Lucifer’s Barbershop

This short is set after the events of The Devil’s Ride and shouldn’t be read as a standalone.

Tooth was late. Lucky could have left the barbershop half an hour ago, but Tooth hadn’t called to cancel. Had he forgotten his Wednesday grooming session? It wasn’t like him to just disappear like that. Lucky’s messages remained unanswered as well, and so he was stuck in the barbershop with the shutters down, with the tools prepared, and without Tooth in sight.

He cracked open a beer, set on waiting. He hated times like this. Times when he wasn’t sure if his man would be returning home. It wasn’t always danger that held Tooth back from texting, so Lucky had to suck it up and wait.

Was it just work taking longer than Tooth could had anticipated, or was Tooth doing something that Lucky wouldn’t be happy about? Something dark and itchy crawled its way out of Lucky’s brain. What if Tooth lost his freaking senses and took up the invitation from that fresh-faced hangaround, Terry, who’d been recently orbiting Lucky’s man? Tooth had been ignoring the guy for the most part, but Lucky could have sworn Tooth had checked Terry out at least once when he’d thought Lucky wasn’t looking.

It had been a one second glance over his shoulder—sure, but Lucky thought Tooth should have been more upfront about not wanting to see the guy’s band. Tooth was a master of self-control and not the cheating type, but he was only human and shouldn’t be so mercilessly teased. And the fucker should know not to hover around a man who was engaged so someone else, so Lucky had no qualms about pouring a drink down the hangaround’s bag.

Lucky spun in the barbering chair, sipping the beer. How long would he have to wait for the wedding anyway? Once it was official, shits like that rocker guy would surely stop trying their luck with Tooth. It was all the more annoying that despite having been proposed to first, Lucky had attended both his sister’s and Misha and Grim’s weddings since, but with Tooth it was always ‘oh, it’s not the right time’. So typical.

The door opened, making the bell ring and sending Lucky out of the chair just in time to see Tooth storm in with a grim expression.

“Hey,” he said and dropped into the emptied seat, filling it with his bulk.

A smile pulled at Lucky’s lips, and he passed the bottle of beer to Tooth as he stood. “Hey you. What took so long?” Still, he slipped his fingers into Tooth’s unruly hair and kissed the top of his head. He smelled of the cologne Lucky had chosen for him. It was fresh, as if he’d applied it right before leaving the clubhouse.

Tooth gave a low exhale, but his shoulders relaxed as he leaned into Lucky. “It’s the new prospect. Keeps fucking up. I lost track of time,” he said, grabbing Lucky’s hand and giving it a squeeze.

“Prince?” Lucky laughed and wrapped his other arm around Tooth’s neck. “Is it the British accent?” he did his best Prince impersonation, though to be fair–it wasn’t very good.

Tooth snorted and massaged Lucky’s hand, turning his head to smile at him. “No. It’s the new guy, you know, the one with hair like a mop. You seen him already?”

Lucky blinked. How had he missed a new prospect? “When did he start? Wait… is it that guy… what was his name? Cole? You gave him a shot?” He sneered and backed away only to get the right kit for grooming Tooth’s wild beard. It took a weekly session to keep it tidy, but Lucky loved it so bold and bushy. Their cats liked it too.

Tooth shrugged and stretched his neck, completely trusting Lucky’s hands with all the sharp objects on the countertop. “Priest really wanted to have him onboard, and I’m not exactly opposed to it either. He’s trying. Just not very smart. I mean, less smart than I personally find acceptable, you know.”

Looking at the rigid way Tooth sat, Lucky decided to start the session with a little shoulder massage. “I get it. As long as he doesn’t run his mouth and does as he’s told, it should be fine, right? People like him can be useful.”

“Yeah, but what if he lets something slip in the future? Your dad really wants him in, so there’s only so much I can do,” he said grimly, and the shallow lines around his eyes deepened, as if there was more to it than he was letting on. His flesh was in knots under Lucky’s fingers, warm and strong, but it betrayed stress Lucky wished to relieve.

