WIP Wednesday – Scavengers: September

WIP Wednesday – Scavengers: September

That is a perfectly respectable dinner conversation. It is!

“Ya don’t want to send them to one of those fancy schools?” Ira asked without thinking, before adding a hurried “My Lord”. Katherine laughed, amused at his slip.

“It would be amazing to be able to have him go to Eaton, like me, but that’s still a few years to go,” said James, finally looking up at Ira, with a mysterious smile.

“Oh”, said the other man, exhaling slowly at the sight. “How was it to be so far from ya family that young?” he asked.

“Sometimes lonely, I must admit. But it builds the right attitude in a boy. You learn to fend for yourself, you make alliances that serve you well in the future and learn a lot about dealing with people that you wouldn’t if you were home schooled. It had its downsides, but I suppose that is what happens in life too and you need to learn about it.”

“Being a girl is much less stressful,” laughed Katherine, pouring herself some more wine. She was in an extraordinary mood today. “No caning for us.”

Ira snickered, shifting his gaze to James, whose cheeks were already bright red. “You were caned?”

“Well…” he cleared his throat. “Yes, I suppose it’s unavoidable even for the best students…” James looked to the empty wine bottle with a sigh. “It’s tradition,” he shrugged. “One could argue that it also helps create a strong backbone in a man. That pun was not intended!” he laughed.

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