Blood. On the Rocks. – Volume 2

— The other man. —

With Sergey now established as Tekkeitsertok’s sort-of-boyfriend, the vampire goes back to Texas to sort out everything and everyone he left behind. His companion of over fifty years, John, is not happy about the news of a ‘Sun God’ and ‘Divine Man of the North’ taking up so much of Sergey’s attention. John isn’t willing to move and leave behind the heat and comfort of Texas, where he lives with a harem of beautiful boys. But Sergey doesn’t give up easily, and he might have found the perfect bait for his twink-loving friend.

Dating a vampire though isn’t as glamorous as soap operas suggest, and soon, Tekke finds himself the target of prejudice of his sister, the church and half the town. Whatever the cost might be, he’s determined not to go back into the closet. If dealing with bigots wasn’t bad enough, for his new relationship to work, he needs to show that he’s a better choice than John, Sergey’s rich, handsome, confident ex-lover who is just as charismatic as Tekke is self-conscious.

And in the midst of all the relationship troubles, something darker and more sinister than even John is blooming on Tekke’s doorstep. The local ravens are growing antlers and disfigured animal corpses are being found around New Petersburg. Danger a lot more real than a few vampohobes, might be lurking just around the corner.

Genre: homoerotic contemporary fantasy

Length: novel

Themes- for the whole story: vampires, shape-shifters, adult virgin, enemies to lovers, rebirth, Siberia, Alaska, hunting, mutation, inspired by Inuit mythology, mythical creatures, monsters, shamanism, kept lovers, violence, mutilation, murder, blood magic, Gods walking the Earth, military, deception, dreams, friendship, extrasensory perception, emotional trauma, homophobia, despair, abandonment

Erotic content – for the whole story: explicit m/m sexual scenes (including: first time, ephebophilia, dubious consent, cheating)

“Where have you been then?” John slowly slid onto the bed and kneeled next to him. His fingertips reached for Sergey’s thigh, and Sergey was all too happy to spread his legs a little wider, pretending he wanted to tangle the sheet with his foot.


“What on earth…?” John drew his dark, wide eyebrows together.

Sergey started picking at the belt of his robe as he moved his foot closer to John’s thigh and nudged it with his toes. “There was this smell. It was intense, so I thought I would find the human right away, but I was walking and walking each night and he was nowhere to be seen.” He shrugged. “Turns out he lives in Alaska.”

“Are you trying to tell me, you smelled a human, all the way from Alaska, and decided to just go and find him?” John’s fingers dug into Sergey’s thigh and he squinted.

Sergey nodded, gently swaying his arms. He knew what he did was wrong, but all the same, he needed John to forgive him. Without his support, he was feeling rather lost.

John watched him in silence for a longer moment, and nothing could prepare Sergey for the strong blow to the side of his head. It sent him into the pillows and a tooth at the back of Sergey’s mouth loosened.

“Do I look like I’m stupid?” John yelled. “Do not toy with me!”

“You’re hurting me,” moaned Sergey, scooting back, away from John to demonstrate just how displeased he was. He moved the tooth with his tongue to make sure it would fall back in place. “Can’t you smell… this?” He waved his hand through the watered down smell of Tekke’s body that he could still feel in the air, even here, in a Texan cellar.

“What am I supposed to smell? A guy from Alaska? Are you crazy? One more second of this nonsense and I will really get angry.” John frowned, but never let his eyes stray from Sergey.

“That is exactly what I’m trying to say. I still sense him. It’s… breathtaking. I just want to lie on top of him and drink from his veins all day long.” Sergey felt his mouth stretch into a smile when his fangs extracted with a pleasant tingle. For a moment, he focused on the faint aroma in the air and arched his back with a groan. “Never have I wanted a human so. I would lick his blood off the pavement if that’s what it would take to get it.”

John cocked his head to the side. “Let’s say I believe this. Who is this human? Though I still can’t get over the fact that you’re so irresponsible and just left without a word.”

Sergey rolled to his belly and crawled back to him, brushing his fingers over the side of John’s firm thigh. “I’m very sorry it turned out like this. I did not expect it.”

“I’m asking you who this human is.” He took off his shoes and threw them to the bear skin rug on the floor.

“Oh.” Sergey sat on his side and let his gaze roam over John’s chest. “His name is Tekkeitsertok, and he lives in a small town called New Petersburg.”

John shook his head and stroked Sergey’s thigh. The touch was firm, yet reassuring. “What? And what does he do? What’s so special about him?”

“Well, it’s the way he smells and his blood…” Sergey looked up into John’s brown eyes, opening his thighs for the man’s palm. He groaned when it slipped between them, but went on with the answer. “I have never tasted anything so exquisite. Anything else tastes so bland in comparison.” Even talking about it got him strangely warm inside.

“Oh, he let you drink.” John smirked as his fingers inched up Sergey’s thigh, prompting him to shyly look away.

Sergey had to admit to missing John’s strong hands on him. They were chunky, all veiny, with a dusting of dark hair that the other vampire had all over his body.

“Oh, he didn’t…” John’s smile widened. “Naughty boy. Did you kill him?” he murmured and leaned closer, touching the head of Sergey’s penis with his fingertip, sparking a familiar flame deep in Sergey’s stomach.

