Blood. On the Rocks. – Volume 3



— It’s hard to be a twink in Alaska. —

John is bored. He came to Alaska to get his vampire lover Sergey back, but all he gets to do is wait around and watch the snow outside the window. Sergey isn’t giving up in his pursuit of his new found love for a human, and even Mark and Lucas, the boys John brought with him for entertainment, aren’t satisfying anymore.

All of that changes when a new teenager arrives in New Petersburg. His long ginger hair and freckled skin remind John of a love long gone and he’s drawn to the boy with an intensity that he hasn’t felt in decades. Dylan’s mind is unreadable to John and the mystery makes the young human all the more enticing. But as John goes out of his way to impress the cynical teenager and lure him into his clutches, it might be him who is getting stuck in a predator’s web.

Genre: homoerotic contemporary fantasy

Length: novel

Themes– for the whole story (possible SPOILERS): vampires, shape-shifters, adult virgin, enemies to lovers, rebirth, Siberia, Alaska, hunting, mutation, inspired by Inuit mythology, mythical creatures, monsters, shamanism, kept lovers, violence, mutilation, murder, blood magic, Gods walking the Earth, military, deception, dreams, friendship, extrasensory perception, emotional trauma, homophobia, despair, abandonment

Erotic content – for the whole story: explicit m/m sexual scenes (including: first time, ephebophilia, dubious consent, cheating)

Sergey clenched his eyes in panic when he felt a touch to his chest, but when he realized it was human, he opened his eyes. The almond-shaped eyes were the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. Positioned on both sides of a broad, masculine nose, they were a deep brown color that reminded Sergey of strong tea. The man’s hair was dark, slightly wavy, and gave the face a soft frame.

He opened his mouth, but no sound came when he pressed a warm hand to the center of Sergey’s chest. Heat spread all over Sergey like a stream of hot water, filling every nook and crook in his body. And indeed, there was a wetness on his skin now, but it was just the frozen clothes that melted into a layer of warm liquid. The next moment, Sergey’s lungs filled with air and with a rapid heartbeat, he sat up in the snow, all confused and shaky.

“Sergey!” he heard his cousin’s voice.

He wanted to get up but a searing pain in his head brought him right back down into the snow.

“I’m here,” he rasped, noticing that the tree was gone, just as the mysterious stranger.

He blinked, shocked, but the sleepiness was there again, pulling his eyelids down until he closed his eyes, sinking in the sea of red. The last thing he saw was a huge black bird, barely visible against the circle of the sun.






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