Jack Addison vs. Centaur Pimps


“Can I get a ride on your back?”

“Only if you get me a drink first.”

Jack Addison’s career as a monster hunter is blossoming, and so is his experience in dealing with all kinds of interesting species. But one creature still remains a mystery to Jack— the feline-like Roux Chat-Bonnes. His fellow venator has been avoiding Jack since their successful werewolf hunt in Bohemia, but a man can only pine for so long, which is why Jack decides to vacation on a Greek island famous for its centaur population.

Eager to get intimately acquainted with one of the hooved beauties, Jack instead uncovers a cruel plot that will change his view of human-centaur relations for good.


Themes: pride, experimenting, centaur, vacation, dreams, self-discovery, tolerance, fame, monster hunting, interspecies relations

Genre: M/M romantic erotica, horror-comedy

Erotic content: Scorching hot, explicit scenes

Length: ~15,000 words (Episode 4 in the serial)

WARNING: This story contains morally ambiguous characters and scenes of sex that might be considered taboo.


Jack enjoyed the sun, but now that he knew he was waiting for someone, he couldn’t stay still. Would Calix be pleasant? Stubborn? Wild? Gentle? Was he broken in? He surely was.

From the corner of his eye, he noticed a centaur enter the beach through the gate, but he didn’t want to stare, so he drank his cocktail and pretended he wasn’t bothered by any of this.

But once the long legs covered with sleek tan fur stopped right next to him, it became impossible not to look up.

Calix was stunning.

His facial features had gorgeous symmetry, lavish, straight black hair cascaded down his shoulders and all the way to his taut stomach. He cocked his head with a smile, making all sensible thoughts disappear from Jack’s head. If Jack were to get those lips around his cock, would he have to climb up somewhere? Or would the centaur sit in the sand?

Jack smiled, squeezing his glass with an odd sense of nervous apprehension. Jack Addison wasn’t the kind of man who got nervous very often, yet here he was—wondering how one could get that bit closer to a beautiful creature like Calix. The centaur was naked, with the exception of a long shell necklace, which wiggled against the smooth skin of his chest like bait for Jack’s eyes. Should he go straight to business? Should he pretend this meeting was accidental? Should he ask for Calix’s name, even though he already knew it?

“I love this weather. I spend way too much time in colder climates.”

Calix leaned down and stroked Jack’s shoulder, giving him instant goosebumps. The centaur was so… big. “Oh, no! How do you manage without fur?” He laughed, making a snorting sound which was too cute for words, despite this man definitely being a stallion.

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