His Favorite Color is Blood – Chapter 2



Grim’s head was a colorful, pulsing mess as he carried his prize through the empty corridors. Andrey was heavier than he looked, but maybe his muscles added so much weight to his body, as his frame wasn’t too large. Grim couldn’t help but tune in to the warm touch of the sweet bird’s thighs, the heat where Andrey’s crotch lay against Grim’s back, the chest pressed against him, and the arms around his neck. It was fate Grim had found this beautiful broken bird out here—during a recovery mission at that. Someone must have kidnapped Andrey from his home in Russia, so no wonder he was so scared and confused. But now that Grim had freed him, the worst was over. Grim could give Andrey’s life a whole new quality. If Grim didn’t have to watch where he was going, he’d turn his head to kiss the slim fingers on his shoulders. They were so pale and fine, like the stumps that were so obscenely exposed where they dug against Grim’s hips.

Another round from a machine gun not that far away had Grim alert and focused on Andrey’s safety only. As far as he was concerned, his part in the mission was over, and he would not be staying with the Louisiana Coffin Nails chapter to find out what had happened to everyone else. He now had different priorities.

He wanted to say something soothing, as Andrey went quiet, but the sound of a helicopter above them made talking impossible. Grim had to to keep his shit together. He needed to leave unnoticed before anyone saw Andrey with him. Police would ask too many questions and so would Ripper, the Louisiana chapter president. The shooting was dying down slowly, and that meant the Coffin Nails MC must have overpowered the guards and taken hold of enemy territory, just like they had planned.

As a Nomad, Grim was frequently called over to participate in large-scale operations of the motorcycle club, but this time it was more personal than he could have imagined. He came here to help the local chapter deal with a gang of human traffickers who had taken one of their female hangarounds. The gang had been kidnapping kids and selling them to some sick fucks to torture, but Andrey seemed fine, if a bit scared. Grim had saved him in time.

Touching that pretty bird was like having his cock jerked off by this creature straight out of Grim’s fantasies. He’d been a subscriber of the website where Andrey published his videos and blogged for such a long time, and now, the lovely stumps he fantasized about were close enough to reach, briefly touching Grim’s thighs as he rushed through the woods to avoid confrontation with his biker brothers, who might mistake him for a foe in the dark.

“Where are we going?” Andrey asked in that melodic Russian accent, and all Grim could think of was how many times he’d seen those pretty lips suck cock or lick up a dildo. Having had so much practice, how would Andrey take Grim’s? Would he be gentle and slow in his sucking or greedy to take in as much as he could? Or maybe he’d want to be passive, like in many of the videos? Grim scowled. He doubted Andrey could comfortably deepthroat his cock. Most men didn’t even try to challenge the beast in his pants.

“Somewhere safe. Don’t worry, I won’t let anyone near you,” he promised, rushing between the trees as quickly as he could with the soft ground halting his efforts with every step.

His whole body throbbed with excitement when Andrey tightened his grip around Grim’s neck. “I trust you,” he said so close to Grim’s ear that his mouth almost touched it.

Grim chewed on his lip and sighed in pleasure, gently squeezing Andrey’s smooth thighs. “Don’t you worry, birdie, we’re close,” he said and started running with renewed effort. Soon enough, there was a clearing in the woods, and Grim smiled when he ran out into a parking lot housing numerous trucks and some of the bikes belonging to the MC members storming the torture hub. He was proud to show off his bike already. It was a true beauty, styled to look somewhat like a ride from the 1940s, shiny in black and chrome.

But the moment he thought that, he stopped halfway to where he had left it upon arrival. He couldn’t take Andrey on the bike. He didn’t have a sidecar, and Andrey wouldn’t be able to hold on properly. No, that would not work at all.

“What state are we in?” Andrey adjusted himself on Grim’s back, and his gorgeous thighs moved against Grim’s hands. His presence was such utter sensory overload Grim was losing his usual razor-sharp focus.

He turned around and pressed his lips against Andrey’s forearm, and for a brief moment when their eyes locked, the chemistry was off the charts. Grim needed to look away to compose himself. “Louisiana,” he said and, struck by an idea, ran for a row of mid-sized trucks. He could easily fit his bike in the covered bed of one of those.