He wrapped his arms around Tooth’s neck and leaned on him. “Then you’ll handle it.”

Tooth’s long, messy hair tickled Lucky’s neck, and as always, Lucky’s beloved giant melted into his arms. “I think he might be fucking Cole’s mom, and that’s why he wants him around. I’m really done with all this drama.”

Lucky smiled and rubbed his cheek against Tooth’s hair. “God. Makes sense. He always pretends to have everything under control, but then thinks with his dick. I’ll find out for you.” He slipped one of his hands into the thick beard, playing with the coarse hair. Maybe the grooming needed to wait?

Tooth stifled a chuckle, and his face twitched as he tried not to laugh, but Lucky knew him too well to miss it. “It’s your Father. Don’t wanna undermine his authority, but… yeah, he thinks with his dick all too much sometimes.”

Lucky circled the chair and climbed onto Tooth’s lap. “Unlike my future husband. Always so restrained and in control.” He smiled and leaned down for a kiss.

Tooth’s nostrils flared, and he leaned back in the chair, pulling on Lucky’s knee so that his legs comfortably hung across the armrest. The scent of cologne was even more intense now, and Lucky leaned in, cuddling his face into the beard. The grooming could definitely wait. Or else he’d end up messing up his work.

“I have to deal with many brats.”

Now Lucky’s smile widened. “I hope you didn’t spank him. I would consider that a massive breach of trust.” He gave Tooth a kiss, only now realizing how much he’d missed his touch all day. The beard felt so familiar by now that diving in was like coming home–like lazy Sunday mornings in bed and the burnt pancakes Tooth had once made for Lucky’s birthday.

His man’s lips were soft, warm, and when they moved against his own, Lucky had no other choice but to surrender, relaxing once Tooth’s arms around him tightened.

The kiss ended all too soon, and Tooth grinned at him, massaging the side of Lucky’s thigh. “Yeah? You think no one else deserves discipline around here?”

Lucky kept smiling and swinging his legs a bit as he petted his favorite beard. “Else? Who could you possibly mean? I am the sweetest of fiancés.”

Tooth grinned, and his touch on Lucky’s thigh became more insistent. “You can be kinda naughty sometimes, boy. Always leaving cat adoption posters around the house, being a little brat…”

“Is it so wrong that I want to save a kitty from a life of crime?” He gave Tooth his best begging eyes, but knew it wouldn’t get him anywhere today. “You were the first one to take in a stray.” He rubbed his body against Tooth’s with a purr.

Tooth laughed. The gentle slap came so suddenly that at first Lucky only experienced it as heat spreading over his buttock. Then he gasped, breathing in warm air straight from Tooth’s mouth.

“I guess I did. Gave myself a little present, didn’t I?” Tooth whispered.

“I’d go as far as saying I was a gift to the whole club.” Lucky prolonged the kiss this time, enjoying the proficiency of Tooth’s tongue at giving him pleasure.

“Someone has delusions of grandeur,” Tooth said, nipping on Lucky’s lips gently. “Might mess with your head, boy.”

Lucky took the bait, eager as a mouse sensing cheese. “Are you saying I’m not the most important person in the Coffin Nails MC? Maybe un-patched, but still…” He took his time pressing against Tooth’s dick with his ass and could already sense his prize react. “I might have done something naughty though…”

Tooth’s groan sent shivers over the underside of Lucky’s skin, and his gaze–hot and searching–was enough to make Lucky’s mouth dry with desire.

“What have you done? Tell me now, and maybe I won’t punish you too severely.”

“I’m not sure if I should… I’d rather keep you on your toes.” Their eyes met and the silent communication was as loud as a traffic jam. Make me.

Tooth licked his lips, and his fingers tightened on Lucky’s thigh, pushing his legs off the chair. “Get up.”

