The Humiliation and Imprisonment of Count Leopold De Rohan

Count Leopold de Rohan spends his days gambling, drinking, and indulging in flesh for coin. But all that is cut short when his debts catch up with him and none of his friends stick around to help him. One stuck-up bastard even offers to employ Leo as his valet.


Unwilling to take such an undignified offer, he is thrown into debtor’s prison where he is expected to pay back with his body, whether he likes it or not. Any resistance is snuffed out by brutal guards, and as Leo’s pride takes a hit, he has to face the reality of his position. 


Former friends come to mock him and use him for coin, the guards have their way with him whenever they wish, and even the prison’s medic makes a fool out of him for his own gain. Debtor’s prison offers no respite for Leo, but will the humiliating experience reform him, or will he forever stay a rake and moral failure?


The book is set in a fantasy rococo France, dreamed up in a debauched daze, then thrown into the gutter like the filth it is.

Content: This debauched story contains non-consensual and dubious consent erotica. 

Length: 31,000 words 

(All characters depicted are 18 or older.)

Kinks include:

Glory holes

Public humiliation

Public use

Forced prostitution





Dirty talk



Prison setting

Doctor’s examination


Cum play


“The lavender is for the prisoners earning out in the brothel.”


Oh, dear god. They really wanted to make him available to just… anyone? Anyone with a bit of coin? He was Count Leopold de Rohan!

“No… that… must be a mistake.”

His cellmate smiled in a way that made him resemble a happy bulldog. “No, that’s good, you’ll be out of here sooner. I had this friend who was bought out by a wealthy pat—”

“I shouldn’t be here at all!”

That made the man cock his head and reassess Leo. “Are you in debt?”

“Well, yes.”

“Then there’s probably a good reason you’re here.”

Coming soon.


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