Scavengers: Eton Mess

— Eton Mess – strawberry colored welts and deliciously creamy buttocks. —

Ira is in James’ office, ready to play the role of a school teacher and deliver the spanking of a lifetime. But to immerse himself in the fantasy, James must let go of all inhibitions and embrace the cricket paddle.


“Scavengers: Eton Mess” is a special erotic short story taking place after the last book in the “Scavengers” series, “Scavengers:September”. It is set in the universe of “Zombie Gentlemen”.

Erotic content: explicit m/m sexual scenes (including spanking, dirty talk, bondage and sexual role play)

Genre: erotica

Length: ~4200 words

James was sitting on his bed, his eyes fixed on the tall grandfather clock in the corner. He was dressed in plain black trousers, a jacket in the same color and a white shirt. Ira told him to wear something modest and come to James’ home office in an hour. He must have wanted to get some things ready for whatever he had in mind, but all this waiting was making James as fidgety as if he really were a schoolboy sitting in front of the principal’s office to receive the punishment he deserved. The tension was getting the better of him and he ended up drenched in sweat. It only made him understand how deep-rooted the memories of the spanking were. Even saying the word in his mind gave him goose bumps on his arms and back.

“Spanking,” he whispered to himself in the quiet of the room and it was enough for his cock to twitch.

The sound of the clock hitting five snatched James out of his fantasy. A shiver ran down his spine as he moved without thinking, directing his steps right to his office. He took one more deep breath before knocking on the door. For the longest moment, there was no answer and when he was close to breaking out of character and storming in, he finally heard “Come in.”

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“I recommend it to all M/M genre lovers. Especially for those, who have read the ‘Scavengers’ trilogy: for those it will be like an icing on the cake 🙂 ”  

Aleksshi, Goodreads


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