Lucky groaned and rolled his eyes for emphasis. He wrapped his arms on his chest once he stood. “Do you have to know everything?”

Tooth stretched in a way that could be so menacing a tinge of fear colored Lucky’s arousal. He loved the rush of adrenaline Tooth could unleash inside him with a simple gesture, with the tone of his voice. He was the sexiest man alive, hands down.

“Tell me now, or I’ll have to make you.”

Lucky gently pushed at Tooth’s chest, even though it wouldn’t budge. “What your kitten does in his own time, is his own secret.” He bit back a smile, feeding off the electricity between them. A storm was about to be unleashed in this very room. Lucky only sensed it in the air, but he knew it was coming.

Tooth stood fast, tall like a tower and hard as a wall that could squash Lucky with its weight. The moment he made a step forward, Lucky made one back and pushed his ass into the counter.

“You’re not allowed to keep secrets from me,” Tooth said, keeping his increasingly flushed face calm.

Lucky’s heart sped up within a split second. Now, he could hear the thunder somewhere beyond the horizon, even if no lightning had struck just yet. “This one’s tiny and silly anyway.” But Tooth would totally get the secret out of him with no need for pliers. Lucky curled his fingers on the edge of the counter, watching the man-mountain in front of him with awe.

Tooth’s hand was so big it covered Lucky’s entire throat, and the warmth of it penetrated Lucky’s flesh like truth serum. But he was not ready to reveal it all just yet.

“Tell me,” Tooth insisted, leaning down to Lucky, his gaze penetrating, sharp.

“I don’t want to lie, so… no.” Lucky’s breathing quickened against the palm that was like the first strike of lightning. It was as if Tooth’s scent had intensified too.

“No?” Tooth whispered before grabbing Lucky and spinning him around to face the mirror. It has been pristine until Lucky’s breath left vapor on the polished surface. Tooth’s reflection trailed down Lucky’s body, to his ass clad in tight jeans.

The shiver of anticipation went all the way down Lucky’s spine, and he wondered if Tooth was hard yet. “No,” he whispered, though it came out shaky. On one hand they were only playing a game, but Lucky was in fact hiding a sin, which made it all the more real.

Tooth chewed on his bottom lip, his chest moving slowly under the black T-shirt. “We’ll see about that. Pull down your pants.”

First, Lucky leaned away and pulled down the blinds in the window in one quick move. With his face already heating up, he glanced over his shoulder at all the muscle behind him. He loved wearing Tooth’s patches on his back so much he sometimes slept in his property vest when Tooth was away.

He inhaled a gulp of air and took his time unzipping his pants and then pulling them down, but only just below his buttocks.

In the mirror, Tooth trembled slightly, his gaze unmistakably following the movement of fabric down Lucky’s body. “All the way down to your knees.”

Lucky sighed, as if this was a chore, and pulled the garment lower. To do that, he had to bend down, which meant pressing his ass into the front of Tooth’s pants, and yep, Tooth was definitely hard.

“Now your underwear.”

Lucky bit his lip, catching Tooth’s gaze in the mirror for just long enough to make him blush even more. Without a word, he swallowed, slid his thumbs under the waistband of his white boxer briefs and pushed them down at a very slow pace. As if hesitating, when what he was really doing was teasing. Still, even in play, getting exposed this way—partially—when Tooth was dressed had Lucky feeling much more vulnerable than usual. Only Tooth could make him this obedient.

“This is your last chance, boy,” Tooth said as he touched Lucky’s back with his large, hot palm and pushed until Lucky’s forehead touched the mirror. The tension was palpable in the air, and Lucky almost felt as if the entire barbershop had shrunk around them, reduced to the tight confines of air around their bodies.

Would Tooth use his hand or go for the belt?

Lucky pressed his lips together, to not make a peep just yet. He kept his thighs closed, but it made him no less exposed to touch, and his stomach twisted in excitement. He’d be putty in Tooth’s hands soon. Truth be told, he already was, yet he still loved to feel Tooth’s power first, and only give in later.