“I did not. But he made me leave his house and we fought.” He pressed his face against John’s thick neck, inhaling the faint smell of ink, paper, and human sperm. “But it’s all good now.”

“But he did let you into his house.” John sounded amused. He kissed Sergey’s ear and gently petted his cock, just enough to tease.

“And gave me a kiss goodbye,” muttered Sergey, rocking his hips against John’s hand. He raised his face in a silent demand.

“And?” John gave him a skeptical look, but never stopped the languid strokes.

“He’s wonderful! I purchased a house close to his,” boasted Sergey.

John leaned back to look him straight in the eyes. “You? On your own? You bought a house? And now what? You’ll move out?” There was a clear, raised overtone to his voice.

Sergey frowned, looking into his eyes. “I need to if I want to have him.”

“Maybe I’ll just bring him down here for you?” John squeezed his dick with a smile, but Sergey resisted the temptation, knowing he had to be firm if he wanted to get his way.

“He will not. He’s a man of the north,” he replied with a smile.

“What does that even mean?” John pulled away. “For the right amount of money, any man of the north, becomes a man of the south.” He stroked Sergey’s hair and then combed a strand behind his ear. All it did was remind Sergey of the time Tekke did that. His fingers were so warm in comparison to those of a vampire.

“But I don’t want to buy him.” He slid his arms around John, nuzzling the broad chest. He liked his humans in their natural environment, which only made his dislike for vampos stronger. Prey shouldn’t be out seeking the predator, it was meant to be the other way around, just as nature intended.

“Why not?” John closed his eyes for a moment, and Sergey slid his arm around his waist, pulling him close.

“I don’t want to buy anyone’s affections. I want to be wanted and loved.”

John looked into his eyes from just inches away. “High expectations.”

“No, I’m merely willing to have patience.” A smile tugged at the corners of Sergey’s mouth as he reached up to brush his fingers up the smooth plain of John’s cheek, with only a hint of stubble below the surface of skin.

“So it’s a matter of time?”

“It is.” Sergey touched the tip of his nose to John’s, smelling the young blood on his breath.

“Why is he not crazy about you yet?” John started stroking Sergey’s dick again and touched his lips with the tip of the tongue.

“He’s afraid. Wouldn’t you be?” Sergey slid his hands to John’s arms, letting the robe fall from one of his shoulders.

“Aww, that’s sweet. How old is he?” John’s gaze became soft, like when he talked about something one of his boys did. Sergey climbed into his lap, holding on tight.

“Twenty four.”

“What?” John pouted as if he had just tasted something disgusting. “So old, and he’s afraid to get a taste of your sweet little ass?”

“I’m not letting random people do that,” whispered Sergey, pulling himself up so that they were chest to chest and pressed a small, innocent kiss to John’s cold lips.

“So he’s afraid of what?”

“I believe that’s what comes of staying a virgin for too long,” muttered Sergey, snaking his fingers under John’s turtleneck. He moved his fingers in the coarse hair on his stomach, heated by warm clothes.

“Twenty four year virgin? Is this a joke?” moaned John, blinking as if he was trying to get rid of a hallucination. “All those years fighting for legalizing pornography, for decriminalization of homosexuality and what? He can legally fuck whoever he wants, and he’s a virgin?”

“Don’t you think it’s endearing that I can finally be someone’s first?” chuckled Sergey, cupping John’s face for another kiss. He was hoping to move a tender string in his friend’s mind, but it didn’t seem to work.

“Since when are you a traditionalist about these things?” John’s gaze was dark and intense, as if he could look into his soul.

“Since the vampos started putting out to anyone with long fangs. They make me sick.”

“I still think it’s sick to be twenty four, have so many possibilities, and be a virgin. When I was his age… Oh God.” John shook his head. “If I had what he has today, I’d sleep with a different guy each day.”

“But you are doing that.” Sergey couldn’t stop himself from laughing.

“But I couldn’t all those years ago.” John’s face hardened, with his jaw stiffening like most times when he was remembering his past life. It wasn’t a good idea to let him dwell on it.

“Anyway, he lives in a small town in Alaska, so he doesn’t have that many possibilities.” Sergey rocked his hips against John, demanding a different kind of attention.

“So what’s wrong with him? Is he flawed in some way?” John frowned and pinched Sergey’s navel. He pulled away only to take off his sweater.

“No, in fact, he’s gorgeous.” Sergey licked his lips. “His body’s smooth and toned, and you should have seen that thick cock, John.” he said provocatively.

John grinned and took off his pants, revealing his firm thighs. “Ho! So you have seen him naked. What did you do? Tell me…”

Sergey’s mouth watered as he watched that chunky, strong body slowly being unwrapped from the fabric. John was a man who gained the muscle definition not through modern-day exercise, but a lot of hard, physical labor. It was a delicious sight.

“I watched him through the window.”

“Tease! He let you watch him through the window?” John ran his fingers through his hair and pushed Sergey back into the pillows.

“He didn’t even know I was there,” whispered Sergey moving his hands over the hairy torso. He gently squeezed John’s pectoral muscles and rolled one of his nipples with the heel of his hand.

“Naughty boy. You need to be punished.”






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