Domenico sees Seth for the first time

Domenico hoped he’d never have to wear real corrective glasses.

He loved shades, but those were a different kind of animal entirely. They were pure class, they communicated power if chosen wisely, but regular eyewear, especially in the popular thick-framed version that made Dom melt into the student crowd, were part of a subculture he did not identify with. He wore them as a disguise, paired with jeans that hung infuriatingly low on his hips and a leather jacket. He could pull them off, no matter how soft and unassuming they made him look.

The baseball cap was a stretch, but between wearing his long hair like he usually did or choosing a wig, the hat was the best of all bad options.
Domenico smelled the coffee in a paper cup from the world’s most widespread café chain, and his nose wrinkled at the burnt aroma reaching the back of his throat even before he drank any of it. The cup was an accessory to the disguise the same way the glasses were–or so he’d say if anyone asked him–but the truth was that the unpleasant bitterness of an espresso that had been brewed too long would disappear in the three kinds of sweet flavoring the so-called-barista pumped into the coffee.

Domenico hated it.

He also loved it.

He purchased the biggest cup.

Sipping on the caffeinated sugar, he entered the college sports center and walked past the reception desk undisturbed. The linoleum squeaked under his feet as he walked on, checking out first the largest gymnasium, where a gathering of people was running in a circle to produce an ungodly scent that hung in the air as if this were the tropics, then the spinning class, which was comprised almost entirely of women. He walked into the men’s dressing room, where he found a single guy taking a shower–and one who wasn’t much to look at at that, and then checked out the free weights. Now that was more like it. Good bodies, even if neither of them was Seth Villani’s.

He was starting to think his mark had slipped through his fingers, and so he had two options–make use of the buffet of fit bodies and get laid, or make his way to Seth’s apartment again and find out why he wasn’t living there anymore. When Domenico first came to the States tasked with the assignment to find out as much about the Don’s younger son as possible, the apartment was the first and most obvious place to go. It didn’t take long to find out from the current occupiers that Seth had moved out months ago, which left Domenico with the logical conclusion that unless he wanted to have someone trace Seth, he needed to search for him at the university.

Here he was, and yet there was no sign of anyone even–
–well, hello there, hot piece of ass!

Domenico entered a tall room with his eyes pinned to a pair of round, muscled buttocks, which swung gently as the stranger slowly pulled himself up the climbing wall. Domenico would have removed his glasses if he weren’t here incognito.

The straps of the harness bit into the fabric of Hot Piece of Ass’s shorts and into the meaty flesh of his thighs, which flexed as he moved, finding subsequent grips. Domenico didn’t even need to see his face to know the guy was fine. If the stranger were lowered closer to the floor in that harness, Domenico would gladly rip those unnecessary shorts off him and delve his tongue between those firm ass cheeks.

He locked his lips and pulled on the collar of his T-shirt as heat finally got to him.

The delicious hunk looked down, assessing where his feet could go next, and when his brown gaze briefly met Domenico’s, it was as if lightning crashed through the gym ceiling, striking Dom straight in the groin. The contact only lasted a second, but it left Domenico with arousal slowly brewing in his veins, fueled by each expert movement on the climbing wall.

The stranger’s handsome profile, strong, with a thick brow line and lips that were made to suck cock, branded Domenico’s pleasure centers and wouldn’t be gone until Domenico got his hands on all that juicy beef.

Seth Villani could wait–it wasn’t like Domenico was looking forward to meeting him anyway–because now was the time for Domenico Acerbi to unwind.

The name rang in Domenico’s head loudly, like a coin tossed on a metal table. His senses went to high alert the moment the invisible button reminding him of his purpose was pressed.

As he turned around, seeking the source of the voice, a lanky woman in tight jeans and an oversized hoodie that covered her buttocks strolled past him. She wore pink cowboy boots and large brown shades that covered most of her face. But when she opened her mouth, the voice that came out was not only the same Domenico heard two seconds earlier. It was also distinctly male.
What the fuck.

“Hey, Seth,” the man-girl called out strolling to the middle of the room. He waved, and so did the juicy hunk Dom had been watching. Those two clearly knew each other, and when ‘Seth’ quickly made his way down, landing on the floor in a way that only exposed the firm muscle in his thighs, it was like watching a bull present itself in all its glory.

Seth was taller than he’d looked while high above Dom’s head, with a broader chest and sharper jaw. He was quite breathtaking, and the little warning light that kept blinking inside Dom’s head started beeping in warning. Now that the man was close enough for Domenico to notice details, he definitely saw the resemblance with the passport picture he’d been given to identify the Don’s prodigal son.

It didn’t do him justice. It didn’t show much of his body either.

Seth Villani was a fine stud that Domenico would very much like to ride.

His thoughts came to a halt when Seth leaned down and kissed the lips of the effeminate man, scooping him up in his arms. Their hands–Seth’s tanned and large as a pan and the other guy’s slim one–entwined as they strolled toward the exit. Toward Domenico.

He lowered his head, pretending to drink his coffee just in time to hide his face. The scent of Seth’s sweat mixed with the earthy cologne he wore lingered at the back of Domenico’s throat like the sweetest adult candy.

Seth showered and changed, and then he and his partner went on to have lunch in the local café. Domenico followed them during a walk through the nearby park, memorizing every illicit gesture and uselessly straining his ears to listen on to their conversation.

Domenico was still in disbelief that Seth Villani was gay. Or that he had such utterly terrible taste in men for that matter. But the proof was right there, in front of Dom’s eyes, and with each step he took, the need to sink his nails and teeth into the sweet flesh of Seth’s ass grew. In his thoughts Domenico was already stripping the painfully casual clothes off that powerful body, tasting every bit of sweat and hair. By the time the sun started setting, Domenico was almost glad to see Seth mount a big sports bike with his boy in the bitchseat, because one could only endure constant arousal for so long.

It was only once the two lovebirds left that Domenico could think rationally again, and the anticipation that had been building inside him all day produced a giddy sense of excitement.

He would have fun getting his hands on that piece of meat. He would tenderize it until it could no longer resist, and see that carefree smile gone off Seth Villani’s face.

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