“Why did you kill Gary?” came the next question. As shaken as Andrey seemed, he didn’t shed any tears for his supposed boyfriend, and his questions were to the point. Maybe he wouldn’t miss the psycho and could soon be all Grim’s? In a place such as this, that Gary guy must have been like a lifeline to Andrey, but the fact was that the bastard had lied to Andrey and taken him here without even telling him where they were.

“Told you. He was a bad guy. He shot at me, and I needed to defend myself,” he said and opened the passenger’s door. Score. The keys were in the ignition. The cab smelled of those damn air fresheners, but it would have to do.

Grim turned around so Andrey could climb into the seat, and when he looked into Andrey’s face, he received the most heart-melting hint of a smile. “It’s good to have you on my side,” Andrey said and pushed some of the long strands that had escaped his bun behind his ear.

Grim’s senses screamed in anticipation. He grabbed the door, steadying himself as he looked into that serenely handsome face. He leaned in, watching Andrey’s big brown eyes that spoke of innocence and relief. His pulse thudded even in his throat. A prize. He deserved something for getting the bird out of here.

Andrey reached out to the side of Grim’s face, stroked his cheek with his thumb through the leather of his mask, and left a gentle kiss on Grim’s lips. Grim wanted nothing more than to tear the mask off his face and continue, but that had to wait. They weren’t safe yet. Stray guards could attack them, and with the gunfire now over, Grim’s biker brothers could be heading this way. They would insist on questioning him or worse yet, leaving him to be questioned by the police, like all the other victims of the group they had attacked this night. Grim couldn’t have that.

He put his hand on Andrey’s knee, but even through the glove, he could sense just how near the stump was. He refrained from touching it, just because he feared he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from going further. “I’ll be right back,” he said and closed the door before breaking into a run to find his bike.

As soon as he reached his motorcycle, he started looking around to find some kind of plank that would help him roll his ride onto the back of the truck. His brain was frantically weighing the options of where he could take Andrey. Taking him to bed wasn’t a good enough plan. He didn’t want the other Coffin Nails knowing where he was, in case one of them came looking for him and discovered the unregistered bounty. This was a delicate matter, and Grim couldn’t have anyone scaring Andrey. The bird seemed so fragile and confused, in need of a fresh start.

Grim was in luck. There were loading ramps propped underneath an awning nearby, and he grabbed one, dragging it over the grass as he rushed to the truck where both Andrey and the bike were already waiting for him. He was about to start pushing the bike into the bed of the truck when he heard a low thud and a pained groan from the other side of the vehicle. Blood froze in his veins, and he rushed toward the sound, to the passenger’s side of the cab.


Andrey was on the ground, his smooth stumps sliding against the damp dirt. As much as Grim wanted to help, his eyes inevitably registered the way Andrey moved. He looked so cute crawling in the sparse grass, so in need of Grim’s strong arms to help him out.

For a moment, Andrey stared back at Grim. “I lost balance,” he said in the end. “I’m sorry.”

Grim ran up to him and quickly picked him up, pushing his fingers over the wet skin of Andrey’s legs. “You need to be more careful. You can’t balance as easily as me,” he said and placed Andrey back in the seat. The seatbelt came next, but with the cab being so high up, not to tempt fate, Grim had to climb inside and lean over Andrey’s lap to fasten it for him. His hand moved along the part of the belt that held down Andrey’s hips, and when his fingers skimmed over the sweet bird’s crotch, lustful sparks made Grim pull away. Safety first.

“Be careful,” he told Andrey before shutting the door again. There was rope in the back, so he managed to secure his bike before quickly climbing into the driver’s seat minutes later. He flashed Andrey a wide smile and started the truck. Even the tank was full. The biker gods were riding in his favor tonight.

Andrey clutched the seatbelt, looking at the darkness between the trees. “Is this your truck?”

