Weekly translation – Born Under The Moon

Weekly translation – Born Under The Moon

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This week’s translation is a fragment of “Born under the Moon” .

 “And what are ya gossipin’ about, girls?” Cyan asked with feigned carelessness. He did his best to cover the tension in his body.

Oxana made a move to grab him, but backed out in the end. “I heard he touched you! That true? Are you all right?” she asked in a nervous tone.

Cyan exhaled, looking at Xan who sat in the corner sipping hot milk from a colorful cup. “Ya shouldn’t frighten the ladies,” he said, shaking his head in a joking manner.

The other man gave him a smile and shrugged. “What can I do? Nothin’s goin’ on here and we are running out of topics for conversation. And this Remidoff, he seems awful interested in ya,” he stated, looking at Cyan with renowned interest. “Is he…” he trailed off, closing his hands and rubbed the thumbs together. In moonelf culture, this gesture indicated a homosexual man. Because they were talking about a tanelf, the non-verbal signal had a lenient overtone, rather than one of contempt.

Cyan shivered at the sound of laughter, but he had to laugh as well to protect himself from suspicion. “Dunno, he’s a tanelf. They’re different.”

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