Short stories

An Onanist’s Journey to Reclaiming his Seed (~13,000 words)

Benjamin is desperate to find a cure for the unspeakable vice that is self-pollution. When he finds out about a doctor who came up with a new, experimental method of treating his illness, he jumps at the opportunity. He is determined to get better even if the treatment is highly unorthodox and involves an inappropriate proposition for a young stableman.

summer-when-it-snowed_thumbThe Summer When It Snowed (14.000 words) 

The year winter came back in the summer, Kirkor, the young son of a chieftain meets Alin, a man with eyes so blue they seem to melt the snow around him. That same night, Kirkor loses Alin to another man’s ruthless greed, but he is only a child, and no one believes his testimony. Years later, Kirkor is unjustly accused of plotting against the chieftain and banished from his home. Roaming through the forest, he finds shelter under a lone weeping willow. There is nothing extraordinary about the tree, but if so, why does its whisper seem so familiar?

powers_thumbMatthew Powers Lives! (~8,100 words)

Matthew dreams of becoming a porn star. All he lacks is a proper porn name, but it becomes the least of his problems when his first professional shoot  gets interrupted by a series of freak accidents. With the crew desperate to get away, no one notices Matt’s absence, and he is left behind in an abandoned asylum in the woods, at the mercy of a spirit that has been bound to its cool walls for too long.



carnivor_thumbThe Carnivorous Vegan (Free) (~5800 words)

Aiden is not only a vegan, but also into freeganism. Late at night, he often goes off to scavenge the bins of a local supermarket. Unfortunately, this is not his lucky night, and he falls prey to the worst predator of all–the store security guard. His crystal skull didn’t warn him about this! But was that a glimmer of attraction he saw in the guard’s eyes? Maybe luck was turning his way after all!



Playing with Food (~5000 words)

Just days ago, Llawan was taken from his underwater dwellings by Ossentharian slavers. Left in a tank with other merpeople, he awaits his death on a spit roast, but the arrival of an unusual customer might change his fate. To win his freedom back, he must enter a pact with the stranger, but what if the price is too much to bear?



Birthday Burglar (Free) (~6000 words)

It’s Neil’s birthday and his boyfriend, Jamie, is determined to make it unforgettable. With Neil complaining that their life got predictable, surprise is key. Jamie comes up with the best birthday plan ever, but nothing seems to go his way. His sexual role-play idea goes sideways, and the gift he got Neil does everything in its power to interfere in the bedroom. Can Jamie still make it an evening to remember?

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