Jack Addison vs. Merman Seduction

“Mermaids had a bit of a reputation for accidentally drowning partners who got frisky with them in the open sea. As a gay man, Jack was immune to their charms.”

It turns out that by staying with Calix, Jack had bet on the wrong centaur. A year on, he is broke and heartbroken after his boyfriend left him for someone with a thicker wallet. Salvation comes in the form of a message from Roux, Jack’s rival and crush all in one. Jack is willing to do whatever it takes to prove he’s a changed man.

As the only non-human in their profession, the humanoid feline Roux not only hunts down creatures but also understands their unique needs. Can Jack help him save the beautiful merman Lauro from the claws and teeth of jealous mermaids? And can he resist the seductive merman in the process?

Themes: pride, experimenting, merman, mermaid, self-discovery, tolerance, fame, monster hunting, interspecies relations, love, post-breakup issues, rebound

Genre: M/M romantic erotica, horror-comedy

Erotic content: Scorching hot, explicit scenes

Length: 15,000 words (Episode 5 in the serial)

WARNING: This story contains morally ambiguous characters and scenes of sex that might be considered taboo.

Jack rolled out of bed sticky, slimy, and unsatisfied. Last night was supposed to have been his grand rebound. He’d sulked over his breakup with Calix for two weeks, and had decided that it wasn’t like him to get so hung up on relationships. So he’d put all his effort into finding the most outrageous creature in all of Venice, and ended up taking a slug-like creature with gorgeous blue eyes and a sticky mouth to his hotel room. The thing was a bit strange, and Jack couldn’t exactly work out its gender at first, but that didn’t matter. He was Jack Addison, and he needed to remind himself what it was like to freely roam the world.

But things had gone downhill as soon as he’d ended up alone with the creature. Instead of a night full of pleasure, he’d ended up listening to the slug-man’s life story, and comforting his lover-to-be over him being the only one of his kind in this realm. Jack had tried to be understanding but felt offended instead when Grall’ogg—or whatever the creature’s name was in his own language—had started complaining about humans treating him as a novelty.

He’d mentioned a stream of lovers who never wanted to stay for his lovely breakfast consisting of a variety of lettuce—which he supplemented for the humans with croutons—and who refused to treat him as anything more than a fleeting fancy. A serious issue, considering his kind lived for hundreds of years and bonded for life.

But despite his annoyance, Jack had tried to do the right thing, still hoping that his dick would eventually find its way into Grall’ogg’s sticky mouth-hole. But with each passing word, each deep inhale—Grall’ogg didn’t have a nose—he’d felt the chances for a positive resolution of this night dwindle.

In the end, Grall’ogg had a bit too much herb liquor and had fallen asleep after crying for half an hour. His heavy, pillow-like body had slumped on top of Jack, leaving him horny, upset and destined to ponder his breakup with Calix.

At first, all had been great with the centaur. Exciting. New. Jack had grown to see glorious creatures like Calix as much more than a sexual curiosity. But in the end, Calix had proved to be more human than Jack could have ever imagined. After sucking Jack dry of his money, he’d moved on to a rich centaur from Athens.

Jack had been warned about Calix being a gold-digger, but whenever he’d looked into Calix’s beautiful face, he just couldn’t make himself believe those rumors. But where he’d seen his partner as a noble, graceful creature, Calix must have taken him for a fool. It didn’t help Jack’s confidence that when they were breaking up, Calix had rubbed his face in the fact that a human could never rival a centaur in the size department.

So in a way, he and Grall’ogg were in the same boat. Only Jack was a handsome young man with a glamorous profession, whereas Grall’ogg was a giant, sticky slug who worked as a children’s entertainer and occasional grass mower.

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