Special Needs – book two

— Caretaking. Like a boss. —

So, Ryan isn’t disabled. Okay, he is, but he’s only got a foot missing, that’s hardly a reason to pretend he’s paraplegic and ride around in a wheelchair! Now Liam has to deal with being lied to since the moment they met, and he is not a happy camper. He doesn’t understand why sweet, innocent Ryan would do such a thing. What if there are other things his boyfriend lied about? Or ex-boyfriend for that matter.

Ryan is in a state of complete panic at the sole thought of losing Liam, his first proper boyfriend ever. But the show must go on and after the fire in his hotel, Ryan can’t only focus on his love life. He’s a serious businessman after all. Marketing, networking and promoting will be his new love life. Who needs a boyfriend anyway, when in the end, every guy is either a devotee, or freaks out about his transability? Yet… maybe if Liam stayed around the hotel, they could at least make up and become friends.

There is one more option to consider – walking. If Ryan started walking, would Liam want to be with him again? But how far can he bend to Liam’s wishes before he breaks?


“Special Needs” is book two out of a two part series.

Length 135,000 words

Genre: contemporary erotic m/m romance, dramedy

Themes (may contain SPOILERS): disability, deception, alternative lifestyles, tattoos, self-image issues, financial trouble, boss/employee, abduction, transability, communication issues, self-harm, BIID

Erotic content: explicit m/m sexual scenes (including role play)

Ryan pulled his hands away and played around with Liam’s hair. It was silky and smooth in the water, so unlike the way it felt when sun-dried into straw-like streaks. Liam groaned with a smile and turned around in the water, submerging most of his body, but kept his gaze firmly trained on Ryan’s face.

“What? Are you a shark now?” Ryan sucked in his bottom lip, readying himself for attack.

“Am I the shark? Or are you?” Liam squinted, but the soft curve of his mouth betrayed just how amused he was.

“Maybe I am…” Ryan submerged himself in the water up to his neck and started circling Liam in return, brushing his feet over the bottom of the pool. Liam pretended not to see him, but his shoulders shook, though nobody would know for sure if it was from laughter… or terror. Ryan laughed to himself at the thought and counted to three, before taking the plunge and jumping Liam’s back. He wrapped his arms around his boyfriend’s neck and legs around his waist with a roar.

“Oh no!” Liam grabbed Ryan’s thighs and got to his feet, fidgeting like a rodeo bull. “Where is your fin, you monster shark?”
Ryan squealed and grabbed on tighter. “You can’t fight me unless you’re Giant Octopus, because I am Mega Shark!” He shifted to the side to playfully bite Liam’s arm. His skin was so delicious, even as he pretended to struggle.

“Ha, you can’t win when my tentacles penetrate every orifice in your body!”

“Oh my God! That’s filthy! Filthy, slippery, hot filth.” Ryan couldn’t stop his giggles as Liam almost fell to the side.

“Uh-huh, I’ll hold you down and give you the whole suction and tentacle treatment. You’re so gonna pay!”

Ryan couldn’t stop laughing, all weight dropping off his chest. “Oh no! I’m not Mega Shark then! I’m just a peaceful dolphin, nothing to see here.” His words turned into a scream when he realized Liam was letting himself fall into the water. On top of Ryan.

He clutched Liam’s arms, but it wouldn’t help. All there was left to do was to try and get a deep breath before they both dropped into the water. For a tiny moment Ryan wanted to prank Liam and pull his pants down, but they were in a public place after all. It wasn’t right to unleash a monster here.

He took a big gulp of air just before his nose filled with water. They were slowly falling toward the blue tiles at the bottom of the pool, with the water trying to pressure them out to the surface. He loosened his hold on Liam, who turned in his arms and nuzzled his nose with lips and air bubbles. Ryan opened his eyes and it was like being saved by a surfer-turned-merman when Liam grabbed him under the arms and gently pulled him out. The soft smile and floating locks created a picture that made Ryan’s heart clench with emotion. He closed his eyes again, letting Liam pull him closer and eventually resting his cheek on the strong shoulder as they broke the surface. The sudden change of temperature was yet another reason to lean in closer.

A sharp whistle brought him back to reality, and his eyelids flew open. A forty-something, buff lifeguard was standing just by the edge of the pool and the condescending look he was giving them made Ryan slowly pull away from his boyfriend.

“Getting carried away, guys?” The lifeguard raised his eyebrows.
Liam grinned. “Sorry, mister lifeguard. I was exercising my mouth-to-mouth skills.”

The guy narrowed his eyes and Ryan’s widened at the same time. He took in a deep breath, shocked by Liam’s bluntness.

“I don’t really care.” The lifeguard tapped his foot in a way that suggested he actually did. “But the pool is no place for horseplay like that. You could have caused an accident, and you are both giving a terrible example.” The lifeguard pointed to something behind them and when Ryan turned around, he wanted to hide his head under water like a sea-ostrich.

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“I loved this book. Both Ryan and Liam are very flawed men, but together they want to be better men, not only for themselves, but for each other.”  

Gabbi, Top2Bottom Reviews


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