Tooth didn’t move yet, teasing Lucky with the heat radiating off him. Seconds passed in silence, until Tooth’s breathing became loud as screams and the anticipation alone felt like touch.

When Tooth put his fingers to Lucky’s flesh, an explosion of pleasure triggered a chain reaction all over his body. “Disobedient. Bad. A little liar.”

Lucky rolled his forehead over the mirror. No one before Tooth had ever managed to open him up this way, make his mind yield to outside pressure. The physical contact alone made Lucky remember those times where the only touch he could expect from Tooth had been meant to correct his behavior. He liked to imagine that no matter how wrong that was, Tooth had taken pleasure from them too.

“It’s impossible to change your nature.”

Tooth’s hand left his buttock, but the speed at which that happened made Lucky brace himself for impact. The shock from the slap didn’t turn into pain at first, and Lucky clenched his fingers on the edge of the countertop, breathing fast through his nose.

“Is that so?” Tooth asked.

The burn rushed to Lucky’s skin almost like an afterthought, making him bite his lips. He wasn’t ready to confess just yet, but he wasn’t sure how long he’d be able to hold in yelps. The thunder was a rumble under his skin, and the lightning would be hitting his flesh at an increased pace until he was ready to spill his secrets.

“You’ll never learn at this rate, boy. It’s time you understood that you’re not the one with all the answers,” Tooth said, almost laboriously, as his hand clashed with Lucky’s buttocks twice more. He pulled on Lucky’s hips and made him lower his head until his cheek rested on the cool surface of the counter.

This perfect position for submitting to Tooth made Lucky curl his shoulders in obedience. “Yes,” he mumbled with a sigh, face hot, ass scorching after the slaps.

“Yes what?” Tooth demanded, delivering slap after slap, each more powerful than the one before. Heat was a constant presence now, and the spanking was becoming painful instead of simply shocking to Lucky’s flesh.

Tooth had a way of making his palm meet Lucky’s ass loudly enough to resonate in Lucky’s ears. The slaps left Lucky panting, squirming, unable to stay still despite him obediently standing in place with his hands on the counter.

“Yes, I don’t keep secrets,” he whined in the end when he managed to gather his thoughts. The mixture of pain and pleasure always made his mind muddled in ways he’d never imagined possible.

“Then what. Did. You. Do?” Tooth growled, delivering blows Lucky both tried to escape and submit to. His ass danced out of control, no doubt teasing Tooth’s dick and tormenting him just as Tooth was doing the same to Lucky with his dominant behavior.

“I spilled a drink into Terry’s bag!” Lucky choked out, with his ass on fire. Each swing of Tooth’s arm had power, and Lucky was sure Tooth could hit him harder, but no, it was the way that the whole palm smacked his skin in a slap that created that tingle of a hundred needles without leaving bruises. Only now he noticed the pain forced tears down his cheeks.

Tooth missed a beat, and instead of delivering another slap, he spread his thick fingers over Lucky’s buttock and kept them there, making the burn all the more prominent. “Why? Why would you do something so mean, boy?”

Lucky could barely breathe, still wiggling against Tooth’s hand. “‘Cause he was making eyes at you!”–came out in a sob–“You’re mine, and I’m your boy, and some dumb, horny hangaround should know his place.” The burn in his ass intensified in waves, as if the slaps were still coming.

Tooth’s growl was like physical touch on Lucky’s back, but a slap to the side of his ass came next, making him curl his shoulders and clench his buttocks. There was something immensely satisfying in the way Tooth took over and put Lucky in his place. It was safety. A physical pleasure incomparable with anything else.

“Maybe you don’t understand your place either? Don’t you trust me? You think I’d go for some silly boy, who doesn’t even have half of your charm?” Tooth asked.

Lucky bit his lip at the compliment and sniffed. He laid his cheek flat on the counter. “I trust you. I don’t trust him.”

