Under the Moon”. It describes the main character, Remidoff Ranvin as a young boy at his family home in the Tanelf Empire.

The young tanelf was dressed in a pair of long, narrow trousers and a dress shirt, both blue and decorated with a sophisticated design embroidered with white and golden threads. The stand-up collar covered his graceful neck up to the jawline, every inch of flesh above it carefully hidden by clean bandages. White gloves were tucked  into the sleeves and on his head, there was a blue turban, complete with several diamonds.

He couldn’t be more than fourteen, but anyone who looked into his green eyes, would have no doubts regarding the boy’s race. They were the essence of this child’s beauty; crystallized  charisma, from the slightly yellowish outer edge of the iris to the gentle shadow of the lashes. Even his lips were covered by white cloth, but nothing indicated that he was in pain.

The child’s eyes darted to a glass of water, full of longing. He could hear his parents raising their voices in the next chamber, but he didn’t understand what it was that they were arguing about. He studied the room out of boredom. It was a large chamber, primarily used to entertain his parents’ guests, so he was seldom brought in here. After all, having a child who was born under the moon was no reason for pride.

-Agnes Merikan

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