Not your daddy – TDR


Set after The Devil’s Ride and before the events of No Matter What.


Lucky was busy brushing Megadeth’s long black fur. He never realized one cat could leave so much freaking hair all around the place. Keeping the house spotless was a lot harder with a pet like him. At least he wasn’t white, because most of their furniture was dark.

The cat meowed, trying to get away, but Lucky pushed it to the table and continued with the long strokes. He smiled when he heard Tooth’s bike outside. It had a distinct sound, which he could recognize without any trouble. A minute or two later, Tooth’s whistling told Lucky his lover walked into the house.

“Hey, Tooth! I’m here! Just dealing with Mega!” he yelled from the living room.

“Sure. We need to keep him out of the bathroom. Nothing worse than drying yourself with a furry towel.” Tooth walked in, with his hair out of order after the whole day. He waved at Lucky. “What’s for dinner?”

Lucky let go of Megadeth after a few more strokes and walked up to Tooth to give him a quick kiss before going off to the fridge. “Steaks and sweet potatoes.”

Tooth walked right behind him and slid his thick arms around Lucky. He smelled of leather, with a hint of sweat, and Lucky couldn’t help but cuddle against his chest.

“The club’s gonna have a few guests. Priest called over the nomads.”

Instead of cooking just yet, Lucky put his arms up and cuddled his face against Tooth’s beard. “Yeah? Who?”

“Among others, Grim’s gonna be there. You know, the gay guy I told you about.”

Lucky blinked and turned around in Tooth’s arms. Now it was getting exciting. “Oh, my God! I’ll finally get to meet him. Will there be a party?”

Tooth scratched the back of his head, with a scowl. “Yeah. Why are you getting so excited?”

“I love new stuff happening. And you hinted that there’s something off about him.”

Tooth sighed. “Look, I’m gonna tell you something, because I don’t want it to be awkward when you two meet, okay?”

“You showed him my photo, and he has a crush on me?” Lucky grinned and poked Tooth’s stomach.

Tooth snorted and pressed on Lucky’s head. “Smartass. No. He just has an enormous dick.”

Lucky blanked. “What? Is this your way of saying you two had a thing?”

Tooth looked away, confirming Lucky’s worst fears. “No… I mean… we jerked each other off once, but what I wanted to say is that you are gonna see it in his pants. And he likes his pants really tight.”

Lucky cocked his head to the side with a frown. “You mean… like, how big is he?”

Tooth scowled and rubbed his forehead. “Uh… I don’t know… it goes into the eggplant territory. Seriously, really, really big.”

“You think he’d show it to me if I asked? I wouldn’t touch it or anything.” Lucky’s imagination was running wild.

Tooth blinked and straightened up like a soldier. “No.”

“He wouldn’t? Why does he wear tight pants then if he doesn’t wanna show it off?”

“You may not look at it. I don’t want him to get the wrong idea.”

Lucky pouted. An eggplant-sized dick was coming to town and he wasn’t allowed to have a look at the freakshow? “Oh, come on. Just a peek.”

Tooth shook his head. “No. I’m not gonna have my boyfriend staring at some other guy’s junk.”

“That’s not fair. You’ve seen him.”

Tooth leaned over Lucky and poked him in the ribs. “And you’ve seen many cocks I haven’t. Now, we’re not gonna ask other guys to open their pants for us, are we?”

Lucky pulled away, deflated. “I just wanna see it,” he muttered.

“Neither of us will see it. End of story,” grumbled Tooth, walking over to the sink to get himself a glass of water.

“You could be there too…” Lucky crossed his arms on his chest. He was not about to let go of a chance like this.

“How many times must I say ‘no’? This is final, Lucky.” Tooth downed the whole glass in one go.

Lucky squinted. “I suppose I gotta do what daddy says.” He knew it would piss Tooth off.

Tooth choked on the water and had to slap himself in the chest to stop coughing. “For fuck’s sake… ‘Daddy’? If I’m a daddy, then go to your room. After you make dinner,” he finished a bit flatly.

Lucky turned to the stove without a word and pulled out a pan. He was not gonna let this opportunity pass. He’d see Grim’s dick with Tooth’s permission or not.

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