What are the Merikans up to

What are the Merikans up to

September 27, 2013 | Blog, News, Work progress | No Comments
  • We are currently working with Kohaku on the cover of the second volume of Blood. On the Rocks. and this week, we posted a sketch of John’s face. You can see the post HERE.
  • So far, we have written a total of 75 k words this month, despite the fact that Agnes was away for a week and during that time, we were both completely cockblocked writing-wise. At the moment, we’re deeply immersed in translating/re-writing a six-year-old manuscript. The story follows the son of a mafia boss who, ripped from his comfort zone, has to quickly readjust to the rigid way of life he thought he managed to escape from. But what if danger lurks in the most unlikely of places, his handsome mentor? Kat calculated what we have written about those two so far and it comes up to a staggering 800k. Rewriting the first book of their story feels like visiting old friends. It’s hot, it’s dangerous. It’s Guns n’Boys 😀
  • All our books are finally available on All Romance eBooks ;D You can find them all HERE.
  • The Scavengers series is now available as a bundle on Amazon, ARe and Smashwords. Soon, at other major retailers. The whole story is 88K.
  • Blood. On the Rocks. is now regularly updated twice a week. New chapters are added just like before, on Saturdays, but additionally, mid-week, we post entries from the blog of one of the characters. He will appear in this week’s chapter, so look out for a flash of red ;D
  • Currently, we are editing Stung, a novella set in the world of Zombie Gentlemen. More info to come 😀
  • Special Needs 2, the book that concludes the story of Liam and Ryan, will be released sometime in November. It amounted to around 130k so be ready for a big fat book he he 😀

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