Ride with Rudolph- Special Needs


Ryan wrapped his arms around Liam’s elbow and kissed his bicep as they sat on the bed. “Just think about it, Liam. Our Christmas Dinner at the hotel would be so unique and different if we had a cool theme for it. Like, a ‘White Christmas’, and there would be only white food, on white plates and stuff. We could have fish with an almond crust, or something…”

Liam gave a nervous laugh, already feeling guilty when those wide blue eyes looked at him with so much excitement and hope. He hated to steal the wave from his little merman. “Yeah… but no. It needs to be appetizing.”

Ryan rolled his eyes. “You always say I should eat more fish. And people want unique things. It’s gonna be exciting.” He traced the nautical tattoos on Liam’s skin with his fingertips. “Like shark. I’d try shark.”

Liam couldn’t stop his gaze from traveling south. “You’re always welcome to try some shark, sweet fish boy,” he eventually said with a grin and buried his fingers in Ryan’s blue hair, gently caressing his scalp.

Ryan groaned and looked up at him with pleading puppy-dog eyes. “That’s not what I meant. I’m saying that during the Holiday season people want all sorts of weird Christmassy things. Like reindeer socks or candy cane condoms.”

“Where did that come from?” Liam blinked. “Were you searching my pockets?”

Ryan frowned. “Why? Do you have candy cane condoms?”

“Duh! Don’t you want to suck on a stripey, mint-flavored dick?” Liam grinned and leaned back on the mattress, letting his gaze glide down Ryan’s back. It was so smooth, slightly toned, with a prominent spine. He wanted to lap all the way down that column and bite the pert ass waiting at the finish line.

Ryan winked at him and pulled his wheelchair to the edge of the bed. “I’ve got something better.”

It was as if his words pulled Liam forward. “Yeah?”

“It’s in my secret Christmas stash.” Ryan wiggled his eyebrows and carefully transferred to the wheelchair. Liam swallowed, watching the flames tattooed all over Ryan’s arms move as his muscles tensed under the skin. The skinny jeans did nothing to hide how thin his legs were, but they looked hot nonetheless. Liam had always loved twinky guys.

“Please, don’t tell me you spent money on novelty stuff again.” Liam was watching him with a frown. Ryan was even more careless with money than him, and that had to mean something.

“Noo!” Ryan moaned his denial as he wheeled to his wardrobe “I got this a few years back. I had this idea that if I bought all those things, it would be like a charm. I would find a hot boyfriend over Christmas, one who’d be willing to try out all those items with me.” He sighed. “That obviously didn’t happen.” Ryan bowed down and pulled out a red box out of the wardrobe.

Liam frowned, crawling across the bed for a chance to look him over the shoulder. “So… is that a Rudolph bondage set? Because I would be all over that.”

Ryan put the box in his lap and grinned at him. “Oh, my God! How did you know?” He wheeled over to the bed and opened the box. Inside was a tangle of red leather straps, bells and plushie antlers on a hairband. “I even have these briefs with a tail.” Ryan held them up with pride. They had ‘Ride with Rudolf’ written on the back, over the plush tail.

Heat spread all over Liam’s body. He grunted in disbelief. “No…”

“‘No’?” Ryan made a sad face and hugged the briefs to his chest. “Whatever, you don’t have to be my Santa then.”

“I so want to be a Rudolph-riding Santa.” Liam gave him a slow nod and exhaled, unable to look away. “I can’t believe I guessed what you have in there.”

Ryan’s lips instantly widened into a grin, and he pulled out a whole mess of leather straps, jingling like a herd of reindeer. “Oh, oh! So cool. I actually forgot all about this box. They’re gonna chime when you ride Rudolf.”

Liam stared at him, unable to say a thing. Ryan was perfect in every way. “Let them all know how much Christmas spirit we have in our hearts.”

Ryan clapped with glee. “Jingle bells, jingle bells! Jingle all the way.” He leaned over to give Liam a kiss.

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