The Summer when It Snowed

984086_508116249295126_6549512523574090043_nThe year winter came back in the summer, Kirkor, the young son of a chieftain meets Alin, a man with eyes so blue they seem to melt the snow around him. That same night, Kirkor loses Alin to another man’s ruthless greed, but he is only a child, and no one believes his testimony. Years later, Kirkor is unjustly accused of plotting against the chieftain and banished from his home. Roaming through the forest, he finds shelter under a lone weeping willow. There is nothing extraordinary about the tree, but if so, why does its whisper seem so familiar?



Themes: Slavic, supernatural, pagan, dark ages, ancient, god, magic, witchcraft, myth, fairy, folklore, warrior, betrayal, shape-shifting

Genre: historical fantasy, fairytale

Erotic Content: m/m erotic scene

Length: ~14.000 words

Coming Soon!

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