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Scavegers: July (May 27th 2012)

Scavengers: August (July 15th 2012)

Birthday Burglar (October 6th 2012)

Off with Their Heads! (January 11th 2013)

Scavengers: September (March 10th 2013)

Scavengers: Eton Mess (March 10th 2013)

Playing with Food (March 13th 2013)

Crazy Kinky Dirty Clowns (April 5th 2013, formerly Clown’d )

The Carnivorous Vegan (June 9th 2014)

In His Shoes (July 12th 2013)

Crazy Kinky Dirty Skinhead (August 31st 2013, formerly Rainbow Bash’d)

Scavengers: Collection (September 24th 2013)

Stung (October 29th 2013)

Special Needs (June 19th 2013)

Crazy Kinky Dirty Stud (December 5th 2013, formerly Doggie Bagg’d)

Special Needs 2 (December 10th 2013)

Special Needs: The Complete Story (December 10th 2013)

Stung: Winter Special (January 8th 2014)

Crazy Kinky Dirty Home Invasion (January 27th 2014, formerly House Warm’d)

An Onanist’s Journey to Reclaiming His Seed (February 14th 2014)

The Copper Horse: Fear (June 1st 2014)

Mr. Jaguar (June 4th 2014)

Matt Powers Lives! (June 11th 2014)

The Summer when It Snowed (June 15th 2014)

Road of No Return (July 17th 2014)

Guns n’ Boys Book 1, part 1 (September 11th 2014)

Guns n’ Boys Book 1, part 2 (October 8th 2014)

Diary of a Teenage Taxidermist (November 1st 2014)

The Devil’s Ride (December 5th 2014)

Guns n’ Boys: Paris (December 20th 2014)

Guns n’ Boys: Homicidal Instinct (February 5th 2015)

The Copper Horse: Pride (March 17th 2015)

No Matter What (April 25th 2015)

Bare-Knuckle Love (June 24th 2015)

Red Hot (July 18th 2015)

Guns n’ Boys: Swamp Blood (05/09/2015)

Crazy Kinky Dirty Pirates (14/10/2015)

One Step Too Close (18/11/2015)

His Favorite Color is Blood (10/02/2016)

Loki’s New Job (07/04/2016)

The Cattery (08/04/2016)

In sella col diavolo (03/05/2016)

Werewolves of Chernobyl (05/05/2016)

Heart Ripper (15/06/2016)

Liebhaber auf Zeit (23/05/2016)

Mr. Jaguar – Italian version (09/08/2016)

Guns n’ Boys: Lui è Veleno (18/08/2016)

Guns n’Boys: Chokehold (25/08/2016)

Guns n’ Boys: Lui è Mio (08/09/2016)

A qualunque costo (14/10/2016)

Teufelsritt -Coffin Nails MC (11/11/2016)

The Copper Horse: Love (21/11/2016)

Break My Shell (05/12/2016)

Rosso Fuoco (28/12/2016)

I Love You More Than Pierogi (04/01/2017)

Hipster brothel (22/01/2017)

The Black Sheep and the Rotten Apple (07/02/2017)

Guns n’ Boys: Bloodbath (04/03/2017)

Infrangi il mio guscio (27/03/2017)

The Art of Mutual Pleasure (29/03/2017)

Laurent and the Beast (29/04/2017)

Liebe Mit Harten Bandagen (30/06/2017)

My Dark Knight (10/08/2017)

Guns n’ Boys: Istinto Omicida (10/08/2017)

Manic Pixie Dream Boy (10/09/2017)

We Met in Death (10/10/2017)

Zerbrich Meine Schale (12/10/2017)

Laurent und das Biest (01/12/2017)

Bordello Hipster (04/12/2017)

On Your Knees, Prospect (06/12/2017)

Der Rocker und das Einhorn (16/12/2017)

Hipster zu mieten (14/01/2018)

Just Here for the Pain (04/02/2018)

Herzschlitzer (08/02/2018)

