Post-credits scene (Guns n’ Boys: Chokehold)

(6 months later)



“I’ll be right with you, babe!” Dana flashed Toro a smile and waved at him with just her fingers.

He grunted in answer, completely taken by a report brought in by one of his men. It was the very reason for their sudden decision to leave for Colombia. With the maids frantically packing the contents of all closets and the goons gathering everything that wasn’t meant for their sensitive eyes, Dana had this one moment just to herself, without supervision.

She knew most of the rooms were bugged one way or another. All with the exception of the ensuite by Toro’s own bedroom. She rushed upstairs barefoot, colliding with a maid who was leaving the master bedroom with two suitcases. Paying no attention to the girl’s apologies, she went straight into the bathroom and shut the door.

She didn’t hesitate and chose Domenico’s number, but her stomach still scrunched up at what she was about to tell him. She needed to give it a positive spin. Tell Domenico that it was all part of her plan to get to Toro. Otherwise, Domenico might think she was not worthy of being his apprentice.

Nothing in the world seemed worse than that prospect. Domenico Acerbi’s skillset exceeded anyone’s she’d ever come across. Until she was sure she could best him, she would follow him and bask in his presence as if he were the Sun.

It had been almost a year since they parted, and she’d been withering away with low-lives and incompetents when she should have been training so that one day she could become an assassin to create her own legend.

It took him an awfully long time to answer, and somewhere beneath her skin there was a worry simmering that it was just his way of expressing his distaste with the slowness of her progress here. But when he picked up the call, his voice was smooth as gun oil.

“Dana. That’s a surprise. It’s been weeks.”

“Yes, I’ve been watched.” She needed to find a balance between excusing herself and sounding weak. “But it’s because I got in. I’m with Toro, and we are going back to Colombia today.”

Domenico was silent for several seconds, causing a warm sensation to trail all over Dana. She’d managed to surprise him.

“Do you know where in Colombia you will be? Anything else you found out since our last conversation?

“We fly into Cali, but I don’t know where we will go from there. From what I’ve gathered it will be by some big lake, but that’s it. I’d rather him think I’m a gold digger than have him suspecting anything more about me. I will contact you again when we get there. I highly doubt he’d dispose of me. I’m pretty sure he…likes me. I’m getting to know his friends as well.” Dana squinted at the door when an unexpected bang resonated behind it. The maid must have dropped something.

“The chip he put under your skin. Will you be able to remove it when time comes?” asked Domenico.

Dana sneered at the pale scar on her foot. “Yes.” She wasn’t looking forward to it, but she’d do whatever necessary. “I’m not his dog. He will regret any disrespect he paid me.” Too bad she wouldn’t be getting back her pinkie.

“This news changes things. I will make my move as well. Don’t expect me to arrive too soon, but inform me once you know your whereabouts.”

She could sense it, he was about to hang up soon. There was no more time to waste. She took a deep breath. “There’s something else.”

Domenico’s voice held that edge of interest she craved so much. “Yes?”

Dana clenched her fist so hard the nails dug into her palm. “I’m pregnant.”


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