Tooth leaned down, and Lucky yelped when the rough fabric of his jeans rubbed against scorching flesh. Tooth’s towering frame was now covering all of Lucky, trapping him in a cage he never wanted to leave. “Let him make a fool of himself. Come on, boy, you’re better than that,” Tooth said, slipping his hand under Lucky’s shirt and rubbing up his chest.

Lucky gasped, arching toward Tooth’s large frame like a happy cat. “Maybe. Would you totally shoot him down? So that everyone can see he’s a dumb fuck for hitting on my future husband?”

Tooth snorted, and his bearded chin settled in the crook of Lucky’s neck, prompting him to open his legs. “He’s just eighteen, Lucky.”

Lucky whined, but obeyed with butterflies perking up in his stomach. “When did that ever stop you,” he whispered breathlessly, even more at Tooth’s mercy now that his legs spread as far as they would go with the jeans at his knees.

Tooth exhaled, and his hands traveled up Lucky’s sides, lifting the fabric of his shirt. His denim-covered cock dug into Lucky’s ass, demanding entry, but Tooth was still holding Lucky down.

“That’s what you want? For me to bash a kid’s ego?”

Lucky sighed, embarrassed, even if no less excited than moments ago. “I guess not,” he mumbled. “It only makes sense he’s making eyes at you.” Tooth’s weight was an experience in its own right. Full of strength and power without being threatening. At least to Lucky, because he had no doubt many feared Tooth.

Tooth pulled Lucky closer to his chest and kissed his neck. “Do you trust me?”

Lucky nodded. “Even when you go away for days.” There was a bond between them, and if Tooth broke it, Lucky might just as well die, because nothing would be certain in the world anymore.

“So trust my judgment. I won’t betray you,” Tooth said and reached between their bodies to unbuckle his belt. They were so close that even the necessary movements fired up Lucky’s abused skin. It felt glorious. He wished Tooth’s dick were already inside him.

He bit his lip, spacing out under Tooth’s sturdy muscles. He loved everything about being fucked by Tooth. The kisses, the possessive grabbing, and even the burn in his skin that he’d come to associate with their sex life.

“Yes,” he whispered, already anticipating the touch of Tooth’s thick fingers. There was something about the spanking that left his whole body shivery and relaxed, even if aching.

“Good boy,” Tooth said, burrowing his bearded cheek in Lucky’s neck. Flesh touched Lucky’s ass, and he groaned at the realization that it was Tooth’s hard dick.

Lucky rubbed his cheek against all the soft hair of Tooth’s beard, his flesh already throbbing all over to accept the cock inside. “I try to be,” he whispered.

Tooth laughed and put his warm hand on Lucky’s cheek, making him look back. Their lips met again, fierce and rough, and the kiss left him with a sense of deep longing that needed to be extinguished.

Tooth’s fingers were so thick and insistent against Lucky’s hole, probing and rubbing the flesh until it gave, letting in the digits. The touch pressed moans out of Lucky and made him stir his hips over and over again. Every time Tooth demanded entry, he squeezed his other hand on the buttock, reminding Lucky of the ache in his flesh, reminding him that he was at Tooth’s mercy.

Still, he reached back and ran his fingers up Tooth’s thigh, eager to connect both for his own greedy needs, and to become the vehicle for Tooth blowing off steam at the same time. He loved being the person to make Tooth unwind.

Tooth groaned and gathered Lucky’s hair into a ponytail, which he used to hold him down as the insistent fingers dove deeper into Lucky, preparing him for what was to come.

Tooth had the best dick. It was a perfect size–solid but not too large, and Lucky was already shivering with anticipation.

“I want it,” Lucky rasped when the wait was starting to become too much. The scent of Tooth’s cologne rubbing off on him had Lucky so horny he arched his ass and spread his legs that tiny bit more. They’d done this so many times he knew the slapping of Tooth’s hips against his sore skin would be an irresistible mix of pain and pleasure.