Under His Stiletto (24/02/2018)

Pfad ohne Wiederkehr (01/03/2018)

Guns n’ Boys: Gilded Agony (24/03/2018)

Mein Dunkler Ritter (05/04/2018)

Guns n’ Boys: A Breath of Innocence (14/05/2018)

Feuerbart (04/06/2018)

Il Musicista che catturò l’Unicorno (04/06/2018)

Seine Lieblingsfarbe ist Blut (29/06/2018)

Laurent e la Bestia (06/07/2018)

Guns n’ Boys: Er ist Gift (29/07/2018)

Gray’s Shadow (11/08/2018)

Guns n’ Boys: Er gehört Mir (11/08/2018)

Das Herz Meines Bruders (10/09/2018)

La morte ci ha fatto incontrare (12/09/2018)

Jack Addison vs. Man-Ravishing Spider (3/11/2018)

Jack Addison vs. Nessie’s Tentacles  (1/12/2018)

Auf die Knie, Anwärter (6/12/2018)

Spaccacuori (11/12/2018)

You. Forever. Always. (29/12/2018)

Jack Addison vs. a Pack of Horny Werewolves (02/01/2019)

Jack Addison vs. Centaur Pimps (01/02/2019)

Jack Addison vs. Merman Seduction (01/03/2019)

In the Arms of the Beast (04/03/2019)

El Sr. Jaguar (27/03/2019)

Jack Addison vs. Asexual Vampires (01/04/2019)

Wrong Way Home (15/04/2019)

Falscher Weg nach Hause (15/04/2019)

La strada sbagliata verso casa (15/03/2019)

Their Bounty (20/05/2019)

Grays Schatten (30/05/2019)

Jack Addison vs. Foxy Lies (01/06/2019)

Der Ritter auf dem Weissen Bike (01/06/2019)

Laurent et la Bête (06/06/2019)

Io, tu e il dolore (19/06/2019)

Their Obsession (20/06/2019)

Jack Addison vs. Catnip Dealers (01/07/2019)

Set Aflame (10/07/2019)

Détour mortel (25/07/2019)

Their Property (01/08/2019)

Ihre Beute (01/08/2019)

Jack Addison vs. Doing the Right Thing (01/08/2019)

Soins Particuliers 1 (05/08/2019)

Soins Particuliers 2 (06/08/2019)

Paura (31/08/2019)

Guns n’ Boys: Unshaken (30/09/2019)

Good Boys Don’t (15/10/2019)

Straight as a wheel (30/11/2019)

Where the Devil Says Goodnight (31/11/2019 starts coming out on Patreon)

Daddy’s Forbidden Room (9/12/2019)

Generosi (17/12/2019)

In den Armen der Bestie (2/01/2020)

Guns n’ Boys: Black Lies (20/02/2020)

Ossessivi (12/03/2020)

Feel My Pain (28/03/2020)

Where the Devil Says Goodnight (24/04/2020 official release)

Wo der Teufel Gute Nacht Sagt (24/04/2020)

Spür meinen Schmerz (14/05/2020)

Possessivi (25/05/2020)

Lust auf Rädern (10/06/2020)

Not Like Other Boys (18/06/2020) form Diary of a Teenage Taxidermist

Where Foxes Hunt with Wolves (25/06/2020)

Il mio cavaliere oscuro (27/07/2020)

Wo Füchse mit Wölfen jagen (02/08/2020)

Gutter Mind (01/10/2020)

Fino a spezzare il biker (07/10/2020)

Das Kupferne Pferd: Stolz (27/10/2020)

Seine Schmutzigen Gedanken (01/12/2020)

Senti il mio dolore (14/01/2021)

Nicht wie andere Jungs (16/01/2021)

The Man Who Loved Cole Flores (10/02/2021)

Du. Auf ewig. Immer. (18/02/2021)

The Man Who Hated Ned O’Leary (20/02/2021)

Mente Perversa (21/04/2021)

Take My Body (07/05/2021)


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