Grim had to stop staring at him, or he’d crash, but it was no easy feat. Andrey even smelled like something Grim’s inner predator wanted to munch on all night. Not only did Andrey have the face of an angel, big brown eyes, and full lips, but also brown freckles over the bridge of his nose, dotting his pale, otherwise flawless face. His arms were lean but muscled, probably from moving around in a wheelchair. Leg amputations were a favorite of Grim’s, and Andrey had not one, but both legs missing below the knee. Those were all reasons why he was obsessed enough with Andrey to send him fan mail, even though throughout the years he only got a single reply. Grim had imagined himself licking the smooth scar tissue so many times, and now that the dream was about to come true, a giddy feeling spread throughout his chest.

Andrey was so helpless, so fragile, so beautifully broken, and Grim was there to take care of everything for him. Andrey would fall for him in a heartbeat and become Grim’s only. Even now, Grim could recall Andrey’s orgasm face, all flushed, his lips parted as he moaned and asked to be fucked harder on camera.

“Grim?” Andrey raised his eyebrows.

Grim shuddered and nodded as he drove the truck farther down an asphalt road leading into the woods. “Yeah, we’re going. I just can’t believe you’re sitting here, next to me,” he said, slightly embarrassed to sound like a lovesick puppy. It was him men were usually falling for, ready to take him in their hungry mouths. Then again, one had to put himself out there if they wanted an outcome. And with the raid done, Grim only had so much time to get Andrey out of here, so he switched on the high-beam lights and sped up, rushing for the gates he knew were beyond a long patch of trees.

“I …” Andrey glanced at him warily. “I can’t believe I’m out of there. Even if I was saved by a man in a skull mask, who calls himself Grim.”

Grim hummed and briefly put his hand on Andrey’s thigh. “It’s because of the mask,” he lied. It was the other way around. He chose the mask to represent the name his club brothers started using for him. He was the Grim Reaper the Coffin Nails MC had on call.

The dark shapes of the trees came and disappeared in the ghostly white light, but with the size of the vehicle, Grim needed to be extra cautious for any obstructions on the road, because he wouldn’t be able to avoid them as he would on a bike. He spotted a crooked shape ahead and swiftly stepped on the brake, slowing down just enough to easily avoid hitting a car that had fallen on its roof. There was a body halfway out of it, and he scowled.

“Maybe it would be better if you closed your eyes for now? Some people don’t know when to give up and surrender,” Grim muttered, not wanting to inconvenience his helpless, broken bird with things that could be too much of a strain on his mind.

But Andrey kept his eyes open, and his face became an expressionless mask. “They deserve it.”

Grim was so surprised to hear something like that come out of those sweet lips that he looked over at him briefly as he maneuvered the truck around the fallen vehicle, sliding off the asphalt with one side. There were more of them closer to the gate, and Grim cursed beneath his breath as he saw two men in Coffin Nails MC cuts rush into the road with machine guns. “Hide, quick,” he said and leaned forward so his mask could emerge out of the shadows of the cab.

He didn’t need to repeat himself. Andrey unbuckled his belt and slid down to the floor in front of the seat. “Don’t let them take me, please,” he whispered and hid his head under his arms, his voice getting a higher pitch.

“I won’t,” mumbled Grim before waving at the two men, who must have recognized him, as they lowered their weapons. They waved back, and just like that, he was on his way. Air slowly left his lungs when seconds later he passed the gate that had been ripped out of its hinges during the first phase of the raid. He pushed his fingers underneath the mask to let in some air. He was done here.

It took a full minute before Andrey looked up at him with those big eyes and trembling lips that Grim couldn’t wait to have around his cock. Grim’s brothers had no idea that he’d smuggled out the most precious thing in that compound.

“Are we out?” Andrey whispered despite it being just them in the truck.

Grim nodded but drove farther, knowing he needed to drive past the local Coffin Nails clubhouse before he could unpack his prize in peace. The border with Mississippi was within reach, but he wasn’t sure whether he wanted to wait such a long time before he got his hands on Andrey. The bird was clearly scared, and Grim needed a break too.

Andrey was breathtaking the way he looked now, curled up, with what was left of his calves dragging over the clean mat on the floor, small enough to disappear from view and hide from the men who could take him away from Grim.

“We’re not safe yet, but you can get back into the seat. Whatever happens, I’ll handle it.”