“What, now?” Tooth teased and pulled on Lucky’s ass from the inside, stretching the sphincter in a way that made Lucky’s knees go soft.

Lucky hadn’t even noticed that he started panting. “N—”

He didn’t get to finish. Tooth slipped out the fingers and instantly replaced them with his cock. Stiff, its girth larger than the digits, it stretched Lucky’s hole and made him moan into the counter when Tooth pressed it in all the way.

Time stretched in Lucky’s mind as the thick length slid into him inch after inch. The touch of Tooth’s pubes was so exciting Lucky moaned, leaving a damp mist on the mirror as he let his body adjust.

Tooth’s hand was still in his hair, now pulling him to stand straight while they were so intimately joined.

“Good. You’ll get your reward.”

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” Lucky whined as he rose to his toes for their hips to be at the same level. The obscene image of the two of them in the mirror had his cock twitching. Tooth was a giant next to him, and the hand with which he held Lucky’s hair had more pronounced veins from the tension. For Tooth, he’d be a good boy any day.

Tooth’s gaze trailed down Lucky’s back, and it settled between their bodies before looking at Lucky in the mirror. He smiled, relaxed and with a dark flush on his cheeks. There was a time long ago when Lucky used to fear Tooth: his size, his brutal reputation, the strength in his arms, but now he knew that as long as he was dedicated to Tooth, his man would only use those assets to protect him.

Tooth pushed all the smooth blond hair aside and nestled his hairy chin against Lucky’s shoulder while he pushed their hips even more tightly together. A breathy moan escaped his lips, but he didn’t move much yet, just letting them both enjoy the union of their bodies.

Lucky closed his eyes halfway, loving the fullness inside of him even if it had sweat beading on his skin. “You feel so good, Tooth,” he whispered breathlessly. Sharing his body with the man he loved always gave him a sense of closeness like nothing else in the world. So intimate, so private, and yet so intense and rough sometimes.

Tooth was the kind of lover who seemed to give more pleasure, no matter how much of it he took for himself.

Tooth smirked and straightened before pushing Lucky’s forward when he withdrew his hips. His mouth relaxed as he watched his dick emerge out of Lucky’s ass, as if it were the most amazing thing he’s ever witnessed.

“You don’t need to worry. You are the apple of my eye,” he whispered, moving his hips forward again.

Lucky grabbed Tooth’s wrist for stability, breathing with excitement that kept overtaking his mind. He wished for that to never change. One day they would be finally married, adding yet another layer of safety to their relationship.

For now, he would take the storm Tooth brought upon him for what it was and allow himself to get thoroughly soaked.

“A very red apple,” he teased, knowing just how much Toothed enjoyed seeing his ass battered. Sometimes, after a spanking, Tooth would just knead it for a while, teasing the skin and watching Lucky whimper and stir.

Tooth groaned and grabbed the sides of Lucky’s ass, slamming in harder. “Fuck… I could eat it raw.”

Lucky contorted his body, ignoring the ache in his neck just so that he could get a kiss. “Another time. You could use the belt and then eat me. You know how sensitive I get after it.” His ass pulsed around Tooth’s cock, squeezing the hard flesh every time it pushed in.

Tooth’s eyes became so dark they seemed black, and he embraced Lucky tightly, holding him still while those powerful hips worked, drilling the cock into Lucky at a growing pace. “Yes… fuck… I’d get you into a sling and eat your ass for hours.”

Lucky couldn’t speak when moans overtook his lips, and the vision Tooth suggested made Lucky’s balls tighten from excitement. It was good that Tooth held him so close, because Lucky’s knees were getting weak, and he needed the extra support of those strong arms.

No matter how much Lucky loved their playroom at home, fucking in a new place always had that edge of danger that kept him interested. He arched his head back against Tooth’s shoulder, presenting his neck for kisses.

