SN Ink & Piercing Glossary


Ryan Richards

  • Both arms/shoulders: Twin fire extinguishers on his collar bones throwing fire. The flames and swirls of smoke make up Ryan’s sleeve tattoos all the way to his fingertips

  • Right hipbone: a cartoonish pack of French fries with a sad face (lost bet, chapter 5)

Liam Novitzky

  • Under the collar bones: ‘You will be surfed’, written in an elegant font

  • Inner side of lower lip: ‘FUCKER’

  • Pecs: a biomechanical tattoo (covering the name of his ex)

  • Left sleeve: tribalish waves and sharks

  • Right sleeve: A luscious female mouth blowing out smoke and ‘Cancer Resistant’ written on the inner side of the forearm

  • Right side: portrait of Liam’s pet labrador retriever, along with the date of his death (10/12/1995), and a creepy ventriloquist’s dummy

  • Left side: grim stairs leading to an open door on top, with guts and blood splattered all around

  • Lower belly: ‘Sex Feet Under’, the name of a music band he likes (dare)

  • Back: a huge tattoo of a grim city and a flight of birds swarming in the sky

  • Left thigh: a realistic hog’s head (lost bet)

  • Right thigh: a bloodied cleaver

  • Above the base of his cock: ‘BOSS’

  • Left calf: a kanji character, meaning ‘love’ (made by a tattoo artist in training)

  • Left hipbone: a Chinese take away box containing worms instead of noodles (lost bet)

  • Outer side of left foot: ‘You’re heavy’ (dare)


Ryan Richards

  • Bottom lip: snake bites (little balls or spikes), ring in the middle (circular barbell)

  • Nose: septum (circular barbell)

  • Cheeks: dimples (labret studs)

  • Left ear: tragus (small labret stud, chapter 16), lobe (small flesh tunnel), helix (ball closure ring, labret stud, ring)

  • Right ear: industrial (purple, glow in the dark barbell), snug (curved barbell with spikes)

  • Tongue: venom (barbells – clear flat balls on top and neon blue-green koosh balls under the tongue)

Liam Novitzky

  • Right ear: lobe (white flesh plug)


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