Andrey slowly crawled back into the seat, and his heavy breaths filled the cab. “I don’t have anything. My wheelchair was left behind …”

Grim smiled, quickly pulled off the mask, and shook his head. He knew he didn’t look his best now—with shiny skin and sweaty hair—but it was the best he could do in those circumstances. “Don’t worry. We’ll get you a new one.”

Grim enjoyed the way Andrey stalled. “Generous, strong, brave … and handsome? Guess I’ve hit the jackpot, right?” He laughed, but it sounded nervous, and Grim didn’t miss the way Andrey clutched the seatbelt at his chest.

He squeezed Andrey’s shoulder, trying to communicate his good intentions, his support, and his strength. “Relax. I won’t let anything happen to you. They’d have to walk over my dead body,” he promised.

Andrey went silent for a while. “I don’t have any ID. Don’t let the police stop us, okay?”

Grim nodded. “Don’t worry. I can handle the police. We’ll get you documents. I have friends who owe me a favor, and they can do that for me.”

Andrey sank into the seat with a deep exhale, and when he didn’t say anything, just watching the dark forest in front of them, Grim figured it would be a good time for a call to Ripper. The Louisiana club president needed to know his Nomad warrior wasn’t dead yet.

“Don’t say anything now, okay?” he asked Andrey before choosing the number. The raid should have been complete by now.

“Where the fuck are you?” Ripper wasn’t wasting time for pleasantries once he picked up. “One of my guys told me you stole a truck?”

Grim exhaled. He’d hoped no one had yet informed Ripper. The Louisiana chapter was a bunch of bums so that would have corresponded to their usual modus operandi. “Sorry about that, but I couldn’t reach you before, and there is an emergency I need to take care of. But I saw you guys had everything under control. The raid was completed, and we established that you’d contact the police anyway,” he lied in an apologetic tone.

“Fine, fine. It just pissed me off that you kept me in the dark. Are you leaving the state?”

Grim nodded, relieved. If this were the president of his original chapter, or Detroit’s Priest, he’d be in real trouble for leaving like this. With Ripper? Not so much. “Yes. There’s a private matter I need to deal with,” he said and sent Andrey a fond glance. He’d attend to this matter all night.

“Did you find anything we should know of? Killed anyone important?”

“No. Just thugs. No faces I knew.”

“Thanks for the good job tonight. We’ll stay in touch,” Ripper said and disconnected without waiting for an answer.

With the cab eerily quiet, Grim stole another glance at Andrey’s stumps. They were dirty. Maybe he could wash them for Andrey? Rub soap over that smooth skin, carry him into a bathtub …

It was high time to get himself sorted out, and as soon as Grim reached a small rest stop between the trees, he parked the truck. “You must be hungry,” he said and pulled his shirt over his head. He couldn’t help a smirk when Andrey’s pupils went wider. Grim had a body most gay guys wanted in their bed at least once in their life, and he knew that damn well.

“I could eat.” Andrey frowned slightly.

Grim nodded and passed Andrey his shirt. “I’ll take you to a real American diner. Would you like that?”

Andrey looked at the shirt for a moment and then smelled it. “Will there be many people? Maybe we’d be better off staying in the woods?”

Grim frowned. “I don’t have any food on me. Don’t worry, most people around here are harmless.” He opened the door and slid out into the cool night air. “Use that to clean yourself up. I need to change.”

“Ah! Okay!” Andrey slapped his forehead and quickly rubbed the dirt off his skin, but Grim couldn’t help the surge of satisfaction that Andrey’s first thought was to smell the fabric that had earlier clung to Grim’s body.

“I’ll be right back,” he promised and ran to the back, swiftly climbing into the bed of the truck. All his belongings were stored in the various bags attached to the bike. The clothes he had prepared for after the raid were in one of the saddlebags, so he collected them along with wet wipes and deodorant and walked out into the moonlight, dropping them on the asphalt. He needed to look especially dashing for Andrey if he wanted to charm him. He knew Andrey was already appreciative of being saved, but Grim didn’t want just gratitude. He pulled out some wipes and started cleaning the sweat off his body and face.

When he took his pants off, he glanced up and smiled to himself when he noticed Andrey watching him in the side mirror of the truck. Of course, he would. Grim was a catch, and Andrey didn’t even know yet just how lucky he was.



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