But instead, he was tugged back by strong hands on his hips. He could barely breathe, shocked and yet also aroused by the way the hard cock shifted inside him. They fell into the barbering chair, with gravity pushing Tooth’s dick even deeper into Lucky.

It took him half a second to comprehend the new position as he stirred back and forth on Tooth’s cock. His hair fell into his face, but he finally settled when he looked over his shoulder and saw a lusty grin on Tooth’s face.

Still gripping Lucky’s hips, Tooth watched Lucky’s ass, mesmerized, so Lucky would give him just the show he wanted. He used one of the armrests for leverage and pulled himself up only to go back down on Tooth’s cock time and time again, stirring his ass in a wavy motion. He wanted to create a picture that could make Tooth forget about anything outside of this room.

Tooth grabbed Lucky’s thighs, pulling them up until Lucky could prop his feet on Tooth’s knees. There were moments where Lucky loved just how different they were in size, and this was one of them. The shifting inside Lucky made him arch his back and groan, but as soon as he felt steady enough to move, he put his hips in motion again. In the mirror, Tooth watched him intensely, chewing on his lips while his hands moved all over Lucky’s body, caressing his flesh and helping him move.

“Gotta love a good lap dance,” he groaned.

“Hardly a dance.” Lucky choked out a laugh between one grunt and another. Tooth could get a lap dance whenever he wanted.

He grabbed his cock, since it had been aching for release, and started jerking off while milking Tooth’s dick like mad with his entire body, ready to drip with all the cum juice. He didn’t even care about his ass being so sore anymore. The burn of his skin only added to the pleasure.

Tooth’s breath danced over his ear and neck, shallower and faster with each time their bodies clashed. Tooth’s fingers dug into Lucky’s ass, but Lucky could still feel the way the strong muscles in Tooth’s thighs worked to send his dick hard inside him. They moved furiously now, all pretense at gentleness gone. It was all sweat, friction, and grabbing.

It felt so damn good.

He closed his eyes when he came, arching his back, and curling his toes. Heaven, pure fucking heaven. A cock pushing into him like a piston and his beloved man holding him, as if he wanted to let Lucky know he’d never leave. He didn’t even care where their cum landed. He’d worry about that later. All that mattered now were the shivers going through his body.

Tooth pulled Lucky tight against his chest, and that in itself was enough to rock his world, but then Tooth stiffened, and he got up so fast it had Lucky yelping in panic. The impact thrust Lucky at the counter again, and that was the only thing that kept him up once Tooth’s dick left him painfully empty.

The sound of jerking off was music to Lucky’s ears, and he looked over his shoulder, in time to see Tooth furiously move his hand over the thick cock while watching the red globes of Lucky’s ass.

He smiled and didn’t even care to push all the strands of hair off his sweaty face. Shifting his weight from one leg to the other, Lucky squeezed and released the muscles in his ass time and time again. He loved nothing more than being the center of Tooth’s attention.

“Come all over my patches,” he whispered, making Tooth’s gaze shift up for half a second.

That’s it. All Yours. Property of Tooth.

Lucky chewed on his lip when cum sprayed over his burning skin. He couldn’t stop watching as Tooth’s entire body stiffened, shaken by tremors, his handsome face somehow both tense and relaxed at the same time. Lucky wished he could watch that all the time.

“Fuck, you’re so hot. Gets me every time,” Tooth said, rubbing his hands over Lucky’s ass as if it were a sacred object.

Lucky grinned, spent and pumped out. “Gotta work on making sure I’m ‘the apple of your eye’. Just you wait ‘til we get home and I show you my new pole moves.” He leaned against the counter, too afraid that he’d fall over if he tried to stand up.

Tooth laughed, gently hugging Lucky from behind. He looked younger after sex, as if the tense lines made by worry were being wiped away by the pleasure of being so close to Lucky.

“You’re welcome to try.”

Lucky pulled Tooth’s hand up to his lips and kissed the heavy signets. “I’ll never stop trying.”


The end

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